January 15, 2018

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Hello friends! Happy Monday.

This weekend we:

  • had an amazing dinner at my parent’s house with cousins
  • straightened up the house/cleaned
  • took down the Christmas tree (YAAAY!)
  • washed car (thanks, Casey!)
  • rocked out on laundry

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my routine back and I’m so happy about that. I think I’ll celebrate by doing some meal prep this week too. It’s been FOREVER and I’d like to get myself back on track with that. It saves time during the week and it’s also a really good way for us to control what we put into our bodies when we’re armed with good options. Anyone currently on the Whole30? How’s it going?! I think I’m going to ease into it soon. It depends on how many social engagements we have coming up soon. That’s always the kicker!

And here we have it— My Intentions for the Week:

Intentions for the Week

  • accounting work
  • conquer laundry pile
  • hang out with Leslie
  • sort through letters/enter addresses in my holiday card spreadsheet
  • post Intentions for the Year (probably tomorrow!)
  • eat more salads
  • work on printer
  • delete surplus of photos on computer
  • send out letters/stuff for The Handwriting Club
  • make lemon ginger elixir
  • clean out fridge/keep it clean
  • have a long date with my calendar
  • figure out Easter vacation plans
  • order a kit from ThredUp to clean out closet
  • make a list of things I want to do around the house this year
  • make a new recipe for the blog
  • get outside & move body go to yoga
  • dip toes in the ocean


Last Week’s Intentions:

  • start taking down the Christmas tree
  • write my Intentions for the Year
  • tackle laundry (it’s not pretty)
  • go to a yoga class + hike (went to dance class & yoga class)
  • spend quality time with cousins in town from NY!
  • mail thank you cards
  • share art on my blog (here it is!)
  • get printer situation figured out
  • continue to get my house in order
  • photograph recipe for One Potato
  • take stuff to Salvation Army
  • catch up on social media/blogging
  • do some meal prepping (made banana bread & chili)
  • clean computer screen (it’s so gross right now)
  • finish up hand lettering project for a client (!!!)
  • send out some zines! Check out The Handwriting Club on etsy
  • take good care of myself (I tried!)
  • limit carbs (oops)

Mantra for the Week:

Every week, Tracy Benjamin from Shutterbean.com types up her TO DO list with her Intentions for the Week post. Check out this week's post!

What about you? Need to get your head in the game? Write your Intentions for the Week down!

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  • Megan

    Top of the list will be the long date with my [own] calendar.
    -make chocolate granola
    -bake mini muffins and cook big batch of oatmeal for breakfasts
    -boil eggs for lunch
    -clean out and prep veggie bin, including enormous head of lettuce from CSA box
    -stack books for reading list. READ.
    -clean out December’s magazines
    It’s not a long list, but it’s still ambitious — mostly because it’s super cold out. Everything except “drink tea” and “wash more quilts” feels over the top. 🙂

  • Caitlyn

    Yay! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who hasn’t posted my intentions/resolutions for the new year yet.

  • Sina

    Hi Tracy,
    I can sooo relate to the “settling into the year-thing” – that’s happening with me as well and I need this. I want to be kind with myself this year (whoops, an Intention for the Year!) so I give myself this time to figure out my routine.
    My intentions for the week:
    – mealplan and groceries shopping
    – laundry – keep up
    – house cleaning – the usual + deep clean oven and maybe dishwasher
    – inventory of work projects and getting in touch with client
    – calendar – catch up on doctor and hairdresser appointments
    – violin practise 3x
    – figure out sewing pattern for carnival costume and plan sewing
    Have a good week! Sina

  • polly

    Do another W30! I’m halfway through my second one, and your salmon/potato/arugula salad recipe helped me through some dark times! The whole “It’s just 30 days” mantra helped me bite the bullet again–the sooner I started the sooner it would be over. Ha! In all honesty I feel amazing on it and my skin glows. Can’t be mad at that.

  • Courtney

    I am about halfway through my first Whole 30 and I feel great! Not having wine at the end of a long day has been the hardest part for me, but other than that so far so good. I cheated and weighed myself yesterday, and am down 6 lbs!. Knowing that I am making progress really helps me stay motivated. I’ve looked through all your recipes and snack ideas, and the salmon/potato/arugula salad is definitely on my list 🙂

  • Hilary

    Love love love this!!

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