December 19, 2014

I love lists, Friday!


  1. 31 Days of Pie has been awesome. Faves so far: One Two Three Four
  2. This makes me want eggnog.
  3. I’ve always been on the toast train. Never got off.
  4. I think I’d work well on a 10-6 schedule if I didn’t have a kid.
  5. Time Travel.
  6. Hilariously Similar. My brain enjoys these.
  7. Marriage lasts longer when you do these things.
  8. White Chocolate Almond Butter Cups (YUM!!)
  9. I’d love to see this one day.
  10. She has my dream job.
  11. Serial- What We Don’t Know.
  12. These photos are incredible.
  13. I suppose I should get on with reading this book.
  14. What an EPIC CHEESE PLATE!
  15. This is what I’ve been thinking about a lot.
  16. Why we hate seeing photos of ourselves.
  17. Animal migration is beautiful.
  18. Creating a Logo from Scratch. LOVED this.
  19. This hot chocolate intrigues me.
  20. I plan on reading this this in the new year.

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered my giveaway! A lot of you love my favorite scents- vanilla, lemon and lavender are my go-tos!  I’ll be emailing the winners soon:



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