June 2, 2014



I had every intention of doing a giveaway when I hit 1234 posts…. but it came and went and here we are on post 1347. Oops.  It’s kind of like how you look forward to the number changing on your odometer (88,888 and 111,111 are my favorites!) and you’re so close to seeing it and then you realize you totally missed it.  I thought I’d use the beginning of June (we’re so close to official SUMMER) to play Oprah and  share with you my FAAAAAVORITE THIIIIIIIIINGS.

Side note- Have you tried Oprah’s chai? What do we think of it? I had it hot and it tasted like drinking a chai while chewing on cinnamon gum.  I prefer it iced! It’s super cinnamon-y and I’m into it! Thanks Oprah!

 Ok let’s discuss my (current) favorite things….

1. A Beautiful Mess Camera Bag — I’ve been searching for a really nice camera bag for awhile and I bought myself this bag in black and I couldn’t be happier!  You know what sold me? The black & white striped interior liner and the option to use a striped strap on the bag.  I also love that it doesn’t scream CAMERA BAG. The pockets are perfectly placed and the compartment that protects your camera and lenses can easily be removed from the bag so you can use it without a camera! If you click on the link to the bag, you can see a tutorial video. Elsie & Emma gave me a beautiful Kelly Green bag to giveaway. Thanks, ladies!

2. Aladdin 20-Ounce To Go Tumbler — This tumbler is the only way you can get me to easily drink water. Seriously! I love that they are sweat proof too. They’re perfect for on the go and I love that the straw doesn’t easily fall out (super important when you have a fidgety kid). Target has some really cute straws too if you’re looking to accessorize your tumbler.

3. KIND Almond & Coconut Bars —  My most favorite snack/energy bar. I stock up when I’m at Trader Joe’s or I get them in bulk on Amazon. I keep a few of these in my car & purse at all times. It’s always important to have snacks in the car but it’s more important that your snacks don’t melt (I had a chocolate situation once-yikes!). There might be a few of these in my glove compartment… You don’t want to see me stuck in traffic…hangry.

4. Ostara Coconut Butter —  I’ve made my own coconut butter…but then I tried this coconut butter and now my life is complete. My blender can never get the coconut butter finely ground enough. I want it CREAMY!! I want to to be actual BUTTER.  It’s savory, slightly sweet and CREAMY. That’s because it’s stone ground. Ostara is a local (to me) company, so it may be hard for you to find a jar (SORRY!!).  On their website, you can try to source locations. IT IS AMAZING STUFF. I put it on everything. Excellent on toast and soo good on roasted sweet potatoes and pancakes.

5. Barney Butter Almond Butter (in Chunky!) — Hands down my favorite almond butter. It has the consistency of Skippy chunky peanut butter but it’s ALMOND BUTTER!  In the chunky version, the almond chunks are PERFECTION. It’s not gritty like a lot of other almond butters I’ve tried. Just a warning,  you don’t want to be left alone with a jar of this. It’s dangerously good.

6. INNA Jam Plenty Spicy Jalapeño Jam — I love this stuff. It’s spicy & sweet. Perfect for a little cream cheese & cracker situation. It will most definitely be in the outdoor eating lineup this summer. I heart INNA Jams!

7.  Timex Men’s “Easy Reader” Black Leather Strap Watch — I’ve used my phone as a watch for the past few years and I’ve grown to really miss wearing watches. Most of the time when I look at my phone to see what time it is, I get distracted with something else and won’t even look at the time (whhhhhyyyy??!).  I wanted something classic, graphic, and inexpensive, so I bought myself this watch.  It matches all the black & white I wear! At night Cooper loves to press the Indiglo light. He’s obsessed. We’re obsessed.

8. Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick- Plum Passion —  I bought one of these when I was up in Oregon because I forgot to bring lipstick with me and needed something inexpensive to fancy up my dinner outfit. I found a winner with this color stick.  Not only does it add pretty/sheer color to my lips, it’s really moisturizing. Most lipstick dries out my lips and makes me need to put more on. This one doesn’t AND I like the way it smells. NYC makes some really good color sticks too. Wet & Wild as well. I’m kind of a sucker for drugstore makeup.

9. Heritage Store Rosewater Spray — Have you noticed that your tastes change as you get older? I vowed NEVER to wear rose perfume. I really didn’t like the smell for a LONG time but somehow in the past few years I’ve done a 180. I have a bottle of this rose spray in my car and one next to my bed. When it’s hot outside, we keep a bottle in the fridge. Whenever I need an attitude adjustment, I spray my face and body with it. We’re all fans at my house.

10. Trader Joe’s Swiss Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts — I firmly believe that nuts belong in chocolate. It’s kind of crazy that some people disagree! But I am always disappointed when there’s not enough nuts in my chocolate bar. I impulse bought this dark chocolate hazelnut bar a few years ago and OMG! GAME CHANGER. There’s almost more nuts than chocolate. Amazing! I keep a bar in my filing cabinet at work for 3PM chocolate attacks. One little square and I’m good.

11. EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint — My niece Camden was waaaaay into these EOS lip balms last year when she came to visit from Boston. I didn’t understand the appeal until I bought one myself. Whoa! Application is a breeze. It’s really easy to use while driving!  If you have kids, encourage them not to bite into them. I say this because I have Cooper’s teeth marks in mine. Not cool dude, not cool. Mint is my favorite btw. If you’re super into them, I’ve seen a huge package of them at Costco.

12. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish — I really love this particular polish because I am super impatient when it comes to letting nail polish dry (this polish dries fast!!)  The brush is wider than a regular nail polish brush, so it only takes one or two swipes for each nail. I alternate between the red (Cinna-Snap) and the grey (Gone Grey) for my toes.  It’s really good to have some when you’re running late to a party and you need a little touchup on your toes. They have a golden one that I like for my fingers. You don’t notice the chips.

13. Pilot Precise V5  Retractable Rolling Ball Pens, Extra Fine Point  I’m a bold inky pen user at heart, but I vowed to try extra fine tip pens this year. It was kind of a New Year’s Resolution of mine.  My friend Amy turned me onto these pens and I LOVE THEM. I alternate between the V5 and the V7 (which is slightly thicker).  If I’m writing checks for work I go with the V7. They don’t bleed through the paper and that’s super important when I’m making lists in my bullet journal. I hoard them!

14. Pretzel Crisps –The worst/best thing I ever did was buy a package of these at Costco. When I’m eating them by the handful, I think about the person who invented them and how I’d like to pat them on the back. I also think about the person who invented gummy vitamins a lot too. You two are cool. I like you a lot.

15. An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace  I’ve talked about this book a lot. It really changed my life. I was buying one for a friend and I accidentally put TWO in my cart. I can’t possibly read TWO books, so I’m giving you my extra copy. It will help inspire your weekly meal prep. Guess who won’t be wasting food? YOU.

16. The Oh She Glows Cookbook– One of my favorite cookbooks right now. You don’t have to be vegan to love it.  I’ve already made the strawberry chia jam (amazing) and the lemon tahini dressing in this post came from that cookbook.

17. All Out Of Magnetic Pad  I don’t know how I would do grocery shopping without one of these notepads. I’m sure you’ve heard me say it time & time again…BUT SERIOUSLY. GET YOURSELF ONE. Store it on your fridge. Mark what you need. Carry some in your bag. DO IT.

There you have it. My favorite things! All of the products in this giveaway (with exception to the camera bag- thanks ABM!) were purchased by me for ONE of my readers.  Winner will be picked at random and announced on my I Love Lists, Friday June 6, 2014.  I will send the winner an email as well! 

If you’d like a chance to win, tell me:

Something that’s on your Summer Bucket List!

Leave a comment below!

One entry per person. US Residents Only. THAAAAAANK YOUUUU!




  • Kate B

    Whoa, huge giveaway! My summer bucket list right now entails getting my newborn to sleep a little better, try going for a neighborhood walk with him in a carrier and getting into a routine, but that’s boring. Hmmm, let’s say that I want to find time to go swimming in the lake this summer, because it always feels amazing.

  • Sasha

    This summer I truly hope to go to my hometown of San Diego and go to Mr. Frosty’s in Pacific beach for a dipped cone!! My mom would ride her bike there when she was a girl. 🙂

  • Caitlin

    I just graduated from grad school and want to visit my friends that I haven’t seen for two years in Southern California.

  • jenny

    Going to the beach at least once a week. I live on an island and last year I went to the beach maybe twice! There is always something else that I need to do, but this year I vow to head to the beach, even if things are left undone.

  • Marrta

    Beach day(s) and mexican food in san diego, california!

  • Celine

    How great this is. I would be so happy for the beautiful mess camera bag. I love those guys work! I am from UK so not sure if I should enter. So sorry if I shouldn’t have! Love from Celine xxx

  • Carla S

    I am planning on trying to go to TN because I haven’t been there in so long.I want to kayak on the french broad river.

  • cori

    Getting married!

  • Marijke

    My summer bucket list includes spending loads of time with my family before I embark on another academic journey and eating a ton our on the porch of our new family home. Exciting! This looks like a fab giveaway so thank you!

  • Christina

    I plan on making boozy milkshakes!

  • Corey McMichael

    A few trips to the beach and regular visits to the farmers market!

  • Jenny

    One of the top priorities on my summer bucket list is having lots of picnics/bbqs in the park with friends!

  • BA

    I’m going to go hiking this summer. I tell myself this every summer, of course, and I haven’t done it yet. But this summer, this is the summer.

  • Colleen

    At the top of my summer bucket list is to find the joy in everyday! I live in Vt and we had a hard winter this past year and I am determined to make this summer magic. camping(at least 5 time) some road trips and suck up my my families presence as much as I can tolerate! My CSA starts this week…..so many local organic veggies everyday! I am going to fill my bucket up!

  • Jennifer J.

    Take a glass blowing class with my son before he leaves for college.

  • Christine Seero

    Awesome giveaway! On my bucket list this summer is tons of trips to the beach and prepping our home for our new little girl this fall.

  • Cauchy09

    I hope to spend lots of time making quilts!

  • Gray

    This is a phenomenal giveaway!

    I’m loving almost everything on the list.

    I have a lot of things on my summer bucket list, but number one right now is READ! I’ve got a stack of books sitting on the nightstand that need to be cracked open!

    Thanks for your blog,


  • Gray

    This is a phenomenal giveaway!

    I’m loving almost everything on the list.

    I have a lot of things on my summer bucket list, but number one right now is READ! I’ve got a stack of books sitting on the nightstand that need to be cracked open!

    Thanks for your blog,


  • Chelsea

    Ahhh… so many amazing items! Let’s see, I’ve got a few things on my summer bucket list. First I want to try kayaking on the Charles (I’m in Boston) and second I want to get my family to go play a rousing game of laser tag. Happy Summer! Thanks for doing such a great giveaway.

  • Erica

    Wow, so generous!

    I think my main thing is to be more present this summer so I can enjoy it and not all if a sudden find myself in September.

  • Jane M

    Well….we have to WORK HARD in the summer – but it pays the bills, but if I had all the free time in the world, I would like to get away from work for 2 SOLID WEEKS! I’d like to be traveling -I was thinking Seattle, Vancouver – that place in the country! AAAAAH – love your items on your list!

  • Kati

    I didn’t even know that A Beautiful Mess is selling camera bags now. The green one looks really pretty!


  • Riddley

    I’m living in NYC this summer and have a few things on my summer bucket list. Here’s two: run across the Brooklyn bridge and do a self-guided eating tour of Chinatown.

  • Erin

    Outdoor movies!

  • Jennifer

    This summer, I want to challenge myself to daily photography and daily writing. Some creative-me time!!

  • Michele

    we’re moving to North Carolina, so my bucket list items are mostly “find the best ___ food in Raleigh.” I’m a Memphis girl, so their “barbecue” is so suspicious to me, but I do want to try it (even if I refuse to call it “barbecue…”).

  • Genevieve

    Making my very first quilt this summer. Yay!

  • Anna Jones

    I am going on my honeymoon to MEXICO!!

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  • freya

    Neat array of things! Summer bucket list: farmers markets, outdoor music, cooking.

  • Autumn

    My summer bucket list includes a 5k in August. I’m not much of a runner, but if I set a goal (and pay for a race), I can get there!

  • amanda june

    what a fun giveaway! on my summer bucket list: pineapple whip! it’s a small chain of delicious fruit juice-based soft-serve found in select parking lots in springfield, missouri, where i used to live. (look for the dancing hula girl on top of a small trailer.) it’s a classic! looking forward to a little time there this summer and pineapple whip on a warm summer evening!

  • JC

    I haven’t been hiking yet this summer. Every year I like to do at least one of the Adirondack high peaks. It will happen soon enough I’m sure.

  • allie

    i am planning on a trip to the sand dunes where i intend to sprint up as fast as i can and roll down with no hands.

  • Nisha

    Biking, baseball games, and s’mores are always on my summer bucket list 🙂

  • Ellie Coggins

    I haven’t been camping since before my daughter was born and she will turn 3 in August. Taking her camping for the first time is on my summer bucket list! I have so many fun memories of camping with my family when I was younger and I’m excited for her to start making those memories! Thanks for the chance at this awesome give away!

  • kate bodien

    ohh man, i love me some jalepeno jelly and cream cheese on a cracker! a big thing on my summer bucket list is getting myself to boston to visit my brother. it’s been too long!

  • Marie

    Amazing giveaway! At the top of my bucket list is taking a painting class this summer. Also, some friends and I are challenging each other to read a book a week!

  • Emily Keefe

    Making root beer float Popsicles is definitely on the summer bucket list!

  • Leslie

    On my bucket list is finishing at least one project I have been working on for years:). Great giveaway.

  • Jessica (bakecetera)

    WOW! you have awesome favourites! (i am now dreaming of this trader joe’s chocolate bar…)

    this summer i’m going to asia for a 6 week holiday – i want to go hiking in a rainforest! country: TBD. happy summer sunshine day!

  • Emily

    Something on my summer bucket list is to go to the beach!

  • Laura R

    Getting my baby to sleep through the night, swimming in the ocean and lots of BBQs!

  • Danielle

    Summer bucket list: finishing laying hardwoods in at least one more room before the end of summer. (Requires major discipline since we’d much rather spend all out time outside!)

  • Colleen

    Going to some summer concerts 🙂

  • Chrissy

    Top item on my summer bucket list: finish all of the hikes listed on hikethehudsonvalley.com … I started last summer and made it through about 40%, and I’m looking forward to the rest!

  • Ellie H

    Strawberry picking! Nothing like biting into a strawberry that’s warm from the sun. 🙂

  • Francoise Stovall

    DC is full our summer outdoor movie festivals, and I *will* go to some of them this year!!

  • Megan

    I am going to San Francisco!

  • Emma

    Visiting the sights! We’ve lived in this area for 3 years, and will probably be here 3 more, but we don’t really explore that much! 2 weekends out of 4 we’re trekking around this summer to hike and fish and visit!

  • kayceebeebee

    Fishing on Mille Lac’s Lake in northern MN

  • Michele

    So much cool stuff – what an awesome giveaway! My summer bucket list includes plenty of beach time & maybe a weekend camping trip.

  • Megan

    What a great big giveaway! Wow! I have a list of things to accomplish this summer, but it’s kind of boring so I don’t want to call it a bucket list. One of my major goals though is to find a new job, part time. I’m leaving my full time job to be home more with my daughter but to keep up with my “professional” side I want to find something part time that I enjoy!

  • sarah r

    omg so many of your favorite things are my favorite things. and the ones that aren’t, I WANT TO TRY! on my summer bucket list: take our first out of town trip with our not-so-new baby. actually, she’s a toddler now. but we’ve had so many sleep issues that we’ve been reluctant to go on ANY out of town trips, so just for fun this summer, we are going to a little resort town for 5 days. i may not sleep for all those 5 days, but whatever- this family needs a getaway!

  • Hannah M.

    On my summer bucket list? Well, I’m signed up for an 11k race in August…other than that, finding some good wild blackberries for jam-making 🙂

  • Amanda

    Strawberry picking!

  • Jennifer

    Fabulous list! I am looking forward to getting my toes in the sand with my boys this summer.

  • Rachel

    This might be a weird bucket list item, but mine is to wear a bathing suit in public. I honestly think it’s been several years since I’ve worn a bathing suit, but this summer I’m going to make it happen.

  • Chelsea

    You have no idea how many times a KIND bar has saved the day! On my bucket list this summer is a camping trip in the Appalachian Mountains 🙂

  • Con

    Camp out by Lake Superior, and blueberry picking!

  • Millie

    This looks so cool! Damn I wish I lived in the US so I could try this amazing looking stuff!! (That Barney’s almond butter, swoon!)

  • Katie

    I just bought an ice cream maker, so number one on my summer bucket list is making ice cream and frozen yogurt!

  • Ines

    You are my favorite new to me blog. My summer bucket list includes taking my two year old daughter to the beach for the first time!

  • Ashley

    This summer my bucket list is a bit long, but them main must do is berry picking with my boys.

  • Wendy E

    Love your site and check it out on a weekly basis. My summer bucket list includes spending time with family.

  • Kim

    You know? Now that I’m in school, but bucket list is kind of lame. I really want to get my paper accepted at a conference in Vancouver. Does that count?

  • Brooke

    I just had a baby, so I am making a goal on my summer bucket list to finally go to one of these neighborhood mom group gatherings, just to see if there might be a cool mom out there that I could be friends with!

  • Lissy

    OH MY GOSH! This is the most awesome prize EVA!

    Maybe, possibly taking 3 kids 7 and under camping..

  • Megan

    What great picks! My summer bucket list includes breakfast al fresco and lots of burgers.

  • Jennifer O.

    Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and making raw lasagne with fresh grown zucchini are on my summer bucket list!

  • Shannon R

    Summer bucket list? I want to explore more beaches near where I live. There are so many I haven’t been to yet!

  • Amy

    On my bucket list: going strawberry picking!

  • Kari Guilbault

    What an amazing giveaway!!! So very generous! Love your blog and have made several creations from it with much success! Your wit and talent are very inspiring 🙂

  • hilary

    This summer my bucket list is to take as many day trips weekend overnights as I can! My boyfriend and I went to Boston for 1 night this month and it was great – Now I want to do Rhode Island and Cape Cod and so many more places~

  • Angie

    My main summer bucket list item: have a baby! My due date is actually June 4th so wish me luck that I don’t even notice when the winner is announced!

