August 21, 2015

I Love Lists Friday!

I Love Lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I love Lists Friday. It’s Friday. Let’s surf the net together!

  1. This was awesome.
  2. Travel Hacks- TESTED!
  3. An interesting article about finding cheap airplane tickets.
  4. What you were like as a child according to your Myers Briggs (Me=INFJ)
  5. Some inspirational bathroom stall messages. 
  6. I’m on snapchat (tshutterbean) feeling like an old lady. Here’s a guide.
  7. Life Goal: Go to Summer Camp next year.
  8. Did you know they once had real life mermaids at Disneyland?
  9. This breakfast bowl looks amaze.
  10. These look soooooo dang good. I bet Cooper would love them.
  11. Gimme all the shrimp. And those pickles too!
  12. Truths a Couple Has to Accept Without Complaint– this was good/true.
  13. Millennials spend a lot of money on food.  No kidding.
  14. What your vacation choice says about you.
  15. Some people REALLY love The Simpsons.
  16. I’m absolutely in love with this new coloring book.
  17. Married Role Play– hilarious.
  18. My friend Lisa’s kitchen is gorgeous.
  19. I’m thinking this could look cool in our living room.
  20. This post hits so close to home for me right now.


This week on Ebay I wrote the following guides:


  • Laura ~ RYG

    Oh my, okay, I’ll check out these links if I get all my work done as a reward! But the simpsons, can’t do it! So annoying I think, I don’t know, guess it’s just me, some people think it’s really funny, NOT me! Not the Big Momma’s House Movie….okay, they get me crying every time.

  • Paula

    I recently went to Weeki Wachee Springs to see the “real mermaids” after hearing so much about it from friends since I moved to central FL a couple years ago. These girls put on their fins and spend a good 10-15 minutes at a time performing underwater and intermittantly breathing from a hose. Kind of bonkers. You can read more detail here: http://www.weekiwachee.com/index.php/about-us/history-of-weeki-wachee-springs. It’s both impressive and so incredibly outdated — I mean, they finished with “I’m Proud to be an American”, during which they waved a giant American flag underwater. Quintessentially Floridian.

  • Marie

    The vigilante Target rep’s responses are the best thing I’ve read on the internet all week! Hilarious!

  • Kate

    The Myers-Briggs thing is right on target. I float between INFP/J depending on the day and both are so true!

  • Stacey

    I cannot stop laughing at the Married Role Play. So, so very funny.

  • Erinn

    It’s interesting, I most identify with an INTJ, but I feel like I’ve changed over the past few years. More extroverted, because life forces me to be, but still an introvert at heart, hmm. THE STRUGGLE! Anyway, I just learned about the mermaids at Disneyland too! Thanks to you, Tracy, I’ve picked up a few coloring books (Target $1 bins, woot!) and have been coloring. Very therapeutic. Have a great weekend!

  • Celeste

    Yeah, that last link hit straight to my heart! Two mistakes at work and suddenly I’m questioning my every move. Thanks Tracy

  • Sam

    Susan Hoose, the woman quoted in the mermaid story, is my boyfriend’s grandmother! The family actually didn’t know about her past as a mermaid (she’s a very humble woman), but when reporters approached her, we all got to know the whole scoop!

  • Evelyn

    Hi Tracy, love your Friday lists! I look forward to it every week. I miss your podcasts with Joy and hope there will be new ones coming up. Thanks

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