My Everyday Life: Week 2

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Early morning flight out of California yesterday.  I’ll be at the Click Retreat for the next week.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

I love window seats now. Used to be an aisle person only. Nope.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Reading Ina’s interview in Cherry Bombe magazine. Love that lady.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Baggage. I almost thought they lost mine.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Early morning cab situation.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Five Guys at the airport in Atlanta. YUM.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Room service in Florida. Shoulda taken more fries.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Currently editing this post. I totally spilled my coffee on this hotel bed.

My Everyday Life: Week 2



My Everyday Life: Week 2

I’m away from home for the next week so I made Cooper a little package of goodies for each day while I’m gone. He wanted me to go sooner than I was supposed to so he could dip into them. KIDS.

My Everyday Life: Week 2


My Everyday Life: Week 2

Too soon, buddy. TOO SOON.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

His smile blurs lines. I love it so much.

My Everyday Life: Week 2


My Everyday Life: Week 2

Waiting to cross the street.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Sneaking a smoke from his hotel room  while  working his phone.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Now that’s a sandwich.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Cooper set up the timer cam. This is his result.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Hieroglyphics in the parking lot.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

I love Indian food. SO MUCH.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

I make my own trail mix for the plane.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Testing out my new backpack for my trip.  My friend recommended a LeSportsac  because they’re SO lightweight. So far so good. It’s ROOMY too.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

I don’t think I’m gonna take the Christmas lights down. Nope.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

I’m all about patterns.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

I had to print out a self portrait for my trip… I can’t remember the last time I printed a photo.

My Everyday Life: Week 2


My Everyday Life: Week 2

Winter play date.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Twinkly coffee.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Monday night appetizer.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

I was interviewed for Mabel Magazine and I made us lunch while it happened.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Hike with Caley.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

He ate that whole tub of hummus.  He is his Uncle’s nephew.

My Everyday Life: Week 2

A rogue thank you.

myeverydaylife4 013

I dared him to lay in a bed of legos and HE DID IT. He made a lego (snow) angel too!

myeverydaylife4 007

His vs. Hers.  I totally shared his.

myeverydaylife4 008


myeverydaylife4 009

AFTER. Eating breakfast on the couch.

myeverydaylife4 010

And we doughnut.

myeverydaylife4 004

Behind the scenes of this recipe.

myeverydaylife4 006

Recipe coming up on Monday!

my everyday life: week 2

Post doughnut walk.

myeverydaylife4 005


  • Christina C

    Love! these posts! Those shoes in your suitcase, they are so stinkin cute! Where are they from?

  • Justine

    Oh my gosh. I just love these little peeks into peoples’ lives but for some reason this is so magical. You’ve got great taste in, well, pretty much everything!

  • vergangenheitshang

    Oh that twinkly coffee! <3 🙂

  • Ella

    And I’m not taking my lights down either 😉

  • Millie | Add A Little

    Love the photos!! I can demolish a tub of hummus too, so twins!

  • Victoria

    Have fun in Florida!!!

    I can’t wait to hear more about that interview of yours!

  • bc in edmond

    Monday night appetizer – best ever 🙂

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    Not nearly enough french fries. And the bread you use looks fantastic. I haven’t found good bread by me for such a long time. And the Legos. Ouch!

  • Cara

    I really love your hair style, especially in the backpack pic. Inspiration for my next haircut appointment!

  • Margaret

    OMG Those shoes from the hopscotch photo! Where are they from?
    You have the best taste in shoes!!

  • Joy

    Beautiful. As always, but it really can’t be said enough. I absolutely love your everyday life photos.

  • Samantha Biobabbler

    1. You are SUCH a good, thoughtful, caring mom. Wow. (Those numbered snacks kill me.)
    2. I am also resisting taking down the Christmas twinklers. In fact, I won’t. Husband will have to.
    3. Having just returned from the east coast where I ate some great doughnuts (almost never eat them), I have a question:
    Why are the more misshapen doughnuts a sign of deliciousness? ‘Cause it means NOT mass-produced? I LOVE a lumpy doughnut.
    4. Love your printed out photo. I had to print a bunch when I entered some in the county fair and it was super novel and really rewarding. Still haven’t put any UP, or in an actual FRAME… Maybe that’s my Jan/Feb 2015 goal.


  • Claire @ Lemon Jelly Cake

    I love that you are continuing this series. 🙂 I’ve been following along since the first year you did it and I especially love seeing how much Cooper has grown and changed. It definitely motivates me to photograph my kids more because they change so quickly.

  • Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    Have a wonderful time on Click Retreat! I listened to your latest podcast yesterday while shooting photos in my own kitchen. Love feeling like Shutterbean and Joy the Baker are in my kitchen with me! Can’t wait for the Captain’s Log 🙂
    Love the way you inspire me to take photos of my everyday life rather than waiting for the big moments!

  • Talia

    This is still my favorite series! Beautiful photos!

  • dana

    OK. Your photos are brilliant and stunning! Oh and my mouth watered just a tad. Love this!

  • Caitlin

    Love the twinkly lights in coffee photo! And those nachos remind me of the ones I made for dinner last Friday night with shrimp, sausage and Joy’s nacho cheese sauce from her book. SO GOOD!

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