Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday! This week, we go BACK TO SCHOOL.

That means:

This week I’d like to take a moment and write some intentions for the school year. It will be a good way to get my head in the game with my journal.

This Week’s Intentions:

  • unpack from trip
  • go to the dentist
  • haircut for Cooper
  • gather back to school supplies
  • go to a yoga class
  • grocery shop for school lunches
  • make a list of school lunches (maybe write a post about it?)
  • spend extra time with the cats this week
  • edit photos from trip/import them into a blurb book
  • prepare for speaking on an Instagram panel at TechMunch
  • ease back into the school routine
  • write some intentions for the school year
  • eat dinner outside
  • work in the garden
  • write a few letters
  • keep reading Cheaper by the Dozen
  • put a few get togethers on the calendar

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • enjoy the last week of summer vacation
  • less internet, more love
  • edit photos
  • spend quality time with my family   (that we did!)
  • put my feet and or body in lake Tahoe
  • chocolate dipped ice cream cone
  • one late night talkfest with my mom (shopping afternoon!)
  • recharge my battery
  • learn something new   (drawing letters fundamentals!)
  • draw in my sketchbook
  • write letters
  • paint the view
  • go to a yoga class (didn’t make it to one.WOMP)
  • go for hikes (went on a few walks)
  • teach Cooper Rummikub
  • put together a puzzle (didn’t get to this)
  • coffee date(s) with my dad
  • grocery shop with my mom
  • nighttime cocktail hour walks (we hung outside & watched the view)
  • stargaze
  • meditate on my career path
  • make an epic cheese board
  • read a book   (finished It’s Always Something)
  • take a picture of a sunset
  • date night with my husband
  • enjoy my 38th birthday with my family in Tahoe

MANTRA for the WEEK:

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

What about you? What do you have going on this week??

  • Megan

    1st day of school! I have a cake in the oven for snack time, and lunch packing was successful this morning. But…I REALLY need to get my head together for the new year. The framework feels very fragile. 🙂
    -make outline for the week
    -plan shop launches for Fall
    -walk in the mornings
    -plan meals for next 2 weeks

    (I would not be mad at you for doing a school lunch post.)

  • Jocelyne

    Yes please to the school lunch post! In my area, the kids have a balanced day lunch (two equal lunch periods) and that makes planning a little tricky. By the end of last year, he was eating almost the same thing every day. He deserves a more inspiring lunch.

  • Whitney

    Please do the lunch post!

  • Jennie

    I’ve been in summer mode and so not on top of my intention game. This week I’m back at it:
    Schedule a physical
    Call two preschools for my son
    Put a birthday card in the mail
    Less TV and more reading at night!

  • Julie

    Been finished with college for exactly five years, but I’m taking an art history class at a local university just for fun this semester. Starts tonight and I’m feeling actually so nervous. Haha. So my number one goal this week is to…go to that class and have a good time at it!

  • Natalie

    You crossed so many things off last week’s intentions even though you were on VACATION! Hooray for you, but I hope you got to relax!

  • lisahoopz

    Hi Tracy -please please pretty please do a packed lunch post. My son goes back to school in the first week of September and this will be his first year of packed lunches (children in the UK get free hot school lunches for the first few years of school, so we made the most of those while they were in place) and I’m dreading the monotony of preparing the same thing day on day. Any help is gratefully received.

    I love these intentions for the week posts, my favourite thing on the internet xxx

  • Jess

    Double YAS for lunch blog post

  • Tempa

    I’m also voting YES for the school lunch post! Love seeing what other moms pack for their kiddos!

  • Rachel

    Please do a school lunch post! My son is starting kindergarten soon and I need inspiration! I loved it when you posted pictures of your sons lunches!

  • Chellie

    YES to the school lunch post!!! YESSSS PLEASEEEE!!! WOOOO!!

  • Katie

    Echoing the pleas for a school lunch post! So many people post pinwheels and kabobs… what else is there? Is there more inspiration?

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