    Just for fun, though, I want to track down the 7 Strawberries artisan ice pop cart in Seattle and try one of their creations. I’ve been following them on Instagram and have developed a serious craving to try their matcha green tea popsicle! I figure this is still a bucket list item I can accomplish with a teeny baby later in summer since I live close to the city. In the meantime, I need that water bottle and chocolate!

  • Faith

    Laying in my backyard:)

  • Regina

    getting myself and my sister to a spa!

  • Annaliese

    Summer bucket list includes canning my own ketchup from tomatoes from my garden as well as barbeque sauce from apricots from my tree! Thanks for the giveaway! Totes maj!

  • Mary M

    On my summer bucket list: go to my brother’s wedding! I guess that’s kind of obvious? Let me try again: go tubing on the river with my girlfriends. Summer isn’t summer around these here parts unless you go tubing at least once. It’s a delightful way to spend an afternoon!

  • Megan

    Well, I do so love a list of favorite things!

    I’m not much of a planner, so thus far my summer bucket list only consists of trying each of the mysterious sounding flavors of snow cones at the cute new snow cone trailer in our neighborhood. (We discovered it a week ago, and I’m already well on my way!)

  • Jess

    I would like to hit the berry picking trifecta- strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries! Bonus points if I can find somewhere to pick sour cherries.

  • Molly

    Homemade ice cream!

  • Lisa

    This summer I need to take a real vacation!

  • Kate

    Going to the beach! I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but I can’t wait.

  • Heather

    Growing my own tomatoes!

  • Becca

    Great items! You’ve just inspired me to create a summer bucket list. First on the list: having a girls’ night at my new apartment.

  • Shanna

    I would love to go kayaking and explore this nearby abandoned amusement park!

  • Jessica

    Sour cherry picking!

  • Cindy M

    Summer bucket list is already being crossed off with things (even though we’re technically still in Spring)! But I’d say going on an awesome early morning hike would be fantastic to accomplish this year 🙂 Thanks Tracy!!

  • Shoshana

    First and foremost on my bucket list is to visit my favorite local ice cream shop!

  • Olivia

    What an awesome giveaway! Number one on my bucket list – get to Napa Valley. I’m moving to SF in a few weeks and while I’ve been to the Bay Area a handful of times, I’ve never done Napa (I know…!) Can’t wait!

  • Amy U

    Summer bucket list: Photography workshop in Jackson, Wyoming that of course will include a road trip to get there, from Kansas City, with my best friend!

  • jessyka

    now I want to go buy a new cup, lip gloss, and nail polish! this summer I want to eat more dinners outside with my children and let them try every flavor of popsicle at the grocery store until we find our very favorite.

  • Jamie

    Awesome idea, Oprah Shutterbean! I want to do an overnight backpacking trip and get down with nature!

  • Kayla D.

    One thing on my bucket list is to have a baby! Sept. Here I come!

  • Katelyn

    I want to actually make some of the fun summer salads I spent all winter pinning on Pinterest!

  • Angela A

    I love your favorite things. I want to finish some quilting projects during nap time.

  • Rachel

    Summer bucket list – go to the beach every weekend the weather cooperates!

  • Lisa

    Visit my boys in California!

  • Jillian

    This summer, I want to be a tourist in my own city! I’m not really going to get the chance to go out of town, so I want to visit all the monuments, museums, and other fun touristy things that I haven’t done in the 6 years I’ve lived here. Hopefully there will be an outdoor concert in there too!

  • Dana @ Abbott House Adventures

    I really want to try zip lining this summer!

  • Jess

    The biggest thin on my summer bucket list is to move back to California! Chicago has been fun but it’s time to go back. Sub-list items include going to the museums and the lake as much as possible before leaving.

  • Emily Schoenherr

    Summer bucket list– finish the baby quilt I started over a year ago.

  • Cheryl

    We are going to the mountains in New Mexico this summer! Can’t wait!

  • Steph Davis

    Finish landscaping my backyard and then have a BBQ to enjoy it.

  • monica

    rooftop fireworks! there’s nothing better on a hot midwestern summer night!

  • Jackie

    Eat as many meals outside as reasonably possible!

  • Madeline

    Throwing a crab boil!

  • Rachel

    A hike with my husband, dog and 13 month old.

  • Jori

    Summer bucket list – taking my kids to the same supper club in Wisconsin that my late mother-in-law used to take my husband to when he was growing up!

  • Felicia

    Summer bucketlist: actually watch the movies in my Netflix queue!

  • Carina

    Paint the house!

  • Mallory

    My bucket list…red rock amphitheater. Super stoked!

  • Kelly O

    Before I dive into my bucket list, I’d like to say that I love your blog! I usually lurk without commenting, but I look forward to savoring your posts each week as part of my morning coffee reads!

    My husband and I just bought our first house, so my summer bucket list is filled with boxing, moving, unpacking, organizing, and decorating! Thanks for all of the inspiration, by the way! The house is in pretty good shape, but I’m most excited to renovate the enclosed front porch. I’m planning to use it as a sun room for reading and meditating – it will become my indoor urban sanctuary!

  • Leslie

    Take a dip in the English Channel while on vacation in England!

  • Iman

    Make the office into a nursery… gray and yellow themed with elephants and giraffes.

  • Ginger

    Making a new ice cream flavor at home! That’s at the top of my summer bucket list!

  • mel@thedizzymom

    Slow down. #1 thing on my summer bucket list.

  • HeatherP

    What a super nice giveaway! On my bucket list is to read the Penderwick series out loud with my daughter

  • Domini

    I am totes going to teach myself how to play the guitar!

  • Tracy | Pale Yellow

    No. 1 on the bucket list is work on my tan since I just moved to the beach. And then read 4-6 books for pleasure on the beach!

  • Jessica

    Spend lots of time outside, I’m always stuck at work or in the house.

  • Karen

    Summer bucket list- going to Door County WI for the first time!

  • Barbara

    Truly relax this summer – read, swim and lie on the beach. Plus, I just want to enjoy some time with my family, especially all the kids.

  • Brittany B

    I just moved to NC so I want to sign up for a CSA through a local farm and make one new recipe each week!

  • gail

    Summer bucket list – a bike tour/yoga retreat…

  • jennifer

    I would really like to take a nap outside with the breeze. That sounds really nice right now.

  • elizabeth

    For Fun…Try paddleboarding!
    Not Fun…clean out garage….for real.

  • lindsay

    every year we do a little bed & breakfast trip to some new england town … and we don’t have anything on the books yet! need to plan.

  • Teresa

    on my summer bucket list: My friend is getting married in Albania and you can bet I’m going to be there!

  • Amy

    Summer bucket list: Buy a new house and get settled before baby 2 arrives!

  • Winnie

    This summer, I’ll hit up an outdoor concert!

  • Christine

    Taking a weekend trip to a new state with my boyfriend is at the top of my summer bucket list!

  • Ellie

    My summer bucket list is going to include going to at least 5 outdoor food festivals. I hit #1 up yesterday so I’m going strong already!

  • Nicole

    Family camping trip!

  • Morgan

    picnics in the park and moped rides at sunset.

  • Sarah

    Number one on my summer bucket list is making pizza on the grill. Yum!

  • Katie

    Go on a walk or bike ride with my boyfriend at least once a week.

  • Amanda Smith

    It was a backyard picnic! We did it last night! So fun!!

  • Marilu

    summer bucket: open a donut stand at the farmers market! it’s a big bucket and also a long-time dream of mine. this summer IT IS HAPPENING. thanks for the inspiration, tracy!

  • Kathryn

    I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina until July, so although it is wintery here, number one on my summer bucket list is to make the most of my remaining time in South America!

  • ChristineFD

    beach time!

  • Jessica L.

    Camping! And we’re moving, so there are a lot of local Indianapolis things on our list that we want to do before we leave the state.

  • Kristen

    On the summer bucket list — a weekly kayak date with my husband!

  • Rachel

    On my summer bucket list is to go camping with my family. I haven’t been camping for years!

  • Rachel Taylor

    Go see outdoor screenings of movies! Cute giveaway, Tracy! Thanks!

  • Kelly G.

    I want to try being vegan for two weeks over the summer. Beyonce and Jay-Z were my inspiration to give it a go!! Thanks, Tracy!

  • Scott W

    Hey Tracy, long time reader (and listener to homefries), first time poster.

    My summer bucket list involves finishing up my thesis so I can relax for a family Staycation in St Louis! I swear I’ll actually go up in the arch this time.

  • Julia

    Number one thing on my summer bucket list: Getting Married!! (AH!)

  • Alisa

    I want to get back into photography – the old school, black and white film kind. I was very into it in high school but 10 years (!) later I really miss it. F stops > Instagram filters. I’m currently getting reacquainted with my old camera and can’t wait to start shooting.

  • Sarah

    Go to the drive in theater!

  • Lisa C

    My best friend is coming to visit me and I want to show her what real tex-mex is like (I live in Tx and she is in SC)

  • Arlissa

    Summer Bucket list-take the kiddos to the beach and build a sand castle with my 1 year old and 4 year old. Last year we only made it on the very last day beaches were open. So we hope to make it at least a few times this summer. Oprah Chai description was right on. We got our chai on for Mother’s Day. I will have to try it iced.

  • Rachel

    Summer bucket list – climb a mountain!

  • Bree

    To have people over for a BBQ. We’ve lived in our house for awhile but rarely have people over because the backyard was a disaster. It is a disaster no more!

  • Katie D

    My summer bucket list includes eating as many meals as possible outdoors, and throwing an awesome 60th birthday party for my dad!

  • Sara

    Summer bucket list is to get up earlier, get more exercise, and DRAW more! I feel like the summer always just drifts by … I want to have more purpose!

  • Mollie

    This summer I’m going to make popsicles for the first time!

  • Katie

    Go to Chicago, see a Cubs game, eat hot dogs and stay at the Longman & Eagle. Boom! I love Chicago in the summertime

  • Rosemarie

    We are taking our 18 month-old son to Germany to visit his grandparents and see our new niece!! I would also really like to take him camping later this summer 🙂 Awesome giveaway!

  • emily

    read a lot of books and do a lot of baking

  • Nelly

    Going to St. Louis!

  • Lisa

    There are a lot of things I’m going to be doing this summer, but at the top of the list is a trip to Scandinavia!! Visiting three countries over two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.

  • Michelle

    Finish my medical school boards!

  • Jodi

    I have a few: finish the second draft of a novel, see Jason Isbell in concert, and eat all the vegetables in the CSA share before they go bad.

  • Dani

    READING! I have a long list of books to read and this summer it’s going down! Just finished Flash Boys…one down… 🙂

  • Jen

    On my summer bucket list: read a great book at the beach!

  • jessica

    I have a few: ride my bike more often, read 8 books (I have a never ending list of must-reads), and going to San Fran!

  • Kris

    Bike to work at least 3 days/week!

  • Bethany

    Make homemade ice cream and play outside everyday with my boys!

  • krystal

    I really need to write out a summer bucket list to focus on what I want to do but…. I’m trying, overall, to slow down and relax on the weekends and enjoy my time with friends and family more!

  • emily v

    This summer I really want to get a bike and start riding. I thinks it’s a great way to get exercise and explore. Now I just have to get up the courage to actually do it.

  • Adrian K

    I want to find the perfect home for my family to move in to! I’ve been on the hunt for month and am looking forward to finding “the one,” getting moved in and settled with my little ones. Oh yeah, and all the painting, decorating and updating that comes with buying a fixer upper, which is what I’ve had my eye on…

  • Kimberly

    We want to take the little ones to the aquarium for the first time this summer. They are finally old enough to enjoy it but young enough to be totally amazed.

  • Caitlyn

    Boring but essential: buy a new mattress!

  • Mary Margaret


  • Jessica

    My summer bucket list includes making a huge bucket of steamers for my husband and I to share, while hiding from the intense Arizona heat, reading all the books that I’ve piled up and not gotten around to.

    That and a camping trip to the Grand Canyon.

  • Emily

    My summer bucket list involves spending a ton of time on the beach. I was cooped up indoors for most of last summer (taking the bar) so I need to make up for it this year!

  • erica

    summer bucket list item: TATTOOOOOOO!

  • Lauren @ La Dolce Pita

    On my summer bucket list: TRY AN OPRAAHHH CHAAAAIII!!!!!!

  • Brittany Anne

    We’ll, I’m currently six months pregnant, so getting this baby out in a few months is definitely at the top of my summer lists!

  • Lindsay

    Doing a beach day and going on a schooner ride in NY harbor are #1 and #2 on my summer bucket list, respectively. Can’t wait to check them off!

  • Jackie R

    Summer Bucket List – meeting my baby boy :~)

  • Michelle

    My husband and I hope to buy a grill for our new house. Looking forward to some delicious summer meals.

  • rachael

    Summer bucketlist includes – getting my nose pierced again (YOLO), becoming a spin instructor (!!), and hosting my first grown-up dinner party with my boyfriend. Time to go for it!

  • Denise L.

    I want to go to as many local festivals and fairs as possible .

  • Nicole Oehme

    To scrapbook a lot!

  • Janice

    This summer on my bucket list, I want to work!!!! HaHaHa!! I know….it’s weird, but I just started a new career and I do not get summer holdays….so I will work while my husband and kids go on holidays and I will work!!! And to work when I am healthy and happy is not such a bad thing…right?!!!

  • Kelly

    Going to San Diego and movies in the backyard

  • Kiersten

    There’s a drive in theater near where I live, and in the 5 years that we’ve lived here we’ve been once. Tragedy! I’ve vowed to make us go this summer as much as possible! (or at least once!)

  • Mandy

    Learn how to moonwalk.

  • Suzi

    Summer bucket list – beach day and a trip to Chicago to see great friends!

  • Lindsay

    read an everlasting meal. . .it’s been on my amazon wishlist for 1.5 years, no joke!

  • Crystal

    I hope to make my own bubble tea this summer!

  • JulieS

    Hmmm…. Summer bucket list- I guess my biggest wish is to just spend more time with my amazing husband and 4 kids. Quality time, enjoying the summer and each other!!!!!

  • Kristen R.

    The first thing on my summer bucket list just happened last weekend-I got married! But now that I have free time again, I plan to learn to grow and nurture succulents this summer, and make ice cream from scratch for the first time.

    I adore your blog and all that you do. Thanks for so much inspiration.

  • Laura

    This year’s summer bucket list only has one item – get married! We’re coming for you, August 2!

  • Ray

    Summer bucket list for me is to get toned arms!

  • Ann

    This summer i’ll be taking my first trip to Europe!! Today’s my birthday so a little giveaway win would be amahhhhzing!

  • Ann

    Go to as many u-pick farms as possible and finally try actual canning (not just freezer jam). We went strawberry picking this weekend!

  • Pam Leverette

    On my bucket list is having all my children and grandchildren in one place all at the same time for the Fourth of July! Excited for family time!

  • Caitlin Cress

    I can’t wait to make a batch of boozy Popsicles for the first BBQ at my new apartment (I’m going to have a backyard, YAY!)

  • amy

    pack up and move to colorado!

  • Lacey

    Read more!!

  • Cara

    On my summer bucket list – run multiple 5K’s. I have my first ever 5k tomorrow!!!

  • Persephone

    Something on my summer bucket list: Reading through my growing (I can’t stop buying them!) list of books instead of faffing around on the internet or watching Netflix.
    That Oh She Glows Cookbook looks so rad!

  • Jenn

    Summer bucket list is to hit up all of the Pittsburgh museums/parks/hotspots that I haven’t seen yet even after living here for three years! National Aviary, Toonseum, Mattress Factory, and Frick Park are currently topping my list. 🙂

  • Mirna A.

    On my summer bucket list: Eat crabs on the water since I do live in Maryland and it’s basically the law!

  • Mirna A.

    To eat crabs on the water since I do live in Maryland and it’s basically the law!

  • Meagan

    my bucket list is long this summer! but definitely includes baseball games, berry picking, and outdoor dinner parties.

  • Hillary

    Swimming lessons! I grew up on a lake and I cannot wait to get my little ones comfortable with the water. So much fun!

  • Amy

    Visiting Savannah for the first time is on my summer bucket list!

  • Ashley V


  • Sierra

    On my summer bucket list: have a canning party with friends to preserve tomato sauce, salsa, and chutney for the long winter!

  • Sarah

    Visit Glacier National Park!

  • Grace Kretschmer

    I’ve been wanting to explore different cocktails. I usually stick to G&Ts but the stupid lime shortage has me stuck. So, drinking my way through the summer is on my bucket list!

  • Diana

    Outdoor concerts! As many as I can get.

  • Kristin

    We are buying a house and moving at the end of June so my summer bucket list includes decorating our new house so it really reflects our style and feels like home. Also enjoying our large backyard!

  • Claire

    Seriously – those Sally Hansen nail polishes are the BEST. Major bucket list item this summer: Take the Staten Island Ferry and eat at Enoteca Maria – an Italian restaurant where a REAL LIFE Italian Grandmother makes dinner each night. C’mon. Doesn’t get better.

  • Leslie


  • Judith

    I’m about to move to DC so I have lots of new and exciting things to explore. I really want to watch the Fourth of July firework show there so that’s my #1 bucket list item for now!

  • Katherine

    Going strawberry picking is on my summer bucket list!! 🙂

  • Anne

    Summer Bucket List – head up to the mountains for a hike and a picnic!

  • Emily

    I want to go to the ocean! We are only a couple of hours away and I love me some sunshiney salty beaches.

  • YJ

    My summer bucket list: to continue my own blog! 🙂 and post lots and lots about food.

  • caitlin redmond

    I want to can FoodiewithFamily’s candied jalepenos!

  • krissy

    my sister and i are planning a huge camping weekend for our friends at our farm and a massive paint-filled water balloon fight is definitely at the top of my summer to-do list.

  • Gracie L

    Taking some time off to enjoy the outdoors is definitely part of this summer’s bucket list. We didn’t do it last year and this year I’m determined.

  • Courtney Reimer

    I want to make Angel Food Cake from scratch and eat it topped with so many berries and so much fresh whipped cream!!

  • Hannah Z

    On my summer bucketlist: picnic by the Charles River with wine. I’m thinking of sipping the wine from to-go coffee cups for a little secrecy, because secrecy makes things even more fun!

  • Maggie

    berry picking, pie making and sangria sipping are all on my summer bucket list this year!

  • Meghan B

    To find some cappelletti! Campari is usually our go to for summer-time cocktails, so this sounds like a great way to try something different this summer!

