July 24, 2014

Yogurt “Banana Split”

Yogurt Banana Split // shutterbean

I saw this “breakfast banana split” on thekitchn a few years ago and it left an impression somewhere in the depths of my crazy brain. It’s kind of funny how changing the way you slice something (like a banana!) can trick your brain into thinking it’s something entirely different altogether. On this banana “split,” I added a mound of Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, slivered almonds, toasted walnuts, coconut and finished it with a drizzle of honey. I can imagine that if we want it to be a little more indulgent, we could had a drizzle of chocolate and or chocolate chips, a dollop of strawberry jam and some toasted peanuts- sundae style. Either way… a simple tweak can make something relatively healthy feel super indulgent. Enjoy!


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