My Everyday Life: Week 19

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Cinco de Mayo dinner for three. We all went a different route.

My Everyday Life: Week 19


Alcatraz. Whoa.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I built Cooper his own “computer.”  He wanted to go to We taped some of his figures on the screen.

Kinda looks like the Apple Macintosh we had as a kid.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Testing out a new lens. I had a 17-35mm f/4.0 and now this one is a f/2.8

My Everyday Life: Week 19

It’s always so hard to find the sweet spot when you try a new lens.

Sometimes it’s discouraging but I think I am understanding the nuances more. I really like the shallow depth of field.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

It’s been four years since I created Cooper’s silhouette. 

Where does the time go? And whoa, he still has the same face shape.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I made Casey’s favorite soup. Recipe coming next week. It’s so tasty.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

The city in the back….with all those clouds.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I forgot how much I love this outfit.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

We made purple with our bath tablets this week.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

When you take pictures of a black cats, you can easily see the dust on them.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Fun with Indigo! I had a bunch of white napkins that had a lot of food stains on them, so I decided to dye them blue.  I used this Jacquard Indigo Tie Dye Kit for a few sweaters, tea towels & napkins. I even threw a vintage night gown in there. Loved the results.

Emily posted about dying indigo napkins if you are looking for a tutorial.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

My friend Leslie came over to dye a few days later.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

This is her fabric as we were hosing it off in the sun.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Cooper looks pretty cool when he’s at the dentist. He charms the pants off of everyone there. He knows they’ll give him extra toys!

My Everyday Life: Week 19

A kale salad that I’m gonna share with you soon. Paired with salmon!

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I feel like he grew so much this week. He just outgrew another pair of shoes.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I was snapping a pic of my outfit for Joy and then Cooper made me laugh.

Kinda into pairing leopard & stripes these days.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

My “junk” bracelet.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Wisdom in a cup of tea.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I was at a used bookstore killing time this week and found this on the inside of  a copy of  The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein. I found out the books there come from hospice and it made me kind of sad… but I loved the sentiment. I wonder how old Alyssa was.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Week night dinner of Lemon Chicken.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I added my Mom’s Salad to the side and put giardiniera on top.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Succulent seduction at my Whole Foods this week.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

This is what recipe shooting/testing looks like in my kitchen. I had already cleaned out the sink 3 times…

Deep breath.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Adding an egg to cookie dough is always my favorite part.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Baking soda won.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Casey got dibs.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I made Joy’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies to say thank you to the teachers at Cooper’s school.

(they are SO DANG GOOD)

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Strawberry party.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

This is vegan and it is amazing.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I remember staring out this window as a child.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Quack sighting #1

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Quack sighting #2

My Everyday Life: Week 19

I love the ray of light and the reflection of my wine on the knife.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Catching up with Pinot after a long day. She’s making biscuits on my shoulder.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Sure, it may look all pretty on Instagram but I tend to spill things.

A lot.

My Everyday Life: Week 19

Have a great weekend!

  • Emily

    Hi Tracy! That first picture of the indigo napkins is amazing-at first it looks like you used some kind of neon effect, but the colors are real! I want to say you’re incredibly talented-and I will!-but I’m sure there’s a lot of hard work that’s gone into your photography as well. As always, I love this feature and thanks for brightening my week!

    • Tracy

      That’s what I love about indigo- when you dye it, it’s green and once the dyed fabric is exposed to air it changes from green to blue. Sometimes I wish it just stayed green because it’s so brilliant.

  • How to Philosophize with Cake

    Those cookies look amazing, I’ll have to check out the recipe. And I’m drooling over that first picture. <3

  • Candice

    My favorite part of these weeks in review are your three bears meals – it always makes me feel SO much better about the deconstructed versions of our meals that I feed my four year old. Sometimes I worry that I’m not forcing him to eat what we eat, but really, who cares if it’s separated and he doesn’t like some parts, right??

    My second favorite, btw, are your outfits. 🙂

  • Ellen

    I love finding stuff in old books! Found an address on a post-it in my last library book and was tempted to go see what was there…

  • jenny

    scrolled through, reading and smiling at each photo and then I got to the end of the picture of you with Pinot, in the gingham with the flower pin and HEART EYES!!!! Made me so happy.
    happy weekend, friend

    • Tracy

      Hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day!!! My friend Toby sent me that flower pin. I love it and it reminded me of you! xoxo

  • Millie

    Love these photos – and the new lens is great!! Also, can’t wait for the soup recipe!! Yum!