  • Kersten

    Travel a bit and complete my first 2 grad school courses. It’s going to be a great summer!

  • Heather

    So many things on my summer bucket list, but I really really want to get out with my camera more this year – with and without my little munchkins. I think some mama time will be a neccessity this year.

  • Molly

    Host a n outdoor dinner party

  • mel

    summer bucket list — infusing alcohol with various fruits/herbs and subsequently getting better at creating my own cocktail recipes!

  • Caroline

    Summer bucket list: beach camping with the hubby and as many other beach trips as possible!

  • Bethany Kocher

    A trip to NOLA with friends. I have only been there once, years ago, and would love to try traveling there with a small group of friends at the end of the summer. We are torn between group house or hotel with connecting rooms.

  • Faye

    This list of favorites is amazing! My summer bucket list includes nailing a sorbet recipe. I recently found out I’m allergic to dairy protein, and it’s killing my creemee habit.

  • Katie Kowalski

    On my Summer Bucket List: Going on a long hike in the woods & having an outdoor movie night!

  • Kelsey

    Making ice cream from scratch with my Kitchenaid mixer is on my bucket list. I’ve had it for two years and have yet to use it. It’s time for ice cream!

  • Mardi

    Taking the boys horseback riding at my parent’s friends’ farm!

  • Megan

    On my summer bucket list is to go camping as much as I can. I also have a trip to Seattle planned!

  • Alicia

    High on the list is having more adventures with the kids. I have two little ones, 3.5 and 7 months, so getting out of the house is a bit of a production. But we live in NYC! There is so much we can and should go and see. So I am making an effort to suck it up and get out there with both in tow. This past weekend we took the ferry to governors island. Last weekend we rented sailboats in the boat basin at ventral park. I want to make these fun memories of the city for my kids while I can.

  • Jennifer

    My summer bucket list has just one item so far…have this baby!

  • Jen

    My summer bucket list includes riding bikes from Manhattan across the bridge into Brooklyn to explore!

  • Darci

    Learn to paddle board! and drink Bloody Marys every Sunday.

  • Lauren

    Summer bucket list- successfully grow out garden and can/preserve the extra produce. I’ve always wanted to grow my own veggies and meal plan accordingly– this year is my chance!

  • Katie

    Taking my boyfriend who is a native New Yorker down to Cape Cod for the first time

  • Emily

    Summer bucket list: hang globe lights on my new deck and sit under them for hours! Warm, breezy summer nights are the best.

  • Ashley Marvin

    My summer bucket list: read 5 new books!

  • Claire

    My summer bucket list item #1: Watch all of AFI’s Top 100 Movies.

    I spend a lot of my Texas summer indoors, and we have a gorgeous old movie theater that is playing a lot of them. Only 65 to go — but I am getting an education 🙂

  • Coree

    Perfect my canning skills!

  • Nikki

    I am excited to get some practice with my new camera wherever I travel!

  • Lauren Grandestaff

    My summer bucket list includes:
    more succulents!
    walking to work!
    more colorful dresses!
    more fresh salads!
    And more love!!!!!

  • Alexandra W.

    I want to learn to paddleboard!

  • amanda

    My new CSA membership, trips to my parents’ cabin in Wisconsin, spending lots of time on my new back patio, a long-awaited trip to Mackinac Island!

  • Margaret

    Master cold press coffee!

  • suzanne

    I’m fixated on taking the kids to see the Terracotta warriors at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. It’s a couple hours away from us, but I think we’ll be making the trip.

  • Mandi

    Go to a fair to eat all of the funnelcake.

  • Ris

    My summer bucket list includes lots of outdoor time. Grilling, camping, hiking, reading–anything goes, as long as it’s outdoors!

  • Elizabeth Ditty

    On my summer bucket list: cooking a LOT, running nature trails, exploring parks and playgrounds with my kiddo, and making a large piece of art. 🙂

  • Sarah

    My summer bucket list includes finally purchasing a cocktail shaker and making cocktails at home! First up– jam cocktails (bourbon with blackberry jam and lime maybe?) and a perfect margarita. I’d love to win!

  • Alex

    My summer bucket list includes getting a tan and eating grilled corn on the cobb!

  • Tracey

    Summer to do list: Make. Play. Read. !!!

  • Mckristie

    Hiking!! More hiking!!

  • Bengi Selcukoglu

    I plan on getting my money’s worth out of the year-long bike share membership I bought!

  • Amanda B

    Summer bucket list- as many patio dinners as possible!

  • Kathleen

    Spend some time alone, as a working mom of 3 kids “me” time is practically non existent. Alone time in the great outdoors would be really inspiring.

  • j severtsgaard

    nothing specific. summer always goes by too fast and this year i hope to just savor time with my people. my hubs just finished his b.a. so he’ll be around more, yay! in the fall my oldest will be a senior in high school, the middle a freshman, and the youngest starts kindergarten. a family road trip might be fun but if all we do is hang at home all summer, that’s fine by me.

  • Farah Stokes

    Making my own pickles and milk!

  • kayla

    Tracy, you’re the best! I love your favs list too. My summer bucket list includes hiking and river floats– yay Oregon summers!!

  • Jen

    Lots of time at the beach with my kids! Garage sale to clean out my junk! Lots of camping.

  • wendy

    Eating dinner outside, at least once per week. Love your fave things!

  • Rose

    Ride my mountain bike and start jogging!

  • Renee

    My summer bucket list is to grow more plants! I have never been particularly interested in gardening until recently when we grew some herbs from seeds-yay! I’d like to make a beautiful herb and vegetable garden!

  • Marisa S

    Going to the Outer Banks!! And Chicago 🙂

  • S. Koppaka

    Summer bucket list- complete an iron man and drink lots of sparkling lemonade!

  • BBarr

    More picnics! Even if that just means a baguette and a wedge of cheese after work, as long as it’s happening outside 🙂

  • Becka

    I’d love to go backpacking in Maine!

  • Rebekah

    This summer, I’m going to make sure I get to go to New Orleans for a real New Orleans weekend! I’ve been a couple times, but I never felt like I really got to see the city.

  • Lindsay B

    Wine tasting in Napa and exploring LA!

  • Katherine Martin

    I’ll set an obtainable bucket list and say… I want to harvest vegetables from my garden, train for a half marathon and read at least 5 books.

    I think that sounds doable!

  • Angela

    I didn’t get to make boozy popsicles last year because I was nursing a newborn and wasn’t dipping too heavily back into booze. But now with a one year old, I need a drink more than ever! Boozy popsicles ftw.

  • Abigail

    My summer bucket list consists of a few key items. First of all, I need to make a strawberry rhubarb pie at least once this summer. Secondly, I also really want to go camping (the real kind of camping with tents and sleeping bags and s’mores and stuff). Lastly, I plan on making a habit of riding my bike to work as much as possible.

  • Molly @ Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles

    Lots of weekend nights at the drive-in watching summer movies with a thick chocolate malt!

  • Casey

    Summer bucket list? BEACH! Totally beachin’ it….I’m in Michigan and we have some of the best fresh water beaches around. Land of the hand, y’all. 🙂

  • Rachel Tilly

    Love your site, Tracy. Going to the beach!! And hopefully growing a successful zuccini plant 🙂

  • Erin

    What an amazing giveaway! On my summer bucket list is to actually get out in camping in the mountains this year.

  • Julie

    Bike riding adventures! I get the hitch for my bike rack this afternoon!

  • Amanda

    My dad passed away last month and left me with a Canon 5D Mark III. My dream has always been to start a food blog, but my goal is to learn this BEAST of a camera this summer. It’s an honor for me to look through the same lenses that my Dad did 🙂


  • charlotte c

    Besides have a baby August 3rd 🙂 I would love to try to make a granita.

  • Kavi

    My summer bucket list includes visiting a new state – I am thinking Wisconsin!

  • ande bergmann

    The first part of my summer will be spent with my DH on the motorcycle seeing the country and many of the National Parks. Then the list will begin, harvesting from the garden and hopefully some canning, spending time with my dogs and my chickens and reading, lots of reading.

  • shelly

    I just did one of my summer bucket list items which was going on this hilarious boat tour of Cleveland (lake erie and cuyahoga river) we went yesterday and it was suuuuuuch a nice day out, that coupled with some bourbon made for an excellent sunday. Other bucket list items include Cabrewing. Canoeing + beer. huh. Anyone else noticing a theme here??

  • Laura

    This is probably not your typical “summer bucket list” item, but I really want to learn how to knit a striped scarf. I knit my first scarf last week and want to kick it up a notch. Maybe hot pink and white? I’d also love to avoid getting sunburned in the pool, but I should probably keep this realistic…

  • Sara MacKay

    Jump in a lake!!

  • Sara

    Summer bucket list: Going camping in the Black Hills in South Dakota!

  • Tina Anderson

    One of the things I want to do this summer is explore a new state park for hiking, preferably one that also has camping next to the water.

  • Candice

    Watch fireworks on the beach!

  • Kendall

    My summer bucket list? Building a fire pit, and then sitting there in the evening, drinking cocktails.

  • Misha

    Learning to enjoy my workouts (good luck to me!)
    And watching my summer veggies grow!

  • Devon

    For fun: go to the beach more!
    For reals: Get organized (and calm!) before Baby #1 arrives in November and we move to Europe in January. Eek!

  • Jordan Riley

    My summer bucket list is to see a movie outdoors at least once–they’re all over DC in the summer, but somehow I’ve been here for almost three years and haven’t gotten around to it!

  • Mira C

    Something on my summer bucket list is getting good at making pie crust. I really want to be able to bust out a pie when I want to, but I’ve had serious crust-phobia. My goal is to make crust over and over until I’m not afraid of it anymore.

    I love all of your favorite things! It’s very cool that you wear a watch. Super classy! 😉

  • Jessicaisbaking

    I’m determined to make at least 1 new recipe a week!

  • Jessica

    I plan on going camping at least once this summer!

  • valerie

    making boozy popsicles! i have everything i need… just need to do it! and your recipes have provided great inspiration, by the way!

  • Danielle Clifford

    My summer bucket list includes being outside as much as possible. This probably means I won’t get anything “productive” done, but I will have plenty of vitamin D in my system!

  • Rachel

    Making smores!

  • Jessica W

    Jello shots, read a few good books, major pool and beach time and keeping the kiddos entertained 🙂

  • ann

    my summer bucket list involves being outside a ton, and at the pool, so that my freckles make their annual appearance by July 4.

  • Carissa

    I want do take a full day bike ride, complete with a fancy packed picnic & a stop at a brewery at the end of the ride.

  • katie

    I’m starting a new job as an elementary school librarian at the end of the summer, so my bucket list involves soaking up the quiet and practicing not saying the F word all the time!

  • fariha

    summer bucket list includes catching up on my scrapbooking, mastering the art of poached eggs, and busting out my ice-cream maker again 🙂

  • Chris Y

    camping with my girls for the first time!

  • Jenna MW

    My summer list includes picking blueberries with my little guy, wearing a massive amount of maxi dresses, and not getting heat grouchy in August when I’m seven months pregnant.

  • Emily

    I just posted about my summer bucket list and it includes reading more, experimenting with gin and eating a super trashy hot dog at some point! Oh, and I want to take a random/spontaneous weekend trip – my husband and I are such planners and we are rarely spur-of-the-moment people.

  • Nadine

    Great list! I’m familiar with quite a few items and others not so much 🙂 Summer bucket list includes a baseball game and s’mores! Not necessarily at the same time–need a sink to get the sticky goodness off my face and hands.

  • Trish

    My bucket list this year is about a mile long, since I’m moving away from the city in September. My biggest one though? Hit up Snoqualmie Falls. I live so close, but I’ve never been.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Maggie

    My biggest summer bucket list item is to run my first 50-mile race. I’m signed up, I’ve started training, and I’m going to make it happen.

    I also want to go the entire summer without wearing pants to work. Dresses or skirts alllllllll summer.

  • Lamisa

    This summer I want to go to as many concerts as possible, spend a lot of time at the beach, and take lots is pictures on my camera!

  • Liz R.

    There is a beautiful park near my apartment with a few picnic tables, a pergola, lush lawn, and overflowing flowers. I’ve been saying for years that I need to host a potluck and this summer it’s going to happen!

  • Rachel

    summer bucket list = MAKING PIE, PIE, AND MORE PIE with every fresh fruit I can find

  • Kendra

    Organize my whole house, take a weekend trip to Catalina, and read as many books as possible!

  • Kelsey

    Lots of camping, s’mores making, farmer’s market-ing, and water balloon fights with my daughter.

  • laura

    I NEED some sort of version of s’mores every weekend. Soft serve, sprinkle, cone too

  • Jenny

    Something on my summer bucket list: to parasail! I’m so eager to do it and so excited/nervous to try!

  • Jenn

    I’d like to find a basic smoothie recipe that will allow me to expand the the fruit horizons of my picky son. (He only eats apples, melon and grapes)

  • SJ

    My summer bucket list includes taking a vacation somewhere where there is water and reading copious amounts of books.

  • christine

    Making homemade ice cream for the first time!

  • Lauren

    Hopefully my summer will be filled with going on long bike rides and learning how to really bake bread.

  • Kelsey

    Oh I don’t know. I think the top of my summer bucket list is get married 🙂 So pumped!!

  • Amelia T.

    Love all this stuff! Thank you for the opportunity to win. Okay,onto my summer bucket list : A flourishing garden, as many paletas and ice cream my face can handle, watching my babies watch fireworks,convincing my husband to go on a hike in the mountains, riding my bike as much as possible.

  • Caroline

    To not drink booze more than one time a week!

  • Vanessa

    Taking my husband and daughter to the beach, they have never seen the ocean! Oh and read more books!

  • Keely

    This summer I am hoping to finally figure out an organizational system in my room and hike a mountain!

  • Kristin Furst

    My mom and I are going to roadtrip to Maine this summer from Philadelphia! We are super excited to finally visit my cousin who lives there! Cheers!

  • Amy Martin

    Get my closet cleaned out and organized!

  • Laurie

    Something on my summer bucket list is to jump in Lake Tahoe every single day. I started yesterday!

  • Rebecca

    My summer bucket list: read more and take road trips to explore waterfalls in my state (Arkansas)!

  • Kate McK

    Conquer the baking of pies, prepare healthy and simple summer meals, spend as much time as possible outside (mosquitos be damned).

  • Carolyn

    Tracy! This is an amazing giveaway! We have very similar tastes. 🙂

    I’m hoping to get to the beach at some point this summer. We’re doing lots of home improvement, but I’d love to getaway for the weekend! I’m already dreaming about a perfect Maine vacation. Other than that, I want to use my ice cream maker more, yum!

  • Theodora

    My summer bucket list includes continuing my morning workout schedule, eating for health and NOT dieting!

  • Lindsey

    I love this!!! I’d feel like I won the lottery if I won this giveaway. I’m also a numbers person-always counting and calculating and finding meaning!

  • Elly

    On the bucket list: making pizza topped with some things from my garden. I’m hoping for tomatoes, basil, and purple bell peppers. It’s my second-ever attempt at growing food, so I’m excited/nervous/excited!

  • Mandy Pennington

    I LOVE the pretzel chips and the esos chap stick!

    My summer bucket list includes visiting Asheville, NC and buying a white dress!

  • Susan

    camping, going to the beach, grilling, turning 40, the list goes on …

  • Kelly

    Summer bucket list is to plant a vegetable garden and then remember to use what has grown!

  • Ashley H.

    My summer bucket list includes a beach vacation (haven’t been in years and that needs to change asap!) and start taking more pictures! Awesome giveaway!!!

  • Lauren

    I want to make way more grilled veggies and constantly have a stock on hand. They are super nummy and do a lot to increase my vegetable intake (and decrease my meat intake) but I never make them as much as I want.

  • Naomi

    We are vacationing in San Francisco this year so our bucket list consists of seeing as much of the Bay Area as we can in a week. I am looking forward to going to the Monterey aquarium, I visited when I was little and have such great memories of it. I cannot wait to see what it looks like now!

  • Haley

    My summer bucket list includes going to the rodeo and hiking up my first mountain!

  • Lisa Lee

    So much is on my summer bucket list, let’s get this summer going already! At the top is getting outdoors and hiking more in the mornings and relaxing poolside in the afternoons…as much as possible.

  • Emily

    I fully read that as Summer Book List. So maybe I should put reading slowly on my bucket list. Anyways, I’m going to the beach for a week this summer and plan to get amazingly tan without burning. That will be a challenge.

  • Becky Jones

    My summer bucket list is long (I love lists too!) but since moving to Texas from Seattle a few years ago, I miss the ocean terribly. It’s just not the same here so my mission is to go back home for a visit and never be far away from the pacific the entire time. I’m so gonna make it happen!

  • Nia

    I want to start juicing! There is so much amazing produce during the summer and I want to cram as much of it as I can into my diet. Juicing could be the answer!

  • Ida

    On our bucket list is going to Croatia and seeing a lot of relatives and then going camping on the Maryland Eastern Shore later in the summer!

  • Alix

    My summer bucket list includes jumping in one of the Great Lakes! It’s my first summer in Michigan so I’m pretty excited. 😀 Love your blog!

  • Elizabeth

    I’d like to make homemade ice cream this summer – your strawberry and coconut ice cream looks great!

  • Sunni

    Movies in the park, being outside more and trying new recipes!

  • allisonemme

    Getting to the beach more than once! My partner HATES the beach so this is actually difficult even though I live less than 30 minutes from one… also eating as many local tomatoes as I can manage after a brutally long winter!

  • Amy Ashley

    I definitely want to take the kids to Sea World since it’s only a few hours away, but a friend recently asked me to go to the Gulf with her…that may take priority!

  • Emily

    Going to our local fair. I missed it last year and it’s one of my favorite things about summer. Also, eat ALL the watermelon 🙂

  • Ems

    On my bucket list: backyard movie with the projector and a sheet! Old school awesome.

  • Kristina

    What fun goodies! Step one on my summer bucket list is to find out which of our friends has easy access to a boat. Step 1.a. is to butter up said friend so that they take us out on their boat 🙂

    Have a great summer!

  • Patti

    Stand Up Paddleboarding! (+/- yoga)

  • Mama Jane

    I would FREAK OUT, Oprah audience style, if I won this giveaway. This is AMAZING!
    On my summer bucket list: make it to the summer concert series in our local park a few times. It’s such a great venue, but the last few years our little dudes have been too little for us to get there. I’m really hoping to make it this summer and enjoy some live music again!
    Thanks, Tracy!

