February 13, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Ahhhh sweet perfection.
  2. I’ve been staring at this photo for awhile.
  3. Made this Magic Mushroom Powder this week and it’s BONKERS!
  4.  This salad looks amazing. Especially with that avocado on the side…
  5. Detours. I’m gonna check out some of these walking tours in SF.
  6. Owl photos!
  7. Loved looking through some of these old photos backstage at SNL
  8. Some more thoughts on capsule wardrobe.  I’ve been playing around with StyleBook app (love it!)
  9. Amazon reviews for food are so helpful 🙂
  10. This makes me wanna stop working and start watercoloring.
  11. Food animated gifs. You’re speaking my love language, Buzzfeed.
  12. I should make Cooper some Fairy Toast
  13. Congrats, Deb!! Also your sticky buns look amaze.
  14. Oh man… this is a funny Instagram account.
  15. Loved watching these Hand Lettering Tips!
  16. Something to practice during your next layover at the airport.
  17. Shrimp, rice, black beans, guac, on a steamed tortilla and sometimes SUPER if I’m feeling it.
  18. OMG YOU GOTTA WATCH THESE VIDEOS!  So flipping sweet. His reaction!
  • Sarah R.

    I was eating toast as I read this. I 100% just walked into the kitchen and poured sprinkles on my toast. Bam- Fairy toast! Friday is gonna be a good day!

  • Paula

    Well now I’m never going to be able to use a moving walkway in an airport again without wanting to break it on down.

  • Kim

    I am crying like a baby after watching the video and his reaction (18 on your list)…..PRECIOUS!!!!
    They are an adorable couple and she was so brave to tell him like that! I’m glad you found it and perfect
    for Valentine’s Day…..you’re the best!

  • Denise

    As always a great list Tracy. Not sure what I liked the most – tours? Hot guys reading? Owls? Happy weekend and Valentines!

  • shelly

    thank you in advance for the hotguysreading IG account

  • Caitlin

    ugh I had this whooooole plan to make a different salad with dinner tonight, and now I NEED that Greeny Salad w/Crispy Chickpeas and Roasted Jalapeno Dressing instead. that dressing sounds insane!

  • India

    Just wanted to say I love your blog & the podcasts you do with Joy. Thank you for all that you do. I’ve been inspired by you lately — even just taking a moment to take a picture and enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

  • Hillary

    Would you be willing to do a post on the Style Book App? I am so curious but can’t quite figure out if I would actually use it. Is it a total time suck? How has it worked best for you?

    Thanks. Your blog is seriously the best.

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    I am still looking at that photo perfection. The swirl ice cream is amazing!

  • Ella

    Oh my goodness, I can hardly handle the perfection of some of those food gifs. God bless Buzzfeed.

  • Ann

    I just wanted him to say “I love you”! He obviously does. Also fairy bread is part of growing up in Australia, white bread and butter sprinkled with “hundreds and thousands” and cut into triangles.

  • Leslie Rossi

    I always look forward to Fridays and your lists!!


  • Katie c

    Gah! The sprouted kitchen salad is aaaaaamazing! Already planning to have it again this week. Make it immediately!

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