April 11, 2014

I love lists, Friday!


  1. I’ll Finish the Dishes When I’m Dead. I needed this.
  2. Cooper’s DREAM KITCHEN.
  3. How beautiful is this bundt pan? I have major bundt envy.
  4. I’ve never had a Montreal Bagel. Time to fix that.
  5. Megan! You had me at polenta crust.
  6. Snacks! Lots of helpful tips.
  7. Have you ever thought about the hair styles on Mad Men? Now you will.
  8. How good does this sandwich look??
  9. Oh San Francisco…you’ve changed.
  10. The paws… it’s always the paws that get me.
  11. Ahhh! And I used to always request aisle seats…
  12. I kinda love Eileen Fisher too…
  13. These airline secrets creeeeeeeep me out. Especially since I’m flying today.
  14. People playing their cats like instruments. Enjoy.
  15. This Chocolate Stout Oat Cake….oh man. I want it.
  16. Serious reading is taking a hit… THANKS internet.
  17. Paul Rudd….I’d do it for free.


Healthy Food Crush made my Smoky Kale Caesar Salad

Quinoa Kale & Exhale made my Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk

Celebrating Sweets made my Garlic Herbed Bread Twists

  • kim

    LOVE your watercolor in black and white! Paul Rudd…….I’d pay him! hee hee

  • Dale

    That Japanese cat – adorable!

  • Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

    That Mad Med hair thing, LOVE!

  • Rose

    Ok, lemme talk about Montreal style bagels…Nothing compares!! Seriously, when I first moved here almost 20 years ago and bought what was being sold as a “bagel” I was appalled. This isn’t a bagel, I thought, this is a roll with a hole in it. And so it went for more than a decade. I stopped buying bagels. And then, enter “Wise Sons Deli” in the Mission. They get their bagels from Beauty’s Bagels in Oakland, a brother-sister team whose goal was to produce a Montreal style bagel. The bro studied in Montreal for a few years, apprenticed at one of the best bagel makers. Results are fabuloso. Get yourself to Wise Sons this weekend. Best bagels west of Montreal!

  • Libby

    I love this series. So much.
    I asked my boyfriend if Paul Rudd could be my freebie and he said, “I wouldn’t eeeeeeven be mad.” So, Paul Rudd is my freebie, now.

  • Nicole

    That Paul Rudd clip really made my day.

  • Katie

    Love it all…and appreciate the love 🙂

  • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

    Montreal bagels are loveliness – and you can order them online!

  • Leah Davis

    I love the “snack smart” piece! So many great suggestions!!!

  • Jenny

    I can always count on your Friday lists for something interesting. My favorites this week were the Airline Secrets and the cat paws video. Adorable!

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