February 2, 2024


What is meant for you arrives in time- I love lists // Tracy Benjamin


  1. How AI is used to scam you. 
  2. AI can help people bring back the dead.
  3. These are the longest superhaul flights in the world. 
  4. I love reading people’s life hacks.
  5. And people’s frugal life hacks too! 
  6. The New Vocabulary of Cocktails.
  7. These portraits done in pen are incredible. 
  8. Superbowl must: my turkey chili
  9. Where you should travel based on your zodiac. Lol LEO
  10. What’s borax and how do you use it?
  11. If you need sandwich inspiration. 
  12. I want to make baked chicken & mushrooms. 
  13. Having an appliance garage is goals. 
  14. A seasoning to try on popcorn.
  15. Why do we cross our fingers for good luck?
  16. My new favorite nail polish color.
  17. How cute is this vintage trailer?
  18. Telemedicine predictions from 1925.
  19. Simple valentine’s Day ideas! 
  20. Weekend reading: The Power of Ritual 


Intentions Workshop- Tracy Benjamin + MC McDonald, PhD

It’s not too late to set intentions for the year! Join me and my friend Dr. MC McDonald for a morning of intention-setting!

Save the date for February 10. 

Here’s the link!  

We will be mapping out our Intentions for the Year together on a live Zoom! 

  • Jamie

    Well, rats, Pisces should travel to Portland and I’m already here. : ) Good thing I’m going to Florida in May instead – ocean, ocean, ocean!

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