June 5, 2014

Cucumber Salmon Bites

Cucumber Salmon Bites // shutterbean

Sometimes I forget how much I love smoked salmon.  Here’s one of my favorite ways to eat it besides on a bagel is (that’s my first choice!). What we have above is a thick slice of cucumber with a dab of creme fraiche and a little sliver of smoked salmon on top. That’s it!  If you want some variations, how about adding fresh dill, a few capers or a small sliver of red onion? Cream cheese is just as good if you don’t have creme fraiche hanging out in your fridge (I rarely do!).  I added a little sriracha to the top of these beauties when no one was looking… It makes a perfect “appetizer” and could easily turn into dinner if you feel so inclined. See also: Salmon Cream Cheese! 

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