January 12, 2013

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Here’s what this past week looked like:

My grandparent’s plant is blooming. Christmas cactus? I think of them every time I look at it.

Just as I told Cooper to finish his milk, he spilled it…Oh! Look! A chip from last night!

One Saturday. Three different breakfasts. Toast & cappuccino for husband.

Buttered/grilled cinnamon raisin toast for son.

Yogurt & granola for wife.

Pillows for DAYS.

I found this rock in my pocket.

If you don’t look up, you’ll miss greatness.

Out to lunch with my friend Alix from Modern Kiddo.

We went to Boot and Shoe Service in Oakland. SO GOOD.

Hello little fluffy dog.

I love this sign.

Cinnamon raisin toast with cream cheese & coconut on top.

That elephant is backing up into that rectangle.

Sometimes it’s fun to play tourist in your own city.

It’s fun to watch people make sourdough.

But not as fun as EATING sourdough.

Staring at bubbles on a weekday morning. Trying to wake up…

Getting up before my boys do. A moment of quiet and pink skies.

Watching my husband decant wine. The flashlight is to check for sediment…

I’m not sure who was more excited for Christmas legos- Cooper or Casey?

A boy & fog.

Waiting at a light.

Making Sticky Cranberry Gingerbread.

Contemplating people’s paint color choices.

The book I’m reading:

I might have an addiction to Chipotle.

Have a great weekend!

  • Grace Flack

    Really loving the photos this week!

  • judith

    I love when you do this. My hubby is a Chipotle addict too.

  • Amy

    I love your pillows, and that tree photo is awesome. Also, I have a Chipotle problem. I can order from my phone and it’s on the way home from yoga…no bueno (except SO GOOD).

  • Tara

    You inspire me every week to take more photos of our everyday life. Thank you.

    • Ronni

      Me, too! I got a calendar made for 2013 and was really disappointed with my offerings from 2012. I take too many random photos with my phone and not enough quality photos with my camera. Time to change.

    • Hannah

      Me too! Thanks Tracy!

  • Denise

    Don’t you love Boot and Shoe?! Anytime you get an itching …. let me know! We eat there weekly!

  • Deborah

    I moved to Florida (from Pennsylvania) a few months ago. You inspired me to try and take a photo a day to document this first year in a new place that’s so different from where I lived all my life. Thank you so much.

    And I LOVED the Power of Habit. Such a fascinating book!

  • Ellen

    Looking at these I am now craving either sourdough bread, cinnamon bread or gingerbread…they all look like slices of carb heaven.

  • Kelly

    Awesome photos 🙂 You really are an awesome blogger!

  • Meg P

    I used to live in SF, but recently moved back to my home state, MT. I love your weekly photos! Makes me miss that wonderful city!

  • Heather

    Lovely! I love your dishes! My favourite from this week: the christmas cactus and the fuzzy dog! Thanks for sharing!

  • Midori

    Always great! So simple and so amazing! You make real life sounds so interesting and beautiful! thanks

  • Sofie T

    Love the green coat and b/w checkered heels!

  • Angela

    I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have a serious addiction/love affair with chipotle

  • Jojo

    Your everyday life series is one of the highlights of my week! I wish I was as dedicated to keep it up! Also, I’d love for you to do a house tour series of photographs. Your house looks so cool. Black and white, stripes and spots! MY FAVOURITE! X

  • Miss Lindsey D

    What a beautiful slice of life. We recently discovered your site and really love these posts. Such a good way to recognize the good and beautiful in each day 🙂

  • Jayne

    Loving this weeks pictures a lot. Legos are for boys, no matter the age. I’m most convinced of that. And eating sourdough is much more fun than making it. To me at least. I want to eat it. A lot.

  • Amanda


    I love checking your blog every Monday since I SO appreciate how you take time to enjoy life and savor moments throughout your week! Definitely something I aspire to start doing more of. Can you let us know where you purchased your B&W pillows? I love the chevron!

  • Leah

    The rock from your pocket looks like a jade stone! I was given a small one after my brother passed away and told to carry it as is known as a healing stone. I was skeptical but the gesture was enough to make me feel better whenever I had it with me. 🙂

  • Andrea Merrigan

    Love the pictures. Do you take these on your phone or camera? I should start doing this to document my week in pictures. It would make me take more pictures! Thanks of sharing. And by the way, I started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago and I’m addicted. It makes my drive so much better!

  • Jessica Gunsell


  • Ellen

    About the Christmas cactus – did your grandparents have a cold snap about 3 wks ago? Consistent temps of about 50-55F for a few days will induce buds to form on Christmas cactus. Or two weeks of at least 14 hrs of darkness each night. However mine has two buds on it and I totally cannot explain why.

    • Tracy

      The cactus is at my house! It usually buds around this time of year. It’s indoors- and in my office which stays about 55F if I don’t put the heat on down there (which is most of the time)

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