February 17, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. Ron Swanson Embroidery! Does it need an explanation?!
  2. Katie’s photography inspires me to no end.
  3. I could watch/have watched these gorgeous videos ALL DAY LONG.
  4. 1 shirt, styled 5 ways! I heart numero uno!
  5. Mini cakes made in cans. BRILLIANT!
  6. I love that this post starts with Let’s fry our breakfast. Umm OK!
  7. This muffin and this pudding make me want hazelnuts SO BAD.
  8. Gonna make something special with this Freezer Paper Stencil HOW TO!
  9. The trouble with working from home…
  10. This is how I see the world. Finally! A representation of how my brain works.
  11. Nothing prettier than cut open citrus. Seriously.
  12. I love listening to the latest Turntable Kitchen mix at work.
  13. How to look like Ryan Gosling. WHOA.
  14. My hair is no where near long enough to make curls, yet I watched this whole video.
  15. What a tasty looking Soup Roundup!
  16. This Spin Doctors song will always conjure up this scene for me. Always.

On the Joy the Baker Podcast this week, it’s Real Life Real Talk. We catch up on what’s going on in our lives and we overuse (we meaning ME) the word SHUCK.

This week on High Straightenence, I sort out & organize Cooper’s toys! It’s a fun mess.

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