  • Allison

    I would love to visit the beach this summer with family- with time to relax, enjoy the sun and waves, and catch up on summer reading.

  • Laura

    Drive in movie!

  • Jill

    What a fantastic list! Thanks for sharing your favorite things.
    My summer bucket list: lots of outside time with the babe, grilling everything, trips to the beach, and maybe a little wine tasting once we’re done nursing. 🙂

  • Emily

    My big thing is I want to do another triathlon this summer- I did 2 several years ago, but it’s been too long!

  • Emily

    One of my favorite things to do is hear live music so I’m hoping to make it to at least one outdoor concert this summer!

  • April @badgerkitchen

    I want to make it to Door County. I’m born and raised in Wisconsin and it seems wrong I’ve never been. I also want to swim, bike, make friends with people who have a boat and just play outside a lot.

  • ally

    I want to do some backyard glamping!

  • Roxanne

    Swimming in the Russian River and getting back in shape after graduating from college!

  • Ida Rose

    To just generally take in as much as possible…evening sunset hang outs, snow cones, lazy Sunday naps, family time, stuffing myself with all the seasonal produce.

  • Heather P

    Climb half dome

  • Jill

    Oh the excitement at reading about all of these lovely things! Summer bucket list: snow cones and as many BLTs as I can eat!

  • Lorra

    On my bucket list: Skydiving

  • Libby

    First of all. Can I tell you how grateful I am that to enter this giveaway, I don’t have to “like” fifteen different things on Facebook?
    Secondly, I want all of this so very badly. There’s not one thing on this list I don’t crave and I’m grateful to you for your generosity and general pleasant nature.
    Thirdly, for the past two years (thanks to you and JTB), I’ve created summer bucket lists! This summer I want to make boozy Popsicles (something with gin, please) and I want to rock a tank top WITHOUT BEING ASHAMED OF MY ARM JIGGLE!!!

  • GingerMae

    Finish the shed (last summer’s project)!

  • Laura

    I need a long weekend to go on a camping trip to eat junk food and sleep in the quiet of the forest instead of the city.

  • Lauren

    Visiting Alaska with my boyfriend is on my bucket list this summer!

  • Abbie

    So fun! This summer I am going to run my first 5k.

  • Ronni

    Bucket! On my summer bucket list is to make homemade hamburger buns. I’ve been wanting to do it for years so maybe this year will be the year.

  • emily

    TRAVEL! Day trips, weekend trips. And have the best tan ever.

  • Elyse

    Make it through third trimester in summer heat. Or get as many park and pool days in with the only child before he becomes a big brother.

  • Jen

    Actually taking our dogs to the dog park instead of just talking about how we should totally do that!

  • Tina C.

    Amazing giveaway! One thing on my summer bucket list is to take my kiddos to the beach more than once (we live 15 minutes away, but I never seem to be able to get both my kiddos 2 & 4 there!).

  • Emily S.

    Hmm, my summer bucket list. Going home to see my family in Texas is on there, but while I’m there, I hope I’ll see fireflies. We don’t have those up here in Utah, and “bioluminescent” insects are pretty special.

  • jill

    A weekend away is quite overdue. Gotta get that sucker planned.

  • Jackie

    Summer movies in Bryant Park!

  • Michael

    I’m going to try to plan a vacation, hopefully to San Francisco!

  • Steff

    My summer bucket list is LENGTHY but at the top right now is attempting stand-up paddleboarding. Looks freaky but really fun! LOVE your blog.

  • Kelly

    One of the many things on my summer bucket list is to make coconut milk ice cream. I think I’m going to go with a pumpkin spice flavor even though it’s not very summery…

  • Nina

    Buying (and wearing) a super cute maxi dress! I’ve been intimidated by them for some reason but I’m going to go for it.

  • millie

    camping & concerts! 🙂 and regular farmers market visits! ahhh… summer!
    awesome giveaway!

  • Emily

    Summer bucket list: read at least three of the “Song of Ice and Fire” books. Also: can something with blackberries or apricots!

  • Stephanie

    On my bucket list this summer = a trip to NYC! I’ve never been!! Really looking forward to seeing a show on broadway. Yay for bucket lists!

  • Sizzle

    I’m working on getting our yard into shape. I want to celebrate it and the glorious sunshine (hard won here in Seattle) by hosting a party with a s’mores bar.

  • Michelle

    I’m super excited about my entire summer bucket list but at the top is traveling to a new state,
    I’m heading to North Carolina for five days and I can’t wait!

  • Katelyn

    Doing the whole30 challenge!

  • Laura

    I want to win!! I would love to try sup yoga this summer! I hope it can happen!

  • Kelly

    My Summer Bucket List: Finally get the tattoo I’ve been wanting

  • Jennifer

    My summer bucket list includes quite a few things, but I’m most looking forward to spending time on the Puget Sound in July! Thanks for putting together such an amazing giveaway!

  • Kristin | Dine X Design

    EOS obsessed….thanks for the cosco tip because this crazy needs one in every room and every bag. Yup…

  • Dona

    Every summer I say I am going to take a few days off work just to go lounge by the pool at my bff’s house in sacto. This year I am going to do it, sun, splash and good cocktail lounging will be had!

  • Meghan

    Summer Bucket List : Root Beer Floats for dinner – makes you feel about 7 and hits the spot on a sultry summer night!

  • Jen

    Stand up paddle boarding in Lake Michigan!

  • Julia Pugh

    These products look great!!

  • Erika Aileen

    I’m doing a triathlon (first one ever), and praying that I don’t die. These would be a nice reward 🙂

  • Honora

    Finding a new favorite beach after we move in two weeks! Going from the shores of Lake Superior to land locked lower Michigan so it should be an interesting challenge.

  • diane

    having a “white trash pool party” at my sisters house. blow up kiddie pool in her backyard with a big tarp taped to one side of her house and the other hanging off her fence. two coolers full of beer and water. and her husband manning the grill for veggie dogs! we’ve done them 3 years in a row now and I can’t wait for this years

  • Cheryl

    trying outdoor yoga! I’ve been seeing a lot of people mention all the yoga in the parks this summer and I’m committed to going at least once and checking it out.

  • Jodie

    MY bucket list item this summer is going back to Haiti. And it will be checked off in just over a month!!! 🙂

  • LeAnna

    Summer bucket list…everything I keep coming up with is hardcore, like: Keep The Squash Bugs From Decimating My Zucchini, Teach Oldest to Read, or Potty Train My Youngest…what I really need is a vacation with my hubby. I’m gonna go with a, wage war on squash bugs. Because I’m exciting like that. 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Madeline

    On my bucket list is to get more comfortable taking my baby girl around with me. She’s 4 months old and I’m one of those paranoid new moms. I’m hoping I’ll eventually be one of the laidback moms who totes her little baby everywhere she goes! Btw, awesomely wonderful giveaway. Thank you!!

  • Asha

    long bike rides and trying out new ice cream shops!

  • Laura S

    Great list, Tracy! This summer I want to have a garage sale to clean out some of the clutter. And I signed up to run my first 10k in a couple years in Chicago. Little nervous but excited to get back at it.

  • Aubrey

    Get the deck next to my pool sanded and painted to look like a bright Mexican serape blanket.

  • Sarah

    My #1 summer bucket list item is snuggling my new nephew who will be born sometime this month!

  • Amy

    After the long, horrible winter we had in Chicago this year, the main thing on my summer bucket list is to just enjoy the summer weather and spend lots of time outside!

  • diana

    reading as many books/seeing as many movies as i can! with a baby due in october, not sure when they’ll be time for all of that again!

  • Sarah

    So many awesome things!! I’m having a baby in October and on my summer to-do list is organizing a nursery ( and let’s be real, my whole life too) in preparation for him.

  • Emily S

    Run a 5k!

  • Brenda in Tyler

    I hope to get back to the Dallas area to see a good friend’s brand new baby!

  • Emily D.

    Honestly, I know this is suuuuuper corny, but my summer bucket list is just to let myself have fun. I’ve been so stressed lately from my job and job-searching and I don’t want that to carry over in to the summer.

    But, other than that, make every food I eat in to caprese, and make every version of jalapeno (insert fruit here) margarita I can.

  • Amanda

    This summer I am so excited to finally make my own ice cream!! Its been a long time coming =)

  • Kristen

    I didn’t get to it last summer but I really want to go to a drive in movie- sounds so fun! And with our delayed SF ‘summer’ I probably have until October to get to it 🙂

  • Rebecca

    On my summer bucket list: getting somewhat good at playing the accordion!

  • Kelly

    On my summer bucket list…can loads of pickles and try to keep the tomato plants from taking over the whole garden. ( I will be successful one of these years! ) Thanks Tracy!

  • Morgan

    Summer bucket list? Napa wine tasting trip. SUP yoga. Fiesta cruiser ride.

  • Julie Turner

    I have a whole summer bucket list of food I want to make…plus super excited about our trip to Boston to see my BF this summer!

  • Janice

    Summer bucket list item: yoga three times weekly and picnics by the river!

  • Lisa @ Lisa Living Well

    I want to keep spending lots of time outdoors like I already have been doing this spring! I live in Wisconsin, so after the long and horrible winter, I want to get around to hiking, playing tennis and biking outdoors as much as I can. Love all of the items in the giveaway! Thanks for hosting it.

  • Tiffany

    Take my 3 year old camping for the first time, trip to Santa Cruz and make a delicious curry chicken salad:)

  • Dana Bee

    my summer bucket list includes going to another state for a few days (mini-vacation, please!) and having a movie night for all of our friends in the backyard. Inflatable movie screen, FTW

  • Michelle

    Amazing giveaway! I especially love all the food items; right up my alley 🙂 Pretzel crisps are a staple in our house (thank goodness for Costco).

  • Jennifer Allison

    thought not ‘summery’, per se…making homemade bread…that’s on my list.

  • Laura

    Finishing my dissertation!!

  • Rio

    Adventure! Near and far 🙂

  • Melinda Kraus-Perrotta

    Host a backyard party!

  • mercy azarcon

    For fun, I’d like to explore the Alhambra, Rosemead, San Gabriel Valley area down here near L.A. for new and old dumpling/noodle/chinese dining adventures. On quite a tight budget so these ethnic places offer lots of fun for very little money. For sweat equity, hoping to get our rather too large garden/outdoor area to feel a little bit more like home. Ugh. Hate yard work but it’s all part of being a good homeowner.

    Love your blog and I listen to you and Joy the MINUTE the podcast is posted. Have a great summer and thanks for running a giveaway! Congrats on your ever growing stats!

  • Lindsey

    Bucket list- taking my baby boy to see his auntie and uncle in San Diego!

  • jessica

    I haven’t been to the ocean in years (crazy, right?!) so I’m hoping to find a way to spend a few days on the coast this summer!

  • Kathy T

    Working full time doesn’t leave me with much time to plan and do extra fun things with my 4 grand kids. This summer I’m going to have Camp Bobo (that’s what they call me) every Friday. Hoping to make some great memories and do some things that couldn’t be done on our short overnights.

  • Becky

    On my bucket list-to go to an international dark sky park to do some star gazing without light pollution.

  • Ciara

    This is so awesomely major of you!! On my summer bucket list I plan to stock and organize a home bar cart! I have a cart and one bottle of bourbon so far. You have so many fun cocktail ideas that I never have the ingredients for, but not anymore! And as a natural progression I’ll be making boozy popsicles. because obviously. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Diana

    Free concerts and performances in Central Park!

  • carrie

    My summer bucketlist is all stuff I can do around town while I’m waiting for my baby’s due date. I’ll be seeing some movies, lots of art fairs, 4th of July parade and fireworks and maybe the state fair.

  • Michele

    Learn how to use my digital camera!

  • louise

    going somewhere beachy and finding a job!

  • Kaela

    Summer bucket lists are the best lists! My to-do’s include trying rose wine, reading a lot, and more time at the beach!

  • TinaPow

    I am hoping to spend a BUNCH of time at the pool with my babes!

  • melanie

    most important thing on my summer bucket list is celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary!! so excited for a week away without kids 🙂

  • margie s

    This is the year I start water aerobics!

  • Aimee Mulligan

    Bucket list: Going to make those dole pineapple drinks like they have at Disney, because NO WAY am I taking the kids there! The drinks look great though! So does everting on your fave things give-away! thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jordan

    To take my two year old to the ocean and swim with her!

  • Kim

    the only thing on my list this summer is to head down to the Jersey Shore at least once!

  • leah p.

    This summer I want to go on a hike! That’s on my summer to-do list!

  • Lori

    Wait for a hot, but still breezy night (after sunset & mood lighting inside), open all the windows in the living room and watch ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’


    It’s the best way to watch this movie!
    Summer Bucket list tradition.

  • Becky

    Going to the farmer’s market more often!

  • Christine

    Host a summer BBQ at my house and practice meal planning!

  • Cynthia

    on my bucket list for this summer is a weekend away with my girlfriends and no kids or husbands.

  • Berenice

    On my summer bucket list is learning more salad recipes, having picnics with my boyfriend and overall spending more time outdoors. Going to attend more outdoorsy events!

  • Jen

    My Summer Bucket List includes:

    Grill more (veggies, veggies and more veggies)
    Take a MILLION photos of my nieces and nephews
    Not let my huge work project (the week of July 12) put a damper on summer fun
    Try some more local beer
    take more time to look at the stars!

  • Katherine

    Having surgery, recovering beautifully and going on a celebratory bike ride in Nantucket.

  • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

    That Jalapeno Jam is so good – I remember loading up on it back when Foodbuzz was a thing and serving it on crackers w cream cheese for a year. Something on my bucket list is driving in the car by myself and singing an old musical at the top of my lungs. Probably Bye Bye Birdie.

  • Lillian

    Art classes at CMA! Also buying film and such for the vintage camera I found while thrifting.

  • Anne

    Go wine tasting in Northern Michigan! Beautiful!

  • Heather Rosinbum

    My summer bucket list includes going to Yellowstone and the Tetons and I can’t wait 🙂

  • Jess

    Learn it is ok to treat yo’self without guilt. This list looks like a good place to start.

  • Shawn W.

    Getting back to nature. Squeezing in three outdoor adventures – hiking, kayaking and ???

  • dana

    On my bucket list: GETTING TO THE OCEAN. No excuses!

  • mkbrod2

    This will be my third summer in Portland and I have yet to “float the river”?! I’ve bought a new bikini so I have to do it finally!

  • Sandra Lea

    Buy a condo.

  • Andrea

    Run a 10K!

  • Eva @ All Books Considered

    To make a cherry pie from scratch with the cherries on our backyard trees

  • Mary H.

    Loved your list! My summer bucket list includes jumping the waves in the Atlantic Ocean with my almost 3 year old 🙂

  • Lindsay

    My summer bucket list includes seeing a couple outdoor concerts before our baby is due at the end of July.

  • Johanna Bishop

    On my Summer Bucket list is to eat a meal featuring veggies ENTIRELY from my garden! Come on little tomato plants!!

  • maddie Jager

    Going back to Texas for the first time in four years is on my bucket list! As is picking a wedding venue :).

  • Sarah

    My bucket list this summer includes a camping trip with our friends, tayberry picking, night swimming, learning to drive the boat and lots of ice-cold g&t’s. (Does that last one count?)

  • Alyson

    I want to work on our backyard this summer. It has so much potential – I have been so lazy though!

  • Rachel B.

    I’d love to take my baby girl to a local baseball game (go rivercats) this summer. I think I might have to bring a force field with me though since there are foul balls galore!

  • Julie

    Learn how to play the banjo! Summer = listening to bluegrass outdoors.

  • Mattie

    My bucket list includes making my own tortillas, whipped coconut cream, baking and freezing scones, and making sure we eat everything we receive in our CSA share. NO waste this summer!!!

  • Melissa Egan

    #1 on my Summer Bucket List is organizing our second bedroom into a studio/sewing room. It’s currently serving as a glorified closet while most of my crafting happens on our dining room table.

  • Alison

    Take my kids (and dog) hiking in the Cascade mountains at least once!

  • Ashley Gonyaw

    Well, let me just turn to my summer bucket list in my bullet journal…. (Thanks for opening my eyes to that, by the way!) It’s a lengthy list, but I think the two most important on the list are: a) green-up our deck and yard and b) experiment with gin cocktails. If you don’t have the Tovolo spherical ice molds, I’d highly recommend them.

  • Jennie

    read a good book on the beach 🙂

  • Bonnie

    Take my youngest child to her first year of college!!

  • Stephanie

    So much cool stuff!!! Hmm…my summer bucket list involves eating a lot of berries and throwing myself a big birthday party–the theme is steak and cake, which came to me in a flash of inspiration.

  • jess

    Numero uno on my summer bucket list is a trip to the west coast! I can’t wait. Thanks for the giveaway, Tracy!

  • Rebecca Back

    Oh there are so many things on my bucket list for this summer. Lots of new foods to try cooking/baking. Become a better cocktail maker. Spend enormous amounts of time with friends and family outside! I could go on but I will leave it at that.

  • KC

    Put a slip-n-slide in the back yard for my kids. And maybe me.

  • Brandi

    Host a summer solstice supper/soiree including homemade ice cream sandwiches and popsicles.

  • Christina

    I WILL be buying an ice cream maker and making peach ice cream this summer! I might even have a cookout so other people can have some. That’s if I feel like sharing 😉

  • Cassie

    My #1 thing on my bucket list is to get some sort of indoor grilling apparatus for our apartment so we can make delicious grilled foods. Ever since my boyfriend’s mom made me grilled zucchini, asparagus, and seasoned chicken I crave it all the time and want to be able to make it myself. Also, I want to get out for walks more and explore my town!

  • Sarah Beth Gooding

    So many things! Getting settled into our new home is a big one
    Then for fun, floating the river south of Austin. I keep meaning to and then we never find the time!

  • tara

    What an awesome giveaway! An item on my summer bucket list is going camping at Big Sur.

  • Brianna

    Big Sur!

  • elina

    take walks, meal prep and meditate.

  • Kristin

    Trips to Seattle and hopefully San Diego are on the list for this summer!

    Two weeks left of school and this teacher and mom can’t wait!!!

  • Kate

    Oprah’s chai over ice is delicious! The regular one is too sweet for me. I am loving the Oh She Glows cookbook, and got An Everlasting Meal from the library and it immediately went on my “must own” list.

