May 29, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Anything named World’s Best Cake must be made!
  2. What it’s like to abandon your social media presence. 
  3. We should all attempt to make fancy mousse. It looks maj.
  4. This breakfast egg salad situation must become my situation.
  5. I have my eyes on this dress. 
  6. A long weekend in San Francisco. (love these photos)
  7. Some of my favorite Trader Joe’s Snacks are on this list.
  8. If you grew up in the early 80s, this sums up your life right now.
  9. I’m pretty sure Cooper would freak out if I made him these!
  10. I love looking at Elise’s capsule wardrobes. Summer looks fun.
  11. I’m glad to hear that paper notebooks are still relevant. I can’t function without them.
  12. Reading this letter from a teacher to parents made me teary.
  13. This dog has the best life!
  14. Fog above SF. Gorgeous.
  15. Thin crust pizza or bust.
  16. Summer Book Reading List for books about FOOD!
  17. Cats vs. Maze = the CUTEST THING EVER.
  18. Must find olallieberries STAT.
  19. The secret to success in photography is simple.
  20. As an INFJ, my Meyer’s Briggs kitchen style is pretty accurate.
  21. Single ladies meets Ducktales. Omg.
  • Emily S

    YESS. Maddie the dog is my wall calendar at home! I also wish I looked at this later on so I wouldn’t be constantly contemplating buying that dress throughout the slow work day.

  • Kimiko

    You would look so good in that dress!! Also loved the article on leaving your social media behind… Super interesting!

  • Kate

    Funny you should mention olallieberries: my friends went down to Pismo Beach a couple weeks ago and brought me back a jar of olallieberry fruit spread that is super delicious. I’d never heard of them before!

  • Monica

    I’m an INFJ, too and my kitchen style was right on!

  • Shauna

    I’m an INFJ too! Must be why I love reading your blog, especially anything to do with organization!

  • Jamie

    What is the picture of, at the top? A nest?

  • Iris R.

    Ha, the kitchen Myers-Briggs is spot on. I am also INFJ (white, subway tiles, clean and crisp!) and my boyfriend is INTJ (iron and wood, deep colors and antiques). When we discuss kitchen decor, it’s always at odds.

    Also, thank goodness for the relevance of pen and paper. I’ve been using a bullet journal ever since you first mentioned them and I think there’s nothing quite as good as a notebook and hand-written lists.

  • Nicole S.

    Regarding #12, I cried when I read this last year. It could have been written about my oldest foster son, who’s only 7 but who has been through more than most adults in his short life. I’m so very grateful for the teacher he has this this. She’s kind, compassionate, forgiving, patient and most of all, a huge advocate for my son. I wish/hope more teachers are like this for kids like my son.

  • Alana

    YES to the dress! I opened up the link and then had to double check to make sure I actually did it because I was pretty sure I had it open from my anthro session earlier :). As for the Meyer’s Briggs kitchen…pretty sure I’m part INFJ cause that’s my dream kitchen! Thanks so much for the link love!!

  • Abby

    That mousse though *insert heart eyes emoji here*

  • Shannon P

    I have made that cake three or four times. It doesnt even have chocolate which is normally a deal breaker for me and it is still as good as it promises to be!

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