My Everyday Life: Week 21

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 21

Feeling grateful for farmer friends!  Thank you for a box of goodies, @farmert

Produce came from the culinary garden at Kendall-Jackson. 


Huggy was a fan of the box.

Watching squirrels in the morning.

Breakfast for three.


My brother-in-law helped me start my compost bin!


Visiting friends from a distance.

Enjoying the view.

Lettuce is ready!

It’s too pretty to eat!

I forgot that I bought Casey this glass when we first moved in together.

Our window bird feeder is getting a lot of use! The cats get so excited!

My babushka.

He cracks me up.

Frosted Snickerdoodles Bars!!! 

Hiking with Neiley and Walter.

He makes me smile.

Drying oregano from my garden in my kitchen. 

We had a cereal for dinner kind of night. 

Every morning I wake up happy.


On my bathroom mirror.

Visiting my Dad from a distance on our deck.

Cuddle puddle.

Egg fried rice.

He is a sink cat! It makes me laugh!

Sitting in the parking lot in the back of cars with my bro & his wife at Shake Shack.

Felt like high school. 

Working in my office with him this week.

I just cleaned it up too and it’s a mess now.

We have a water feature now and I’m in LOVE!

Front yard and zen garden view.

Almost looks like and M.C. Escher painting.

Cut up a man’s shirt for an off-the-shoulder look

Our raised beds are GROWING!

Fell in love with a new pen this week!  Pilot V10RT

It’s a beauty!

Very smooth, bold and inky. It’s going to be great to make notes with.

Husband working on stuff in the garage.

Friday painting session.

Casey has a really old bottle of my Mom’s wine in his workshop. It makes us smile.

The Best is Yet to Come!

Casey made me eggs. He did a great job. It feels so nice to be taken care of!


We sat outside at our friend’s pool. I forgot how much I love to watch sparkles on water.

We feasted. I made a big salad.

We kept at a distance and stayed outside.

It’s so weird to not hug people. I know I keep saying that but it IS SO WEIRD.

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  • bonnie

    Love this post every week. Hope you found a way to cook your favas. Also, can’t tell from the photo where you put your compost bin, but keep it well clear of your house. It’s hard to keep rats from tunneling in to get at the produce. Circle of life.

    • Tracy

      It’s off the house. Cross our fingers we don’t have a huge rat problem!

  • Jessica

    Those are my favorite pens! We have been using them for years. My husband buys packs and I steal them.

    Have you done a house tour? I love it so much!

    • Tracy

      I’ve never had the V10 before!! just V7.
      And I haven’t done a house tour, except for my kitchen and guest bedroom. One day!

  • Grant

    Where did you get your water feature? Love it and thinking this is a great time to upgrade my patio.

  • Joanne Amarisa

    Oh I adore this photo journey! Are these all your pets?? My heart is just melting!
    And those snickerdoodle treats look absolutely divine. This looks like such an uplifting week. <3

    Jo | With Risa

  • Jamie

    It’s SO WEIRD not to hug people!

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