    This summer I want to get out to an A’s game and do a yoga retreat (but here in the Bay Area, our summers last til October, right? 😉 )

  • Laurie

    Such a cool giveaway! This summer I am hoping to enjoy some time at the beach!

  • Alicia

    My summer bucket list item is to take off work for a weekday afternoon and go swimming at Barton Spring, an ice-cold, spring-fed pool here in Austin, Texas.

  • Rebecca @ Runner with an Appetite

    I have really wanted to make some popsicles and the weather is finally getting warm enough for them! So excited to make some fruity ones!

  • Ryan

    My wife would love the things that you are giving away in this giveaway. Lots of biking is on my summer bucket list this year! My wife and I love to enjoy the nice weather and bike on local trails in our area.

  • Stephanie LaMotte

    Make an awesome: margarita, pico de gallo and guacamole, then sit back and enjoy.

  • Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon

    Um this is an AMAZING collection! Going to check out all these links now.

    My summer bucket list includes planning some adventures for the next year, and taking one small vacation at the end of the summer. I save all year for fun things and forget to take the time to plan the getaways! I am hoping for Portugal in September.

  • Allyson

    Strawberry picking!!!

  • Alli

    Oh my goodness! What a giveaway! On my summer bucket list: Eat at Delancey. I just finished reading Molly Wizenberg’s book and now I gotta eat the food!


  • Maggy

    Tubing down the Delaware River!

  • cally marie greenway

    My summer bucket list includes finding a place and actually living with my significant other. we’ve both had some bad past experiences, but we’re working toward a life together. a place, maybe a porch, and us sitting together enjoying something cold to drink while we talk about nothing. that’s what i want for my summer.

  • Beth

    I keep meaning to try that Rosewater spray! I’ve heard great things and both of those cookbooks look awesome!

  • erica

    summer bucket list = organizing, more hiking, becoming a better runner.

  • Hillary

    Since moving to Maui 10 months ago I still have not tried any water sports. I’m going to stop letting work be an excuse and go SUP (standup paddle boarding)!!

  • Emily

    Lose 10 pounds!

  • Rhonda

    One thing on my bucket list is to get my shins the same shade of tan as my knees 🙂

    Hoping to make it to the NC Outer Banks this summer 🙂

  • Christopher Sorel

    GEt down to Texas and try aaron franklin brisket first hand.

  • Jess

    Amazing giveaway!! On my summer bucket list: donuts on the beach, get into a meal prep groove and road trip with a 10 month old!

  • Michelle Warnke

    Bucket list: hot air balloon ride! Thanks for having such a great giveaway!!!

  • Melanie

    Ohhh MY goodness these are AAAA-mazing (I said that in my Oprah voice! Man I miss her btw! I will so have to try me some Oprah chai, sounds yummy. This giveaway is so awesome… thank you & your sweet reader bunches for the chance!! XX

    P/S My summer bucket list is actually to plan stuff out less & be more spontaneous. Guess that off to a great start when I start with planning on it?! Hehee)

  • Moira

    My summer bucket list is mostly made up of stuff to do before and after we move cross-country…but mainly I just need to settle on a house to move TO! Great list as always 🙂

  • Tanya Boettcher

    I want to use my new bathing suit. I bought a new one for the first time in years, so I want to use the heck out of it this summer.

  • Stinds

    Last summer all of my summer plans were derailed by Lyme Disease, so this summer my bucket list feels extra special. I plan on doing everything possible outdoors and soaking up the much missed sunshine.

  • Natalie

    I can’t wait to grill pizza this summer!

  • Malyssa

    I am really hoping to organize a lazy river trip for a bunch of my friends. Its becoming that time in our lives where I know we won’t all be in the same state this time next year and I want to get in some memory making while we still can. 🙂

  • gillian

    I hope to get to the beach at least once a week this summer with my boys…..hopefully with a Shake Shack picnic!

  • Sarah L

    Going to a Sunday concert at a local winery.

  • Bethany

    I really want to make jam this summer! Oh, and find a babysitter for my squishy seven month old so we can have a picnic at a winery to celebrate our anniversary.

  • Michelle

    All great favorites! The biggest thing on my Summer Bucket List this summer is to finally go camping/hiking at Acadia in Maine. We had every intention of going last summer so I’m making it a point to get it planned for this summer 🙂

  • alyssa

    It’s kinda silly, but I really want to go to the zoo this summer!

  • Alison

    Make a killer batch of mole. I’ve been wanting to make it for some time, and I plan to make it happen this summer.

  • Emily

    Take a walk as a family several days a week!

  • Kathleen

    you’re hilarious. Thanks for the giveaway!! One thing I want to do this summer is go to the beach. We live so close but it’s been years since I’ve gone!

  • Kinsey

    The number one thing on my summer bucket list is to see some fireworks!

  • Corinne

    Live outside as much as possible!

  • casey

    summer bucket list plans include TONS of grilling and outdoor picnics!

  • Amy

    Not THIS summer, but definitely on the general bucket list: Bora Bora!

  • Corey

    I live in Seattle, and our summers are the sweet spot of our year. I want to do more day trips in the area, not letting the crowds deter me from getting out there and summering it up!

  • Carrie

    Get a tan and read a book or two.

  • Sarah Daniels

    My summer bucket list includes a big backyard bash, and tubing on the gunpowder falls 🙂

  • Joanna

    My bucket list this summer? Just getting back into a routine now that I have a new baby…that’s not too much to ask is it? 😉

  • Amy

    The Barney Butter is AMAZING! I hope to finish my first half marathon in Colorado this summer. Followed by a week-long carb-fest. The carb-fest is not on my bucket list. Been there, done that, check.

  • Suhani C

    Looking forward to decorating my new apartment in between classes and a new job!

  • Mary

    Lots of kayaking and beach time!

  • Brianna

    One thing in my summer bucket list is to spend the day alone at the park. I’ll pack a picnic and books. It’ll be glorious.

  • Bailey

    My summer bucket list includes visiting lots of different Farmers Markets (not just the one in my neighborhood) with my infant daughter and my grandmother!

    Yes, Oprah’s chai is delicious when iced, iI am hoping to make a big jug of sun tea with it… I guess that’s on my bucket list too!

  • Sara

    Making s’mores!

  • Megan

    This is such a great compilation of wonderful things! I’m stoked about the camera bag, as I am on the hunt for a perfect doesn’t-scream-camera- bag bag (doesn’t hurt that it could double as a not too girly diaper bag too – baby #1 is due today, but taking his sweet time). Thanks for the chance to win, Tracy!

  • Kaitlin

    Get married! Other than that I’d like to make it to the beach at least once (and hopefully more!) this summer.

  • Heather R.

    I’d love to go camping this summer! And by camping I mean rent a cabin somewhere remote 😉

  • Katie

    Homemade ice cream and popsicles are on my list for sure! Great giveaway!

  • Courtney Wegener

    I really want to learn how to surf this summer so I think I am going to get myself into a class and just do it! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love your site and visit it almost daily. Best….Courtney

  • Janele

    Fit my pregnant self into a kayak and paddle down a river on our Michigan vacation 🙂
    Love your blog and the podcast!

  • Jo Shontz

    I want to take a walk OUTSIDE at least once a day. Summer is my favorite season, but I still have a hard time getting outside.

  • marybeth

    taking my baby boy camping for the first time!

  • Alex

    My summer bucket list involves a drive across the country! I’m finishing up grad school in Seattle and I’ve gotten a job in New York and I am trying to make a cross-country road trip part of my relocation plan.

  • Amalia

    I have lived in the Bay Area my WHOLE life, and have not yet been to the TI Flea Market??!?! WHaaattt?

  • Sarah

    Go on a family camping trip near Lake Michigan! This will be a first with our little one who was born last fall.

  • gretchen parkison

    This is real talk, but I know you can handle: I have 7 and 4 year-old boys and a surprise girl baby who is 4 months. I’m 39 and my husband is a pilot and gone all the time. My mother just had a heart transplant (doing great!!) and her wife’s mother just died. So, there is just one thing on my summer bucket list, but it’s a doozy — five consecutive hours of sleep.
    love you, Tracy. You are awesome.

  • Ashley

    My summer bucket list includes a camping trip, and (at least one) visit to the coast. Maybe we’ll combine the two for some beach camping!

  • Emily R

    My summer bucket list includes visiting Hawaii for the first time – which I will be able to check off in August! 🙂

  • Megan

    Already looking forward to our annual family vacation in the northwoods of wisconsin.

  • Elizabeth N.

    On my summer to do list would be to spend as much time as I can working on my new backyard garden.

  • Nina

    Great collection of things! The bullet journal might just become my new way of organizing life. Since I’m finishing grad school in a month, and I live in New England, summer doesn’t really start until July. One major item on my summer bucket list is spending several days at the beach reading novels for fun (after two years in grad school I’m so ready for fluff).

  • Molly Grimmius

    Having my second baby at the end of june & trying to survive with two little ones 18 months apart…excited/nervous 🙂

  • Catherine Westby

    I love this list: whether I’m lucky enough to win or not, I always appreciate recommendations for new products. Thanks so much, and have a fabulous week!

  • Bebe

    Moving into our new house at the end of June!! Can’t wait!

  • Karen

    I’m determined to buy a few pots of herbs and/or veggies and actually grow my own, despite my black thumb!

  • meredith m

    More pickling, canning & jamming…oh my!

  • Annie

    I just started my summer bucket list, and one of the things on it is to make homemade ricotta!

  • Kim

    Lots of reading and yoga are on my summer bucket list.

  • Dottie

    This list is utterly genius! I’m going to pick up some of that coconut butter the next time I’m in the city! Such awesomeness! And I arleady am reading An Everlasting Meal thanks for reference on this blog awhile ago. And it is amazing! I’m roasting some beets for tomorrow’s lunch salad along with the chickent that I’m roasting tonight! That one comment alone was brilliant!

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Julie

    Learn to surf!!!!

  • april

    Host a canning day for our friends!

  • Janine

    Start making all of my kids snacks from scratch. The summer should allow me time to do lots of taste testing so when school starts back we are loaded with good choices!

  • Hilary

    On my summer bucket list: geocaching with my kids. I just started and it is fun & free! Cooper would like it, it is like treasure hunting. 😉

  • colleen

    building lots of forts!

  • Lisa

    I want to go blueberry picking!

  • Kim

    I love your favorite things and had to pin the post so I could remember everything and look for some of them. You are on top of many of my obsessiions (keeping good snacks handy, “not a camera bag” camera bag (and in my fav color), great cookbooks and pens! Thanks for sharaing!

  • wishcandy

    I really really really want to to take a westcoast roadtrip this summer. I’ve been living in SoCal for over two years and i haven’t done it yet. Can’t seem to get anyone to go. So i’ll go by myself.

    Either from LA to Vancouver. Or LA to Portland. I wanna meet my online friends irl, see the redwoods, tour the Winchester house, scope out Portland (to move there ehehe).

  • Olivia Cozzetto

    My summer bucket list includes margaritas by the pool and marrying the love of my life in August!Can’t wait!

  • Katie D!

    Hi Tracy!

    Thanks for the chance to win your Oprah inspired Summer giveaway! This season’s bucket list includes swimming, blueberry picking/picking and serious planning to open a pie shop!

    Katie D

  • Erica C. Barnett

    Swimming in the cold waters of Lake Washington here in Seattle.

  • Christina Biggerstaff

    My summer bucket list includes (in no particular order): bloody mary’s, outdoor dining in the city, farmers’ markets, hiking at Starved Rock, sun and hopefully some sand.

  • Karly K

    Finding good biking trails in our area is on my summer bucket list! We moved a year ago & it’s about time!

  • Jomarie Taban

    Awesome stuff! A great pen is important for me too. I’m left handed and I have issues with smudges. Lol. Left handed people problems.

    On my summer bucket list – to go on a fun trip with my family! Hopefully to Florida for Universal Studios. Maybe even Disney World. =)

  • Kali

    Great giveaway! One thing on my summer bucket list is to take my kids to the water park.

  • Laura

    Those are a lot of my favorite things too! On my bucket list for summer : learn to can some of our garden produce — instead of wasting it like last year!

  • Ren

    To figure out which state we’re going to be living in next.

  • Cheryl

    Hiking Half Dome with my kids!

  • Keegan M

    Camping near Lake Michigan! weeeeeeeeee

  • Nicole M

    To successfully grow some veggies in my first attempt at gardening.

  • Chelsea

    The top thing on my summer to-do list is to have my baby!! She’s due the 27th of this month and i plan/hope to be able to deliver without ANY medication. This is my first kid so i’m not sure what to expect but i’m excited all the same!

  • Christina

    One thing I’d like to cross off my bucket list is finally going to visit my friend in Park City, Utah, who is now expecting his first child!

  • Cara Rahm

    Hiking with my husband…and getting through a long book list!

  • Erica Zamora

    Man – this looks like so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing these great products with your readers!

    This summer I’ll tick “week at beach” off my bucket list, as well as “keg party” because my girlfriends feel like throwing a rager! Fun times!


  • Madison

    Spending the whole day gardening!

  • Laura F.

    Sitting around the fire pit drinking mojitos (made with mint from my garden!) and eating grilled pizzas. YUM & FUN!!

  • Stephanie

    While helping a friend clean out her house, I was given a hanging wall shelf that I plan on refurbishing this summer and using in my kitchen.

  • Sarah

    My summer bucket list includes skinny dipping in Lake Washington and finally spending the 4th of July in Seattle.

  • Chrystina

    I would love the chance to win. That camera bag alone would be amazing.

  • gabrielle

    That Barney butter is the BEST! Plus it’s made in a peanut free facility so if you’re kid has an allergy to peanuts its a good alternative (as long as they aren’t allergic to tree nuts of course!).

    On my bucket list for the summer? BUYING A HOUSE!! Woot!

  • Kara

    This is an amazing list Tracy!

    One thing on my bucket list is to to finally use my pizza stone and have a pizza making party with friends! Hopefully I can do it on a “cool” summer day.

  • Amanda Barkey

    All I know is my husband has something secretive planned for our family in August and it might involve visiting another country! Yay!

  • Laura

    Wow! So much amazing stuff! Thanks Tracy!

  • Margaret M

    I have big plans for this summer! In between teaching summer school, my bucket list includes braving Washington DC on the 4th to visit friends and yard sale scavenging for the perfect bookshelf and table. It’s going to be a great summer, I can feel it!

  • Sarah

    Top of my summer bucket list is to buy a grill and finally BBQ in my tiny backyard!

  • Kim

    My summer bucket list includes biking to the beach. We are moving in July so we will actually be close enough to do it!

    I really like the Oprah chai, but I like it better hot. Although when I did try it iced, I only got 1 pump of sweetener…that could have been the issue. I’ll have to try it again 🙂

  • Erin

    Super exciting, Tracy! I’ve had Everlasting Meal in my Amazon cart for more than a minute…maybe I will get it in hopes that I win your favorite things and I can pass one forward.

    Summer bucket list: Starting grad school! So exciting/not-exciting/scary – Hoping you have a fun summer planned!

  • lisa

    A movie with friends in our backyard!

  • Sara S

    One item on my summer bucket list is a vacation – even if it’s a 3-day weekend – I want to take my girls somewhere that we’ve haven’t been yet!

  • Jeanie

    One thing on my Summer Bucket List is to buy popsicle molds and actually utilize them.

  • sara

    Summer Bucketlist = TRAVEL!!! Trips to SF, Paris and Vegas on the horizon!

  • Tida

    So many good things on this list! Something on my summer bucket list is to throw my own BBQ party. I’ve been to plenty but I’ve never thrown one myself!

  • Libby

    oh wow, what an awesome list of favorite things!!! A few of them I have been eyeing for some time and a few I didn’t even know existed but desperately need now??!? haha

    I have an old jewelry armoire from my mother in law that I am planning on updating with a new linen liner and a fresh coat of paint…except I have no idea how to actually do that. Thank goodness for Google and UTube!

  • Sara

    This looks like an amazing giveaway! My bucket list includes relaxing by the pool and hopefully taking a few weekend trips. 🙂

  • Lorna

    Look like some great finds!

  • Cassandra Jones

    We just made our list this morning. My 3 young boys had trouble thinking out of the box. The most exciting thing so far is camping. I can just smell the camp fire smoke:/

  • Eileen

    Oh man, only one thing? 🙂 I’m going to have to pick…having a long, lazy afternoon in the backyard, with a pitcher of sangria, a ridiculously large hat, and a bunch of friends. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • erin

    love love love love. happy june!

  • da123

    Love the list. And thanks for the giveaway!

  • melissa

    summer wishlist includes a destination wedding in vegas…this is the most amazing giveaway!

  • Katie

    A barbecue on the beach!

  • Amberlee

    Umm, wow! I’m going to have my first night away from our baby girl since she was born (1 yr ago)! Sheesh, crazy excited & nervous here.

  • Marcia

    Champgne. In France. all the carbs. t-minus 10 days!

  • Rachel

    I want to go camping with my three year old this summer!

  • Grace

    I have been drooling over those cookbooks in particular! This is awesome– thanks!

    It is definitely on my summer bucket list to make a multi-layer ice cream cake, complete with cookie crumbles and delicious frozen frosting layer.

    Thank you!

  • Kaye L

    Reading in the shade of a big ole tree….while swinging in a hammock!

  • Betsy | JavaCupcake.com

    Something on my summer bucket list…. Relax on the shores of Northern France!!! I can’t wait!

  • Emily

    Moving to the Midwest to start our homestead with our twin babies.

  • Taylor

    I have a pretty long summer bucket list, but my two favorites are to go strawberry picking and to take weekends to travel (whether it be near or far). I already have a trip to see family planned and I’m hoping to cram in a weekend to go to Niagara and then one to go camping.


  • Claire Helene

    When I was a kid, we were usually in a remote part of Wisconsin to see the Perseid meteor shower in August. My #1 bucket list is to go camping during the Perseids this summer. It’s been forever since I’ve seen them, and I don’t have enough stars in my life.

  • Lori H

    My husband and I want to have a Bacon-palooza happy hour!

  • Elise

    Okay! I love the Oprah chai, but I prefer to order “A Tall Dirty Oprah” (Oprah Chai with espresso!). The looks I get at the register at Starbucks are priceless.

    Eat as many mangoes as I can get my hands on while in Hawaii with my family this August!

    Also, wear an enormously floppy hat on the beach 😀

    Hope I win!!