  • Lia : Tangerine Canteen

    Only a fellow mum would immediately spot that Lego Maccy D’s cup, and only a crazy would get excited to find out that we have the same Happy Meal toys in the UK as you guys do!!

    Lovely week – i’m loving the look of the kale salad 🙂

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    I always love these posts.

  • Valerie

    The photo of Pinot making “biscuits” on your shoulder is priceless! In my family–we call it “making bread!” My fiance looked at me weird the first time I told him that our cat was “making bread” on the couch. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has a “food” related name to this feline technique!

    • Tracy

      We had all types of names for it when we were young. My cat Thomasina used to love this one blanket. Casey’s family called them kitty biscuits, and it just stuck 🙂

      • Stacey

        My family has always called it “making biscuits”, too! People usually look at me like I’m nutso when I say it.

        • Sarah

          We had a vet that coined the term for us. We just lost our kitty that used to do the very same thing Pinot is in the picture. We would carry him about and he would make biscuits on our shoulders. Seeing that picture brought tears to my eyes. It made me glad hearted that others have kitties that do the same.

  • Flower Patch Farmgirl

    You’re my new fave. As proof, this is the first time I’ve ever commented on a blog with my tiny/terrifying smartphone. I’ve only had it two weeks (long boring story) but still. Happy Mama’s day to you.

    • Tracy

      Wow! Thanks for leaving a comment through your phone. My big thumbs have such a hard time with that. I’m glad you’re here.

  • HilaryT

    Really, every picture is gorgeous and I’m now very hungry for all your yummy meals. It looks like you’ve planned my menu for me this week! We always have to make green bath water with our bath tablets 🙂

    • Tracy

      It’s crazy that you never really know what color you’re going to get! Sometimes I think it’s orange and it turns green.

  • meg

    Love it Tracy! Your lemon chicken is killer. Going to make some this week

  • Amy

    Love the pavement ducks! I need to make some of that lemon chicken for the boyfriend, definitely get the girlfriend of the year award for that 🙂 Can’t wait for strawberry season to begin down here! Have a wonderful week 20!

  • Kim

    I always enjoy your posts, but for some reason, today, I felt like letting you know…thinking it’s your writing about the inside of that book cover from hospice. That really got to me! I have a parent battling an aggressive cancer right now, and life is just far too short not to thank you for sharing your days with us. Best to you and your family!

    • Tracy

      Thanks so much, Kim. Thinking of you during your parent’s battle. Sending love!

  • Heather

    I made joy’s cookies one morning this past week too and none were found when I got home that night. So very good!

  • diane

    i might have to save that semi profile picture of you to show next time I get my haircut! I love that style so much but I never know how describe it just right

  • DessertForTwo

    I love your everyday life posts 🙂

    There’s a teeny tiny, microscopic, pin-head sized typo. Sorry to be annoying. The sentence after ‘Fun with Indigo’ has an extra word (tossed) in there. LOVE YOUR GUTS. xox

  • Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka

    I love your friend’s hummingbird tattoo. I have a hummingbird on my ankle, but I like how her tattoo looks like watercolor. So pretty!

    And leopard and stripes are super cute!

  • Kelly Reyes

    what is in that delicious looking bowl that you said was vegan? it looks amazing!!! XO

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Oh, Tracy, that letter….it did something to me. perhaps because I just listened to a This American Life podcast on “death & taxes”, part of which was set in a hospice. I’ve worked in aged care before, I know what it’s like but seeing this letter really made me feel sad. and happy and hopefully but mainly sad. I don’t know, maybe I just need to stick my face into some of your coconut whipped cream. beautiful post x

    • Tracy

      that was a good episode of This American Life! I loved that one.

  • Little Gray Pixel

    I always get a little teared up when I see books with notes inside at thrift stores. The story behind that one is especially heartbreaking. I hope Alyssa was 80 years old with a flabby ass, but somehow I doubt it with a name that “young.”

  • ashley

    i have missed reading your blog! you are awesome. 🙂

  • Kara Bloom

    I LOVE your napkins! They look so vibrant. I started an Etsy shop with a few indigo products, and while I love the patters it makes, I’m always a little sad when they dry cause the color isn’t quite the same. You can take a peep at my shop here:

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