July 19, 2015

And I Quote:

And I Quote // shuterbean And I Quote // shuterbean

  • Greg

    Just thought that I would mention that for the last several weeks, all of your emails notices have contained a double of whatever the first image is. Like in this one, there are two Bob Dylan posters. Similar for your various recipe blog posts. Not sure if this is deliberate or if anyone else has mentioned it. You do such a great job with your posts, that I thought that maybe is was some sort of style thing that I just didn’t understand. Just thought that I would mention it. BTW, liked seeing your posts on eBay. Kept the one about organizing the kitchen for cooking and baking.

    • Tracy

      Thanks for letting me know! I will try to figure out what’s wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • inga

    Just thought I’d mention that the second quote was originally Will Rogers.


  • Beverlily

    I’ve never had double photos.

  • inga

    and no double photos here in Toronto either! and I love your photography. Trying to learn to use my Canon Rebel.

  • Cady @ wildheartoflife.com

    Head nod of solidarity 2 B. Dylan and Tracy. Also your Sauconys are rockin’!

  • Janine

    Love the Bob Dylan quote!

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