  • Laura

    On the bucket list: BLUEBERRY PICKING!
    This giveaway is awesomeness. I love your blog and make a lot of your recipes. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Hilda

    Taking my daughter on her first plane ride!

  • Monica

    Great list Tracy!! This summer is about finding lakes and swimming in them. As many as possible. 🙂

  • Lauren

    Go camping!

  • Andrea

    Visiting NYC!!

  • Jenna Welch

    Getting outdoors! Last summer I had a newborn and the summer before that I had terrible morning sickness, so I am really looking forward to hiking and swimming!

  • Kristin

    I am planning to head to the BEACH since I haven’t been yet this year. And listen to your podcast on my long drive there…of course. Luv ya Tracy!! 🙂

  • brandi

    one of the top things on my summer bucketlist is to FINALLY refinish our kitchen table. i hate it – it’s time to be sanded and stained and painted how we want it.

  • Kimberly

    I want to sleep through the night. If that is outside in a tent that would be cool too.

  • Jesse

    get my boys to the beach, do some sort of fruit picking (and crisp making!), reading more and less stressing.


  • Michaela

    Buying a house! Probably won’t happen this Summer, but it’s definitely on my Bucket List.

  • mackenzie

    working in my backyard- paver patio and string lights need to happen soon!

  • Kalin

    Get married! (And celebrate our honeymoon in SF/Napa Valley!)

  • Sarah K

    We have a ton of items on our summer bucket list, but the best one is our trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina!

  • Kelsey @ Badger Kitchen

    My summer bucket list includes reading as many “for fun” books as possible! And finding a good work/life balance for my first summer as a working professional. And to make an ice cream cake!

  • Dee

    Summer bucket list? Doing more of what makes me happy, period. Photography, hiking, baking — anything that capitalizes on good feelings and taking my needs/wants into consideration.

  • Jessica

    Learn how to use a pressure canner! And then can some green beans that I’m growing!

  • Nicole Aber

    Thanks so much for this giveaway, Tracy! This summer I really want to go kayaking on New York’s East River. I live in Queens, so it would be exciting to do something outdoorsy yet urban at the same time.

  • Sam Hayworth

    Learn how to paint and watercolor.

  • Annie

    On my summer bucket list is experiencing NYC in the summer! (Which will unfortunately include sweaty subway rides, but sooo many other good things as well)

  • Amy S

    Hey, some of your favorite things are MY favorites, too!!

    I’ve already checked off one item – making my own banana fudgesicles – they were great! Next up, a beach trip!

  • Amy Mc.

    training for a crazy run weekend in the fall!

  • Dandi D

    Finding a new house is on our list for the summer.

  • Sarah

    I want a night out with my girlfriends.

  • Caroline C.

    Summer bucket list item #1: pass the bar exam. Items #2 through 1,000: anything that helps keep me going through the study process!

  • Courtney

    What an amazing and generous giveaway! A few of these are also favorites of mine! All I want to do this summer is enjoy Chicago – we earned a great summer after all that polar-vortexing!

  • Kimberly V.

    Read for pleasure more, take my puppy on adventures, plant an herb garden, and use the 6 week challenge at my gym to get myself where I need to be!

  • Kayla

    Top of the summer bucket list: Focus more on my blog
    Then: Win some cool stuff 😉

  • Betsy

    Summer bucket: Popsicles and as much time at the pool as possible. Also, perfect slushy frozen lemonade drinks in my blender. Yes!

  • Jamie

    Amen for quick-dry nail polish, especially after having a baby!! My summer bucket list includes a trip to Hawaii coming up later this month – Woot!

  • Emily

    What an awesome list and giveaway! My summer bucket list consists of backpacking and camping as much as possible.

  • stephanie b

    visit the west coast!

  • Sharon Porcaro

    I just moved into an 1890s Victorian home smack dab in the middle of our small town. I plan on getting everywhere on foot or by bike and frequenting all of the local businesses.

  • Melissa

    Weekend (or even a night) away with my husband. 3 kids are a lot of work and even a few hours away feels like a vacation!

  • Jasmine

    This summer I’m growing an urban garden! (Yay beets!) I’m so addicted to pretzel crisps too (try them with asiago artichoke dip -heaven!)

  • Sarah

    My summer bucket list includes tuning up my bike and riding it everywhere.

  • Jenny (VintageSugarcube)

    Maybe lose any of the 20 pounds I’ve gained since starting a food blog! OY.

  • Hillary

    Finding more ways to give back. Whether that is by sponsoring a child through Compassion or donating some of my time every week to a local organization I’m not sure… Maybe both!

  • Zoë

    I want to have a party with my backyard brick pizza oven. all the pizza!

  • Lori

    For years….I’ve been dying to go to Tulum, Mexico and this year is the year when I FINALLY get to go, so excited!

  • Sarah

    Hiking in Yosemite.

  • holly

    backyard firepit & backyard farm table are on my list!

  • Lisa Vaughn

    Attending at least one outdoor concert at our local coffee shop!

  • Emily L

    Hmm…I have lots on my summer bucket list. Number one is to go hiking at Indiana Sand Dunes!

  • Athena R

    Taking my baby boy to the beach for the first time is definitely on my Summer Bucket List.

  • Tami (Teacher Goes Back to School)

    I am planning to make some new vegan recipes and that Oh She Glows cookbook would help get it done.

  • Alissa

    Summer bucket list is full of yard work! We’re hoping to revamp our front yard and show it a lot of love!

  • Christi

    Summer bucket list – To do more experimental photography. Also to start using my photojojo lenses more on my iphone.

  • RRae

    Read on the porch!

  • Ash

    One thing on my summer bucket list is to learn a bit of Itaian. I’ve downloaded the app “Duolingo” (for FREE) and started yesterday. 🙂

  • MaryB

    Our summer bucket list includes a trip to Disneyland!

  • Allison

    Spending as much time outside as I can – this winter was brutal!

  • Rachel

    My summer bucket list starts with ridding excess clothes out of my second bedroom and turning it into a wardrobe, taking a week off to celebrate my 30th bday and reading books again instead of required reading for work or class. Would sure like to win this awesome grouping!

  • Tonya

    Have a grown folks party!

  • Erica

    Run a half marathon!

  • Sarah

    I think the only thing I have on my bucket list is to calm down, destress and learn how to cope with new challenges. I don’t know if that qualifies as a ‘bucket’ item but that’s what I have!

  • renee

    my bucket list:
    perfect my spicy salsa recipe

    thank you!

  • Bonnie Sanders

    I need to learn how to poach an egg. I know I guess it’s not a very lofty goal but it is something I want to do. Thanks for you, your website and the chance to win, all AWESOME!

  • DAB

    We want to finish painting the house and also spend time at the beach.

  • Autumn

    I want to finally try paddleboarding!!!

  • Peggy E

    We are doing several home improvement projects!!

  • megan

    my summer bucket list? simple, delicious and totally attainable. by summer’s end, i will have made pizza on my new grill. several times, i’m hoping.

  • Maddie (Hungry Curious)

    I want to go berry picking at every opportunity! We’re on the same wavelength with all of these products; love them all!

  • Jessie

    To, finally, get my etsy store set up…and to make a funfetti icebox cake!

  • Lisa

    I’d like to take my four-year-old son on his first ever summer vacation.

  • Kyra

    Thanks Tracy. So happy to have found your blog through Joy’s blog 🙂 I look forward to both of your blog posts in my email every few days.

    Bucket list item for the summer: go to see the Blue Jays play in a US city. I live in Toronto!

    Other list items: create garden space in our new backyard, read lots, finish renos in our house, and make jam for the first time.

  • Nickey

    Make a whole meal from the Ad Hoc at Home cookbook. The fried chicken is crazy good!

  • Candace

    AHHH so many things I love on this list! Bucket list? My birthday is in July and I plan on getting a canning set (either by gift or by myself :)). So I would like to can for the first time ever!

  • whitney

    One thing…I am going to make Mango Lassi popsicles.

  • Cathryn

    I want to try kayaking at the beach!

  • Libby

    Wedge sandals by Seychelles. Super comfortable and such fun, bright colors!

  • Shawna Greenway

    I want to take the kids to Great America and go on a roller coaster. I am DEATHLY afraid of roller coasters but I’m trying to teach the kids to not be afraid of things so I thought I should put my money where my mouth is. What a weird saying!

  • JamieK

    Get my watermelons planted and a pack trip in Montana. Wow, this is a really nice give-away. Thanks for opportunity!

  • flwrPwr Chick

    Complete my 7th rock and Roll Road trip seeing my favorite band, Counting Crows. I have wanted to see them at the Greek Theatre in La for many years! This is the year! Another Rock and roll dream venue will checked off the list!

  • elyse

    over the summer i will be visiting my final 2 states in my quest to see all 50

  • Emily

    Survive a long weekend of camping in the Olympic National Park!

  • Jenny

    I want to start running again!

  • Morgan

    I have had a mountain bike for going on 3 years now, and I haven’t taken it to any fun biking routes or trails yet. This summer, I’m setting my mind to slapping my bike on my vehicle’s bike rack, and taking a trip with it to a new area for some real adventurous riding time! 🙂

  • Darlene

    I want to go jump in a swimming hole! I’ve got my eye on one in a tiny town an hour from our house. I want to surprise my boyfriend and pack a picnic and head there spontaneously!

  • Yoshie

    Items on my bucket list: strawberry picking, sewing projects, visiting farmer’s markets, buying flea market furniture, spending more time with friends & family!

  • Leah S.

    I really want to go backpacking! It has been on my to-do list for so long, I just need to carve out some time and do it!

  • Jennay

    The number one thing on my summer bucket list is to get started on my DIY list. I’ve got a massive DIY board on Pinterest that I want to get started on!

  • Nina :)

    I’d love to become an indie polish maker!

  • Julia

    Road trip to Vancouver!

  • Kristina

    First on my Summer Bucket List is making it through Whole30 this month! And to reward myself for that, I’m planning to go to Scotland at the end of the summer {with all the money I save not buying sugar ;)}

  • Jade Sheldon-Burnsed

    My husband and I are dying to go to the beach!

  • Erin

    Travel with the family to a ranch in Wyoming!

  • Whitney W

    All I have on my list is have my baby girl in mid-June and then survive the summer with a newborn!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway!

  • Sheri

    My goal is to work with yeast! I have always been scared of trying to work with yeast and that’s what I’m shooting for this summer – perfecting bread, pizza dough, stromboli, etc. LOVE this Giveway, thanks for the chance to win something!

  • Kendall

    My husband and I have he dream of vacationing in Duluth MN this summer. They have several restaurants that locally source ingredients, breweries, a new distillery that makes a cedar gin (!) and lots of outdoorsy activities. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle

    I HATE running – so running a half marathon is on this summer’s bucket list – obviously.

  • Rosemarie

    By summers end I want to explore the possibility of starting my own blog!

  • Abby Aberle

    This looks AWSOOOOOOOME! *Oprah voice* on my bucket list for this summer is visiting the San Juan islands with my husband for our 5th anniversary. So excited!

  • Trysha Carrasco

    Getting our concrete slab/porch poured. Does that make me boring? I just want to enjoy margaritas outside. And eat a tub of Claire Robinson’s baked beans. Beans, bacon, brown sugar and bourbon. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

  • Emily

    I’d like to take our new baby camping!

  • Katie Yianitsas

    Get ready for our trip to Disney World!!

  • Christina

    This summer I’m getting my Mama married, working on a FABULOUS internship, and I’m dying to see Scotland! Super pumped about some lip balm and almond + coconut bars!!! Merci beaucoup, Shutterbean!

  • Cegs

    To be happy and excited (instead of terrified) that I don’t have school to go back to after summer is over for the first time in 16 years.

  • brittany johnstone

    My summer bucket list is to ride my bike at least four days a week!! get out and enjoy the sun!

  • jerri

    To learn how to cook healthy and make lots of recipes from your blog! 🙂

  • Katherine

    Get started on many jewelry projects for my Etsy store that’s been sitting empty for quite a few years. Yes, years! I will make the time in July.

  • Emma

    An epic rooftop cocktail party with a big punch bowl, different finger food, great music, lots of friends, and a sunset (hopefully!). Following shortly after on the bucket list: a full day at the beach in the hot sun. 🙂 Happy summer/winter in SF!

  • Katie

    Taking my toddler to the lake is on my summer bucket list for sure!

  • Jennie

    My summer bucket list is to make it thru my divorce and rebuild my life on my own terms. Sorry it’s a downer but really….it will better. I just have to keep telling myself that.

  • Michaela L.

    Going to a drive-in movie is on my summer bucket list!

  • Beth R.

    Oh man…my bucket list has everything from surviving my first half-Ironman, tackling my ever-growing list of crafts to learning to run barefoot.

  • Jenny K

    Summer Bucket List…
    For family…at least one fun big adventure a week = beach trips, factory tours, camping, etc. Also to just live intentionally while my kids are home for the summer and be in the moment. They are 3 & 5 and this time is so special!
    & my personal list…to finally sew a dress for myself using the 100 acts of sewing pattern.

  • Joslyn

    Start making my own shrubs for summer cocktails and “sodas.” I’ve been thinking of starting with a honey rhubarb ginger shrub… with soda water and whiskey.

  • Beverly

    My summer bucket list includes watching less tv and reading more!

  • veronica torres

    make a trip to san diego and spend a day on the beach and visit the zoo or sea world

  • Melissa

    Have a fabulous stress free graduation party for my daughter!

  • Scottie

    Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  • Cynthia

    Too many to name! But the top on my list is to go rafting! I think it’s a perfect way to cool off in the summer.

  • Purnima

    Getting our garage organized and cleaned up! It’s getting a bit hard to navigate.

  • Vanessa

    Tracy, I love your style! Also, I love your eating style too! I made your version of your mom’s lemon chicken yesterday and it was UH-Mazing!! Thanks for all that you share!

    Top 3 summer bucket list items:
    1) find THE engagement ring (we just started looking Memorial Day weekend)
    2) finish the zombie run 5k training app
    3) build the cabinet we bought and reorganize our dishes/barware to free up space in the kitchen cabinets!

    I hope to see more of your summer bucket list items on a future post! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  • Katie Rice

    Taking a random day off of working and doing whatever my daughter wants to do that day.

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I’d like to buy THE perfect little black dress. It’s gonna happen!!!!

  • Susi

    The trouble with reaching a “certain age” is that one’s Summer Bucket List spills over into fall and winter. My top three: Find a FABULOUS web developer and launch a new web site; See my daughter finish her PhD; Get my house edited.

  • Ally

    Hoping to rent a canoe and go for a nice boat ride!

  • Athena

    Take my son to Montana to see his grandma and grandpa! 🙂

  • Lindsay

    reteach myself spanish and learn how to make the perfectly fresh margarita

  • Janet Prentice

    Spending time sitting on the beach in the Outer Banks, NC with my kids running amok while I sip sweet tea with my dad who kicked cancer’s butt this past year.

  • Hannah

    Spontaneous weekend trips and spending more time outdoors…exercising, entertaining, and playing!

  • Amanda S

    Get Organized, my Fiance returns home from Deployment so I want to have everything in order. So we can go on a beach vacation with no worries and enjoy the time we have together.

  • Maggie D

    I want to bake SO MANY pies this summer!!!

    I also want to find a way to spend the 4th of July near a lake, eating hot dogs and drinking beers and watching amateur fireworks late into the night.

  • Michelle N.

    Eat another lobster roll, and land that new job!

  • Sarah

    We have some natural swimming holes within a few hours drive . . . supposedly beautiful, pure, and with incredible rock formations. I want to load my kids up and go check those out.

  • Susan

    The only real thing on my bucket list for this summer: Clean out my kids rooms and redo them into guest rooms now that they both have moved out. I could use a week off from taking care of my dad in order to do this though. Hoping my sisters will step up and offer!

  • Kristin

    Make homemade marshmallows for a backyard camp out / s’more feast! Yum and fun!!

  • Shana

    Go to Duxbury beach for the day and stop on the way home at Island Creek Oyster Farm to shuck your own oysters

  • Anne Weber-Falk

    I want to visit all of our major museums and a couple of our smaller ones this summer. We live an hour from Chicago and there are so many places to see for our summer stay cation this year.

  • Stephanie G

    Get outside more and try to read more. Thanks for the incredible giveaway!

  • Rachel

    I’d love to take a trip to NYC to see my friends. Also I’d love to get a job – I just graduated, eek!)

  • Kristen

    I want to make lots of boozy popsicles! I can’t wait to try your pimms cup pops.

  • Tracey

    To read 75 new children’s or young adult books before going back to school in Sept (I’m a reading teacher!) I want some new, exciting books to recommend to my students!

  • Kimberly Morris

    Going home to Seattle to visit family & friends!

  • Mae

    Stargazing & lots of watermelon!!!

  • Jen Merschel

    Running over Imogene Pass from Ouray to Telluride with minimal damage and a smile on my face.

  • Cara James

    Swim in the ocean!!

  • Jen P

    Summer bucket list includes playing in my first roller derby bout and canning lots of my gardens harvest.

  • Sarah

    My summer bucket list includes a trip to Vancouver!

  • Rachel K.

    Taking a random day off of work and having a “me” day!

  • Emily @ Relishments

    On my summer reading list: make ice cream…a lot!

  • Diane M Gooding

    I lost my youngest brother 3 years ago this June. On my bucket list is to start a support group for adult siblings that lost adult siblings.
    It is my way of honoring him and helping others.

  • Bethany

    Summer bucket list consists of going to the pool with my daughters and finally getting to my reading list!

  • Erin

    One thing I’m crossing off my bucket list this summer: Going to Vegas!

  • Amineh

    Summer bucket list #1: my bachelorette party! House on the coast with a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, and a half a dozen sun chairs. Heaven.

  • Brittney

    My bucket list consists of camping, swimming as much as possible, and making lots and lots of good memories!

  • Laura

    visit Lake Tahoe

  • Dawn

    I want to spend more time this summer biking, hiking and just enjoying the outside as our Wisconsin Winter was horrible!

  • Janine Bandick

    My list has a lot of dreams on it but one I’m determined to do is more walks on the beach:)

  • Lisa

    I want get to Cedar Point for the first time this summer!

  • Kristine

    Summer Bucket List = Making every kind of summer fruit pie as said fruit comes into season: Rhubarb, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Peach!

  • Cara

    Going boating and fishing with the fam

  • Jamie P

    My summer bucket lists are exercise more & eat better, and study hard.

