October 16, 2015

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday!  Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. What a beautiful patio makeover!
  2. Did you know that there’s a Will Ferrel themed bar???
  3. Some cute no carve pumpkin ideas!
  4. Inspiring Books that just came out:  Sage Living + Styled
  5. 35 Photos that Will Bring You Back to Your Childhood.  OMG yes.
  6. SORRY
  7. Honest Logos of Famous Companies
  8. Oh goodness. This dessert is a great way to repurpose your halloween candy!
  9. The weirdest things you can get Siri to say….
  10. This necklace is beautiful.
  11. How to Make a Hobo Dinner 
  12. Pluto Comes to Life!
  13. I had no idea that an address stencil existed!
  14. What beautiful photos of polenta + mushrooms.
  15. Some Costco fails for you.
  16. This is the sweetest thing.
  17. I dream of ricotta doughnuts.
  18. Brené Brown has a new book out! I just bought it- Rising Strong
  19. I love Jenny Slate’s brain.
  20. My favorite article of clothing this time of year.
  21. See all the popular songs the year you were born.
  22. Getting my brain ready to paint my kitchen cabinets.

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