February 2, 2018



Welcome to I LOVE LISTS. It’s Friday. Here’s a list for you:

  1. The female price of male pleasure.
  2. Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers!
  3. All your mystery hotel fees explained.
  4. Preach
  5. I would like one of these for my car. Lavender & orange please!
  6. Rollercoaster photos are always good for a laugh.
  7. Minor modern day annoyances we have to deal with now.
  8. Everyone snaps the same Instagram travel photos.
  9. A recipe for two doughnuts. Thank you very much, maj.
  10. Shots of the super blue moon from around the world.
  11. This home is dreamy.
  12. Don’t love Mondays? Here’s how to change that.
  13. The lunch rush of the future.
  14. Shazam for art looks pretty cool.
  15. Valentine’s Day cards that include candy.
  16. The best/weirdest halftime shows in history.
  17. Everyone is talking about keto these days. What’s the keto diet anyways?
  18. Mustard is having a moment.
  19. The world of coincidence on NY streets. Very cool!
  20. This seems excessive.
  21. When humans are gone, this is what our homes might look like.
  22. One of my favorite things to make for Valentine’s Day
  23. I don’t have a problem starting, it’s finishing that trips me up.

have a great weekend!

  • Joanne

    Ahhh I love how fascinating all these links are. I think I just clicked on half of what’s on your list, haha! Thanks for the fresh content, I’m sure gonna enjoy surfing through these!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  • S

    Whoa that first article, Tracy. I wish there was a good way for me to talk about this with my teenage son and daughter.

  • Caitlyn

    Love love love 1 and 4! My partner is pretty good about doing his share of tasks which is why I keep him around. But we don’t live together yet. However, I have 3 male roommates and I’m thinking I want to print that FB post out and leave it on our fridge but then I’d have to nag them to read it. 😛 Also I was a little bummed about the mustard having a moment link. I seriously thought it was going to be about food. Love the color though!

  • Paula

    I followed the link from the Mr. Rogers movie to the Esquire article and am now dabbing at my eyes in my office on a Friday afternoon. Thanks for the rabbit-hole!

  • Erica

    I did a very lenient keto diet to help with migraines and it seemed to work! Though I would never be able to stay on a strict version very long =p

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