  • Becky Heath

    Planning on knitting a beret and wearing it for Bastille day!

  • Meredith Rainey

    On my summer bucket list: road trip to Maine and Vermont! I’ve always wanted to see Maine–I’m a sucker for little coastal towns–and now that my husband and I live in Western NY we’re gonna go!

  • tenaya

    Just bought my first house complete with a gorgeous garden bed. My goal this summer is to start an organic garden full of fruits and veggies.

  • Desiree

    My summer bucket list includes learning to recover my couch ( on rainy days ). Having 2 boys has definitely worn our poor couch out .

  • Goldie

    Love your blog!!!! Makes me miss home every time I read it!!
    On my summer bucket list this year is teaching my daughter to swim!!

  • Lana O

    Make a meal with ingredients grown in our first attempt at a vegetable garden! And hike in the Rockies 🙂

  • Ashley

    One thing on my summer bucket list is to go to Palm Springs to celebrate our one year anniversary of being married. I was recovering from surgery on our actual anniversary so we’re celebrating it a few months late.

  • Abbey

    Getting my 20 month old daughter not to hate water! Her strawberry swimsuit is too cute to go to waste..

  • Jamie Harrison

    Master baking bread. My children have taught me patience..er..I’ve gained a lot of patience from them needed for good bread.

  • Ella

    I want to try making a raw vegan “cheesecake”!

  • Denise F

    Getting my tan on and meeting as many new friends as possible!

  • Erica

    I want to accomplish my running goals — Detroit Half, here I come!

  • Melissa S.

    Red Sox games!

  • Frances

    Bake real, NY-style black and white cookies!

  • Janet T.

    Our 7 and 8 year old nieces are coming for a week this summer sans parents. We can’t wait!

  • Rachel

    Eat at least 5 different flavors of ice cream!

  • Nina Khosla

    This summer I want to play a few solo shows with my new looper pedal.

  • Nicole

    Hit the beach with the kids as much as possible and build sandcastles….. Can’t wait to check out the Oh She Glows cookbook! 🙂

  • Lucia Haskins

    As many staycations as can be crammed into three months!

  • Amy Scoville

    My summer bucket list includes camping with friends! Last year we only went one time and that is just not enough!

  • Molly R.

    One item on my summer bucket list is to buy some orangey coral matte lipstick and wear it while making a sour cherry pie with a double crust!

  • Sarah B


  • Suzan Gampper

    Take yoga pic on top of a mountain in CO this summer!

  • Jen P

    I aim to make more time for reading! Especially outside on the deck.

  • Rebecca

    Take my kids who are 7 and 9 to California for a vacation this summer. We live in Connecticut and both of my kids have been asking to go to California for years. I think they are finally old enough!

  • Eliza

    go to the beach as much as possible! 🙂

  • LaTasha

    I’ve been working two jobs since November. This summer my bucket list consists of slowing down to savor the un-busyness. How do I plan to do that you ask?!
    1. spending more time (at least once a week) in my hammock
    2. Taking more pictures
    3. Outdoor movie/potluck with friends in my backyard!!!

  • Nancy

    After an injury last year and sooo much physical therapy my summer bucket list is all about just getting outside. Walks, hiking – outdoor anything hit me up! Spent last year cooped up and now I just want to get outside!

  • Alyssa

    Just a ton of BBQ get togethers with friends 🙂

  • Kristen

    Spend time with my toes in the white Caribbean sand and soles in the Colorado mountain dirt. I didn’t take nearly enough vacation time last year. Determined to make up for it!

  • Erin

    Turn 40 and live for all the little things.

  • Laura

    It’s on my summer bucket list to spend the ENTIRE day at a beach! This giveaway is AMAZING. But not as amazing as you, Shuts. 🙂

  • Julie

    I’m hoping to make/can a new jam each month of the summer, using whatever is in season… Today I made a strawberry syrah jam! I shall also attempt pickling (again) as last summer was a total flop. Soggy pickles? NOOOO thanks. 🙂

  • Katheryn

    Make lots of pies, read the Harry Potter books with my two oldest, stay in half-marathon shape, and enjoy the sun every day!

  • Amanda Heckert

    Work less to make time for beach BBQ’s and kayaking!

  • Amy S.

    My bucket list is to get out and enjoy our backyard this summer.

  • Rosie

    I’m excited to help plan my son’s wedding; get inspiration from you in planning a dinner party for my new family; exercise and eat healthy so I can fit into the mother of the groom gown of my dreams!

  • April Hamelink

    I am writing a book this summer. I just finished Grad school, and have always wanted to do this. Its the big number 1 on my bucket list. #2 is a trip to Ireland.

  • Christine

    Dine al fresco as much as possible! Eating outside is so peaceful. It makes the whirlwind of life stop for a little…

  • Judy G

    Make more time for fun and family

  • Haleigh Johnson

    I love getting meal ideas from your blog! Thanks for sharing your brilliant recipes

  • Rachel

    On my summer bucket list is actually taking a full two weeks of vacation. I’ve gotten so used to long weekends and realized I need more time with my family to decompress and explore the world!

  • Laura

    Road trip to what I consider the happiest place on Earth, the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Store.

  • Rebecca

    My summer bucket list this year is not too long but on the top is camping. It has been a few years since we went and my kids are older now and im sure they will love it.

  • Lauren

    My bucket list includes lots of food related outings and new recipes but what I’m most excited about is playing tennis again. I’ve been out of the game for a while and can’t wait to get back into it!

  • Myriam

    I would love to take a trip to New Orleans this summer!

  • Sheena

    write something everyday, whether it is good, bad or indifferent, just get back to writing(and to silence the inner critic…just get the thoughts down. who knows what will emerge?

  • Riann

    I have lived in St. Louis my whole life and haven’t ever gone up in the Arch. That is the biggest item on my list this summer.

  • Lisa

    Old navy rash guards! they are so inexpensive and cute. They have them for women and kids. The boys have all kinds of cute designs. They are perfect for one summer worth of wear. I don’t want to spend $40 for a rash guard that my toddler will only fit into for a couple months.

  • Cari

    So….this summer I’m going to get married AND have a baby. Yep, it’s going to be an exciting summer!!

  • Allison

    We really want to go to Maine to see the Puffins!

  • gina

    the number one thing on my summer bucket list right now is to sew a copycat hedley and bennett apron !

  • Kelley Green

    This summer
    1. I will survive my in-laws’ visit
    2. I will survive my parents’ visit as well
    3. I will play with a puppy
    4. eat a tomato, fresh off the vine, in the garden
    5. give bunches of sweetpeas to people I don’t know
    6. visit Mt. Hood
    7. spin enough yarn to make pressies for the holidays
    8. make fresh salsa from our home-grown produce
    9. take my sister for a pedi
    10. take my kids somewhere completely new


  • Katie Contests

    I want to see a Broadway show this Summer!

  • Courtney p

    I have 2 complete opposites- take a day to slow down and just spend the day with my husband and daughter, no plans, no chores, no errands, just be together and to run a 5k… I’ve been working towards it for 2 months now.

  • Maressa

    Spend lots of time swimming!

  • Mariah

    Visit my sister in New York for her birthday and make it the best ever!

  • Holly

    Summer bucket list: keeping up with the garden and being fine with having not productive days.

  • Erin

    A trip back home and to my family cabin! Last year was the first year I didn’t make it back and I’m determined to not let that happen this year!

  • Mary

    This is probably my last summer in Oregon, so my summer bucket list involves all sorts of northwest-y things! Climbing Mt St Helens, river tubing, camping near Mt Adams, berry picking, and visiting Crater Lake. It’s going to be a great summer!!

  • sally

    I want to get a grip on the Bullet Journal and use it.

  • Lexie

    This is my probably my last summer in Jerusalem after FIVE YEARS of running coexistence summer camp because I’m going to grad school in the fall! My bucket list includes getting majorly silly with my awesome kiddos, eating tons of popsicles and drinking iced coffee like it’s my job (it kind of is), hanging out at my favorite cafes, and giving big hugs to all my wonderful friends and family there.

  • Ashley Outland

    I’m in a radiology technology program, so my bucket list for the summer is just to make straight A’s hehe!

  • Tasha

    After 37 years I’m dying to try zip lining!

  • gretchen

    hi tracy! summer bucket list: get my health on track. i need to have 4 different medical appointments- 1 down, 3 to go so far. trying to take more responsibility for my health and fitness. trying to walk the walk. it’s long overdue.

  • Tali

    Heya Tracy! Thank you for all your sweet posts..
    This Summer I hope I’ll get the chance to go on as many vacations as I can and just have tons of fun with my husband..

  • Kacey

    A summer bucket list is not complete without some sort of epic picnic. This summer my friends and I are planning a gourmet night under the stars, where we each make our “signature dish” a la Food Network Star or Master Chef. I can’t wait!

  • Carrie

    I must make it to the beach this summer! 🙂

  • Marie

    My summer bucket list is full of outdoor movies! They put a big screen on the green on the National Mall in DC (plus other parks) where you can bring a blanket and enjoy a film with friends and family 🙂 I can’t wait!!!

  • Caitlin

    i am looking forward to river-tubing down the Shenandoah River with my family this summer. Lots of fun!

  • danielle

    Looking forward to a warm summer after such a rough winter.

  • Stephanie

    I want to throw a BBQ and margarita party for my friends before it gets too hot to be outside in Texas!

  • Laurie

    A trip to bourbon country to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary.

  • Sara Brouwer

    This summer I am going to run my first 5k! I have been terrified of running since I had knee surgery 5 years ago and I feel like it’s about darn time I defeated my fear.

  • Laura

    This summer I want to ski in the mountains of New Zealand! A big adventure for a non risk-taker like me 🙂

  • Manasi

    My summer bucket list involves getting settled in NYC!! Moving there this very week!

  • Niki T.

    Going to Disneyland with my nephew is on my summer bucket list! He’s been before but it will be my first time! lol. Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway!!


  • christina

    my summer bucket list is to try 15 new recipes!

  • liz | carpé season

    We’re going to take my 2-year-old and 4-month old camping and possibly keep an entire campground awake all night. Can’t wait 🙂

  • Robin O.

    Going to Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, and Seville Spain and then over to Morocco for 3 days before heading home. Also very important on my bucket list this summer is finishing taking down all the ugly wallpaper in my kitchen and breakfast room that I started two years ago! Yikes!

  • Sue

    Summer bucket list: Go on one weekend trip. No plans yet, I need to work on that.

  • Anne

    Try not to melt in the humidity…and finally perfect my cold-brew coffee ratio…

  • Becca

    going tubing down the river in md!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    I am going to go strawberry and blueberry picking.

  • Sophia @ NY Foodgasm

    On my summer bucket list for this year is a trip out to the Hamptons and the East End to try new craft beer and food trends!

  • Nancy

    I just checked something off my bucket list by starting horseback riding lessons. My wish for this summer is to develop some strong leg muscles!

  • jenn geibel

    WOW! On this summer’s bucket list is a very short family vacation…we haven’t had one in 3 years (our daughter is 3 & refuses to sleep anywhere but her bed….like seriously WILL. NOT. SLEEP.) All I’m asking for is 1-2 nights….that’s not much, right?!

  • Jen

    I’ve got to bring out the ice cream maker this summer — it’s been away too long!

  • Juliet

    Every year my boyfriend and I say we are going to plan a trip to San Fran. Hoping this summer we actually do it and cross it off the bucket list!

  • Ace @ the toasted sprinkle

    To bike some rails to trails finally! I hope we actually do it.

  • Amanda

    Summer to do list – reading lots of easy, can’t put ’em down books. Oh and learning some good recipes for strawberry and/or watermelon soda waters. Something easy, refreshing and non-alcoholic (just so I can kinda sorta try to not over pinot grigio it every.single.night).

  • susan

    visit my bff in san fran sans kid!

  • Robin

    I plan on making strawberry/basil and strawberry/jalapeno jam.

  • E

    This might be totally lame BUUUTTTT the top of my summer bucket list includes getting settled into the new apartment my boyfriend and I just scored so that we can host a great barbecue with friends.

    Side note: will totally be rereading all your organization posts to help get ready.

    Happy Monday!

  • Corrie

    go on as many backpacking trips as possible, make my own kombucha, and get into a routine of summery lunch salads

  • Heather Elam

    Reading a few books and maybe some kayaking…

  • Akiko Giometti

    So many buckets to list!
    1) learn how to bbq
    2) learn how to really swim
    3) go one day without sugar
    4) learn how to make origami paper crane
    5) learn how to braid fishtail

  • The Lisa Matie

    I’m going to take a hot air balloon ride with my best friend. 🙂

  • Rachel

    Visit London! Thanks for thinking of us readers 🙂

  • Danielle

    I have some new (to me) Alaska hikes that are definitely on my summer bucket list!

  • melissa k

    This is most likely my last summer in Southern CA, so I’m hoping to make it to the beach at least a few times!

  • Carrie

    Make it to the pool!

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    Hmmmm. To buy my whole Stitch Fix box
    To go to Mexico and be proud to wear a bikini and to attempt
    To drink more tea.

  • Andrea

    Amazing giveaway! Summer bucket list includes lots of trips to the beach and a getaway to Bend, OR 🙂

  • robyn

    What a fabulous giveaway!! My summer bucket list includes bicycling with my one-year old.

  • Angela

    My birthday is in the summer so one of mine bucket list items is to have a fancy birthday picnic.
    Also, biking to a winery nearby and doing a tour.

  • SueAnn

    Lots of hiking, ocean kayaking, and making batch after batch of your coconut maple granola. Obsessed!

  • Jessica

    Run a half marathon!

  • Adele S

    One item on my summer bucket list is to get my pottery studio/patio going! I’ve been practicing my wheel throwing skills and can’t wait to make enough to fire a batch 🙂

  • juliet

    I make a huge summer bucket list every year, this year my number one pick is to go to the Shenandoah valley.

  • Brenna

    Summer bucket list item: summit two state high points and then eat HUGE ice cream cones!

  • Jenny B

    On my bucket list this summer – successfully grow vegetables in my own garden. My black thumb always squashes this goal, but I am hoping my thumbs will be a little greener this year.

  • Rita D.

    Friday is my birthday so this would be amazing to win! On my summer bucket list is lots of hikes and exploring with my family!

  • Kristin

    On my bucket list is to go pick blueberries, strawberries and apples with my 3 year old this summer.

  • Laura

    Setting off lots & lots of fireworks on the 4th of July!

  • Cathy Wilson

    One thing on my bucket list is to go on a road trip and take plenty of pics along the way..

  • Danielle

    I want to introduce my 9 month old son to the ocean.

  • EmilyK

    A picnic is on the top of my must-do list!

  • Arlene F.

    To stay as cool as possible!

  • Emily

    Experiencing some of my favorite things in Portland with my 2 month old son. Smelling flowers at the Rose Test Garden. Going for a walk through Forest Park. Having brunch at Mother’s Bistro. Hitting up Cartlandia. Drinking a cappuccino at Barista. The list is endless!

  • Maggie Hanson

    I just listened to the Blast My Abs! podcast today while I was driving for work! Rose is on my summer bucket list – it’s pretty and pink and refreshing and I want more people to drink it! To be clear, I’m talking wine. I don’t know how to get the accent over the e. I’m a wine rep so I actually do have a chance of making more people drink it 🙂 If you want to try a good one Crios Rose of Malbec or Toad Hollow Rose of Pinot are great!

  • Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

    I inhale pretzel crisps, and I want that bag! Summer bucket list…try to enjoy the moments a little. I’m going to *try* to not photograph everything, and live in the moment. At least one, ha.

  • Deb

    Before this summer is over I intend to jump off an old pontoon anchored in the middle of a Minnesota lake and swim on my back under a ferocious sun.

  • melanie

    my summer bucket list includes taking day trips out of the city to be in nature a bit!

  • Elizabeth HW

    Kayak crabbing in the San Juan Islands! And pick as many pounds of blueberries as I possibly can.

  • katie

    A Beach day trip!

  • Kaichee

    Summer bucket list: Gay bingo!

  • Corisa Jubinsky

    make it back to Las Vegas!

  • Ashley Schaap

    On my bucket list: Start an herb container garden on my deck!

  • Darl Blankinshjp

    I want to learn how to paddle board this summer. In addition, I want pickle and preserve everything from green beans to rhubarb. I really enjoy your blog.

  • Marla Solano

    Have a Garage Sale!!!!!4

  • Sophia

    This summer I’m braving my first ever flight alone to LA!!

  • Elin

    On my ever growing bucket list for this summer, I’m hoping to make it up to Hoboken and visit Carlo’s Bakery!

  • Amy D

    Trip to Colombia!

  • Kristen

    Lug a grill to Prospect Park and get some BBQ on!

  • Kristina

    I really want to get my driver’s license this summer:)

  • Maggie

    Summer bucket list: go to Lake Tahoe for the first time!

  • Erin

    My husband and I are moving in July. So, an item on my summer bucket list is to finally build our dream home (one room at a time of course). I am starting with the kitchen/dining area!

  • Emmy

    Traveling to the Pacific Northwest is on my bucket list, and this summer I hope to travel to Seattle with my family. I also have a nice, long book list!

  • Carrie

    Summer Bucket List: make soft pretzels and dip them into the hot & sweet mustard I just got from Trader Joe’s for the first time (that sounds like a ridiculous thing to have on a bucket list, but I’ve been dreaming about this for days. Which is kind of pathetic!) 🙂

  • Elizabeth Zeeck

    Reading books by Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling (and watching some old school Law and Order) before the birth of our first child.

  • SmilynStef

    heading to St. Louis for a fun sisters weekend

  • Sarah S

    Summer bucket list involves going somewhere far far away from all signs of civilization, preferably with a waterfall.

  • Michelle

    A root beer float is on my summer bucket list!

  • Sara C.

    The big thing on my summer bucket list is making ice cream for the first time. It feels super intimidating, but also like it would be awesome.

  • Lauren G.

    I would like to go on vacation with my husband this summer. Would be so nice and relaxing and a much needed break.

  • Shelby Warwood

    Travel to the gorgeous Oregon coast in August with my husband.

  • Connie

    Lake Tahoe! Also, buying a hammock and utilizing it on the regular.

  • Joan

    Sitting outside in the evenings.

  • Jess S

    Lots of reading, camping and time at the lake for my summer bucket list!

  • liz

    Oddly enough, to MAKE HOMEMADE CINNAMON ROLLS (yes, it’s 100+ in the southwest. but air conditioning, amiright?) And leftovers mashed into vanilla ice cream?? Oh yeah.

  • Natali

    This summer, my number 1 item on my Bucketlist is to FINALLY beat cancer. 🙂

  • Kirsten W.

    Looking forward to creating a summer bucket list with my kids this week – but we’re all looking forward to a trip to San Diego in August! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Aubrey

    Beach bonfire!

  • Sydney

    I still haven’t made boozy popsicles! I bought a cute mold from IKEA two summers ago and have yet to use it, but that’s all going to change this summer ; )

  • amanda

    Ride my bike down the Oregon Coast. And win a blog giveaway.

  • Annie

    I am going to bake. I am baking cakes, and muffins. I am going to make several of them from recipes I have been looking at for a very long time!

  • Megs

    I have such a long bucket list for this summer I want to camp more, Read in my hammock everyday, and I want to do a bike tour of all the local breweries in Boulder. But number one on my list is to swim in the ocean this summer, I live In land locked state so it’s not as simple of a task as some. But I will do it!

  • Jess

    It’s on my summer bucket list to tour the Denver Broncos stadium. I love my Broncos and when I got the opportunity to tour the Dallas Cowboys stadium in March, I decided to make it my bucket list item to tour all of the stadiums! Two down so far, Sports Authority Field here we come!

  • Jacqueline

    Travel to Peru and hike the inca trail…I’ve been dying to do this for years and just made he plunge this summer and will be crossing this off my list in July!

  • AnnaRobyn

    I’d like to practice more food photography and put into practice what I learned from you and Joy when you taught in Berkeley. Great memories spending time with you both.

  • Sarah H.P.

    My hubby and I wanna can as much summer produce as we can and have a few weekend getaways together!

  • Jill

    A baseball game is on my Summer Bucket List! I want the whole deal: hotdogs in the stands, gloves for a fly ball, and post-game fireworks!!

  • Jane

    I wanna go skydiving or ziplining!

  • Elyse

    Getting ice cream from the ice cream truck! It’s the small things that make summer so special.

  • Lindsey

    Best thing about living in the Midwest: going to the rodeo!

  • Luna B

    One last girls weekend before I move out of state.

  • Krisla

    Go on an overnight hiking trip!

  • Catherine

    Homemade ice cream/popsicles!

  • Kate

    Brewery tour in Michigan!

  • Arica

    I want to go swim in Hamilton pool!

  • Katie

    Take my kids to the beach a lot. It’s not far, but always a struggle to get there for some reason.

  • Beth W

    Getting up to the San Juan Islands for a romantic overnight trip with my boyfriend! (which would be the first we’ve had in 2 years)

  • Heather B

    To actually go to a pool, beach, or body of water and wear I bathing suit. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in over 2 yrs. Or…make ice cream. 😉

  • Miranda P

    I want to get into even better shape. Also I could really use a tan.

  • kelly

    Cool stuff, Tracy! I’m going to try Paddelboarding this summer:)

  • Kate

    To visit Prince Edward Island! It’s been on my life bucket list forever, owing to my love of Anne of Green Gables, and , over the past few years, I’ve been exploring all across Canada, so I really want to see this lovely province! 🙂

  • Nikki

    I want to spend an entire weekend making lemony homemade treats: limoncello, lemon risotto, lemon Parmesan pasta, and lemon bars! Can you guess what my favorite fruit is?

  • Kate

    Camping! Haven’t been in years and even though, by the time the weekend is over, you’re stinky and desperately want a shower, there’s something about spending all that time outside that’s like fancy lipbalm for your soul (see what I did there?).

  • Megan Maria

    I want to go camping on a river at least once this summer!

  • Melissa

    Finish painting our upstairs…ahhhh! And I’m sorry to just now comment, I read you all the time
    And I’m sure it’s so annoying when people only comment when there’s a giveaway 🙁 I vow to do better 🙂

  • Leeah

    Float in inner tubes down a river. And learn to make lemon curd!

  • Calli

    taking barre classes and improving in beach volleyball!

  • Eunice

    Go to Hawaii!!!

  • j

    REALLY connect with family and friends!

  • Nicole B.

    I want to buy a beach cruiser this summer, with whitewall tires and basket and a bell. I need to make this happen!

  • Colleen

    to go swimming more often! maybe even every day of the summer!

  • D

    Take a yoga in the park class with my love.

  • Libby

    Take my kids to a baseball game! 🙂

  • Jennifer Walsh

    I love going camping and cooking out so top of my bucket list for the summer is going camping! Thanks for sharing your favorite things with us!

  • Lauren

    Make Joy the Baker’s boozy jell-o shots!

  • Lisa B.

    Take a trip to Maui! Such a lovely giveaway and so many of your favorite things are fabulous!

  • Dahlia

    Tracy, I share in your drugstore make-up obsession. I straight-up bought my sisters holiday gift at CVS last year.

  • Eliza Larson

    Road trip to Denver!!! BTW, my son, too, totally bit into my EOS lip balm (sweet mint, also my fave). Little booger.

  • Renée R

    Buying a kitten and learning how to make homemade ice cream.

  • Haley

    SBL: Wear bright coral or pink lipstick…in public, obviously.

  • Kirsten Holen

    Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

  • Amanda

    Just learned to make homemade marshmallows, next up on my list is to learn how to make no-churn ice cream (since I don’t have an ice cream maker).

  • Lauren

    Get a library card and try new recipes!

  • Caitlyn

    I want to take my brother’s 4 kids (15, 12, 10 year old twins) kite flying on the Washington coast!

  • Kerri

    Skydiving is at the top of my summer bucket list – I can’t wait!!!!

  • Luisa

    Does doing “nothing” except laying by the pool and reading books count as a bucket list item?

  • Loren B

    Zip Lining with my son is right at the top of my summer bucket list

  • pamela

    AAAAHHHHH i want all of this! thanks for the chance!

    i just sat down with my babies to make a summer list and i had in mind a goal of 10 things to do – we ended up with 40! for me though, i’d like to plant some herbs, swim in the ocean (we live in az), and learn how to use my sewing machine.

  • Kimberly H

    My summer bucket list involves a summer internship.

  • Christa

    I want to go to the Farmer’s Market and often as possible and get delicious, fresh, beautiful berries and tomatoes.

  • Sarah G

    On my summer bucket list is a backpacking trip! I would need to bring some of these items, of course, like the KIND bars and the almond butter with me!

  • Shirin

    Make peach ice cream!

  • Amanda Belle Johnston

    This summer I am bound to my home. So to brighten up being shut in for a month my gaol is to create at least 10 of the garments I have sketched over the last year. Side note-I haven’t sewn in about 6 years… My bucket list, put my skills to use so I emerge looking fabulous in my own designs for the second half of the summer!

  • Erika

    Going to the Oregon Country Fair in Eugene, OR!!

  • Renee P

    Hi Tracy 🙂 I’ve been wanting to make my own lip balm and lotion… seems small but I’ve been putting it off! It’s time to order that beeswax and get started. 🙂

  • Emily

    To learn to sail!

  • Elise

    Swimming in an open water swim race in Lake Superior and making one of your boozy popsicle recipes. Yay for summer!

  • Holly

    A road trip with my son.

  • Lisa

    take an intro to game theory class

  • Jennifer

    Sew a little quilt for my friend’s new baby!

  • Mandee

    Organize the 4 year old’ s toys and free up space in the living room for a new sofa. Purchase a new sofa.

  • Holly

    Learn how to make canned pickles, pickled greenbeans……heck, anything pickled!

  • lena

    Paint the shelves in my daughter’s room. Boring I know ☺

  • Nitika D.

    Go camping amidst Northern California’s redwoods!

  • Jenny Byrne

    Float down a river on a big innertube…….

  • Emma

    I want to make my own ice cream! And go canoeing in the Columbia River.

  • Michelle

    Reboot my walking routine. My body is slowly taking the shape of my desk chair, so I’m committed to moving around some more, for my physical and mental well-being.

  • Kara

    Family camping trip!

  • amie m. w.

    My summer goal is to land a career in geology, and find time to pick up my art again!

  • Kim

    Going on a hike on Mt. Hamilton trail with my husband and daughter! Challenging myself into becoming a far healthier mom this year!

  • Brittany

    I’m getting married in 17 days and going to Portland and Seaside Oregon for our honeymoon. It’s the best bucket list I’ve ever had 🙂

  • Emily

    What, that is the best giveaway ever!! I love your taste. On my summer bucket list is to go camping and get ready to have our first baby!

  • Valerie

    Hiking on the Olympic Peninsula!

  • Linsy

    Grow an herb garden and make your pineapple grapefruit juice.

  • Laura

    Turn the storage (read junk) room into a playroom.

  • Meryl

    I want to make some new ice cream flavors.

  • Lydia W.

    I want to go mini-golfing! And organize our storage room….

  • MelodyJ

    I want to learn at least one new craft.

  • Rupali

    I want to start composting all the produce discards. Enough of throwing them in the trash!

  • Elizabeth

    A family road trip to Southern California. Lots of beach time and memories to be made with my darling husband and our three little ladies.

  • Liz Oakeson

    I’m getting my ears re-pierced! Time to start looking good 🙂

  • Alexandria Brady

    Going swimming down at the river with the fam!

  • Adrianna K

    Great minds think alike – I love that tumbler, kind bars, TJ’s chocolate with hazelnuts and I use the indiglo men’s watch all the time at work!

    For summer, I want to sew at least one of the new Colette knit patterns – they’re so awesome! Also, learn more songs on my guitari – just started playing this year!

  • Kristen M.

    I am going to ride my bike this summer. I haven’t really ridden it in probably a dozen years. Then I’ll probably soak my sore butt. 😉

  • Kari D B

    Taking my 3 month old to her first Red Sox game at Fenway Park!

  • Annie

    Spending the weekend in a TREEEEEEHOUUUUSEEEE (Oprah voice)

  • Emily

    Backpacking in Colorado for 2 weeks! Can’t wait!!

  • Reagan

    Visit the Hollywood walk of Fame.

  • Maia

    So many good things! I love the Barney butter and the EOS balms, and I’m dying to try that coconut butter!! This summer I’m visiting portland and Hawaii both for the first time so that’s a couple things off the bucket list. I’d also like to start canning and to try paddle board yoga 🙂 and make ice cream… Lots of ice cream.

  • Caitlin Smith

    My summer bucket list involves my dissertation and making out with my new husband!

  • Jenna

    Traaacyyy Shuutterbeeeeaan!! So excite for this giveaway.

    P.S. your Pinterest is on point lately. Loving your outfits. Inspired me to embrace my inner modern hippie ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Jenna

    I can’t read directions, my summer bucket list is to go hiking! ! Usually I’m an indoors girl but I’m trying to embrace my outdoor goddess side (I have lots of sides, octagon? )

  • Ellen

    On my bucket list is swimming in the ocean. This shouldn’t be difficult living in LA and yet…

  • Rebecca Hammond

    Finally get thin enough to get my legs out this summer (after about a decade or two hiding them away!), 5 stone down already, few left to go! Might even try out fake tan! Will be searching your blog for tips!!!!

  • Vicki Shaw

    I hope to go to the beach at least once.

  • berrie

    go canoeing ! (also a million other things…)

  • Faith Kathleen


    kidding! (Notkidding). More seriously, 50 posts on my new little blog. Because I told myself that I couldn’t get a good camera until I’d written at least 50 posts. 🙂

  • Annalisa

    Amazing giveaway! I am also obsessed with that same rose spray. I actually have a bucket list for the summer written out. One item is to ride a horse!

  • Katherine

    Eat my body wait in summer fruits – especially watermelon 🙂

  • Katherine

    Body WEIGHT – oh dear..

  • Lisa Polydoros

    Prepare a meal from each isle of my local international grocery store. Already made Paella… I am looking to an adventure of new cuisines.

  • Missy


  • Erin

    Kayak for the first time. 🙂

  • Debbie

    Go to the beach!

  • Mandi

    This summer my goal is to get the hubby & I out of town, alone, with no agenda for a whole week… We’ll see if I can pull it off!

  • Bethany

    To not give up on my garden this year once it gets hot and stays hot! I promise to week it and baby it regardless of the temps!

  • Marilyn l

    This summer I want to try paddle board yoga!

  • audry

    My summer bucket list includes –

    Lilly’s pizza with my family
    bbq in the park with Penny
    running, running, running (plus, T’s first 5K)
    Kiliminjaro (God willing)!

  • Jess

    My summer bucket list:

    Climb a new peak
    Learn to make a really great salad
    Make my front yard look presentable

  • Angela

    Finally putting that secondhand ice cream maker to use and making some fun, tasty flavors!

  • Betty

    get in shape
    not to shrivel up and die when my boyfriend goes to the Philippines
    enjoy it to the fullest
    *eat as much ice cream as humanly possible*

  • Sonia

    My summer bucket list. Set up my website. Spin enough yarn for a sweater, enjoying the outdoors more, have an outdoor movie night with friends.

  • Bethany Gail

    beach time with the babies
    more playing…less working
    finally finish restraining our bedroom furniture!

  • Rachel

    Oh that’s easy…finish chemo and finish kicking cancer’s butt then get on with life!!!! In the meantime though, stay present and keep enjoying every day to it’s fullest which means building my patio garden, farmers market with my twin every Sunday, trying new veggie recipes with local produce, lots of running, and enjoying time with friends and family

  • Lisa

    Mastering a cherry pie and mixing up my lunch salad game! And go sea kayaking

  • Kathy H.

    Ohhh I love that bag!!! I just want to slow down and enjoy the time
    with my daughters before they head back to college in the fall.

  • amy

    Hi – what a fun give a way. So, the only thing in my bucket list is: BEACH!! That’s all I need. Thanks!

  • Amanda Tusing

    My summer goal is to take advantage of all the fresh local produce and try to go gluten free!

  • geraldine

    Slowly tackle my HUGE fear of water – I hope, I think!? Then maybe play in the pool with my kids – I hope?! I think!? Then get on a surf board with my husband?

  • Simone

    It sounds ridiculous – but I went all last summer without eating a bratwurst. That is on my summer list this year! (as well as camping)

  • Molly


  • ali

    stand up paddle board…. and maybe sup yoga too!

  • Rachel A

    Beach and reading….

  • Kristen B

    To try some new summertime cocktails and host a cookout! Something I don’t do often enough

  • Charissa

    One of the things on my bucket list is to make tiramisu from scratch. 🙂 oh, and Joy the Baker’s baking challenge.

  • Jessica

    At the top of my summer bucket list is giving my kitchen a facelift with a bit of paint and some new hardware; I’ve been talking about doing this for two years and finally have the paint!

    Love your list of favorites! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Leslie

    This is such an awesome giveaway!! We’re having our first child this summer so our bucket list entails enjoying our little monkey & trying to soak in as much of him as possible. 🙂

  • Sandra A

    Do the zipline trail in Austin!

  • Heather b

    I love your list! Perfect

  • Joline

    I want to go caravaning in the Scottish Highlands with my honey!

  • perithefoodie

    Love your list of giveaways! This summer I’m putting making vanilla ice cream high on my summer bucket list. I also want to go to one of those you – pick farms.

  • kat

    bucket list….TRIP TO IRELAND…and it’s happening this July! AHHHHHH! 😀

  • Natalie

    Two things – get a handle on healthy meal prep & bring my lunch to work. AND try stand-up paddle boarding!

  • Jennifer

    My summer bucket list was a vacation to Spain… and it just happened! Now that I’m home, Bucket List Item #2 is to spruce up my deck for summer dining.

  • Hannah

    READ A BOOK! I’m finishing my Masters Degree this summer so this will be a challenge!

  • heatherjean

    Love these products – especially that bag!! Love the blog – especially boozy Popsicles – tis the season!

  • holly

    attempt water-skiing for the first time!

    i don’t have to succeed. but i do have to give it a go.

  • Samantha

    Strawberry picking, camping and evening fires in our backyard.

  • Sarah B

    Drink an iced coffee outside every Saturday morning. Self-care WHAT!

  • Ashley

    I would really like to try a paddleboard yoga class, but fear I would spend most of my time IN the water, not ON the board 🙂

  • Christy

    One huge item that’s been on my bucket list for years was to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and my husband and I just did it last week to celebrate our 10th anniversary! Next on the list….playing with my kids more, making good non-dairy ice cream, and eating dinner outside more often 🙂

  • Maija

    Enjoy time with my fiancee. We’ve been long distance for a year and he just moved in. Best days ever doing nothing (and cooking) with him.

  • Pam

    You just convinced me to get a watch – I always get distracted and then have no idea what time it is!!!! My bucket list is to ride the bike trail from Eastham to Welfleet when we are on Cape Cod – of course a french bakery is the destination 😉

  • Miranda

    Continue healthy in my third trimester and make my kids’ summer awesome. Do as much swimming, sports, smore making and much more as possible!

  • kathryn

    grow some vegetables! i have so much to learn. also – buy a couch and revamp my little studio apt space.

  • Brooke

    My bucket list it to do the 30 day shred and work towards a flat stomach! Let’s do this thing 🙂

  • Joanna

    This may sound weird, but on my summer bucket list is actually swimming in a pool! I’ve been going to the beach a lot every summer, but I haven’t been in a nice chlorinated pool in a while. Ha!

  • Molly

    My summer bucket list includes reading as much George RR Martin as possible. I’m almost done with the first book (Game of Thrones) and can’t wait to read as many more as I can cram into the summer. I’m a nerd and love making summer reading lists for myself like I’m still in high school!

  • Rachel

    Go to LA and eat at Alma! Oh, and possibly a hot air balloon ride.

  • Rachel Winter

    Move to Paris.

  • LeAnn

    I plan on picking every type of berries I can get my hands on and preserving them for the cold winter months!

  • Krystal Johnson

    I’d like to try the Belgian liege waffles at Arosa cafe in Seattle. I’ll go with my dad on a nice sunny day and we’ll of course get some coffees too!

  • trenda t

    One of the things on my summer bucket list is to take my son to the ocean and the zoo for the first time!

  • Meaghan

    Get tan enough you can no longer see the veins in my legs and finally try to can some fruits.

  • S. K

    To travel and go hiking.

  • Kate

    Grow an herb garden and visit a couple of wineries!

  • Tricia

    My bucket list for the Summer includes tubing down a stream in the Smokey Mountians with my boys and hosting an outside taco and margarita party.

  • Samantha

    I’d love to get one of those zero-gravity chairs for the backyard. 🙂