August 24, 2015

Out & About: Kit Tea

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an Out & About post here, hasn’t it?

This weekend my friend Lisa and I had a lady date Saturday morning (we were LONG OVERDUE) in San Francisco. We went to Flax for art supplies and then Kit Tea. There’s nothing like art supply shopping and cat snuggling on a Saturday!

Kit Tea is a really cool tea/cat bar in Hayes Valley. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago when I was going to Zuni for dinner with my friend Gaby. You can make a reservation to cuddle with 10-15 cats while you drink tea (you pay for a half hour or a whole hour!). And that’s what I did this past Saturday. We spend a whole hour cuddling & playing with cats.

Here’s the lobby:

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

There’s the cafe.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

The Cat Playground!!! They have so many neat structures for the cats to climb on.

I believe the maximum occupancy is 10 humans & 10-15 cats.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

Treats you can take into the cat room with you.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

And of course– TEA!

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

Within seconds of walking in…this cat (Eric!) was right on my friend Lisa’s lap.

He was such a little lover.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

These two were having a fun time playing…

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

We got a little hoard of cats near us with the toys they supply.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

It was funny to watch all the dogs walk past and FREAK out when they saw all the cats.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

This little baby was about 2 months old. The other cats were around 3-4 months old.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

It was really nice to be around cat people. Cat people are my people.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean


This one cat didn’t open her eyes at ALL until I put another cat next to her and she proceeded to clean her brother.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

I wanted to take her home because I could tell she was a clean freak… like me…

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

The cool part is that all of the cats are up for adoption (they have information on their site!).

They’ve adopted 24 cats since June 2015!

There was a couple who came in because they fell in love with a cat’s picture online and they wanted to meet the cat in person before they adopted him. Modern day romance!

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

This one almost came home with me…..I loved her markings. She was a little shy though.

And that’s the cool thing—You can spend time and get to know a cat and see if they’re a right fit for you & your family. This cat would probably hide the second she saw Cooper. He’s much too loud & fast for a cat like her.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

Here’s the thing…. I had no idea how much I love being around cats until I was around SO MANY OF THEM.  It’s SO DANG therapeutic and FUN.  We have one cat at home (Pinot) and I’ve been wanting another cat so bad, so this definitely didn’t help. I’m going to have to bring Casey with me next time so he’ll get kitten fever too.

Out & About : Kit Tea SF // shutterbean

We’ll definitely be back!


Kit Tea SF

Hayes Valley
96 Gough St (at Page St.)
San Francisco, CA  94102

If you’re traveling to San Francisco, check out this place and a whole list of my recommendations here!


  • Allyn

    My husband would be downright giddy, and there’s no way we wouldn’t be bringing one home to be a playmate for our calico, Minerva.

  • Lucy

    What time did you go? My friend and I want to go and I read on Yelp that earlier is better.

  • Caitlyn @ Candid Cerebrations

    This looks like so much fun. There is a cat cafe in NYC that I’ve been wanting to try out. The only problem is I’m allergic. =(

  • marcella

    I’m sorry I made a mess with my previous comment – hit Publish way too soon!
    Tracy could you please delete it? Thank you!

    Just wanted to share with you my tiny, one-room bed&breakfast&cats called The Cat’s Whiskers (Vibrisse in Italian). It’s been up and running for four months by now and I am pretty sure my three cats are definitely a plus to the guests who choose it. The cats themselves are quite good sports – one in particular is a charmer – and guests like to be around them even if that means not having any privacy in the bathroom (they never ever fail to follow you in as soon as you open the door 😉

    In Turin there are also two cafés similar to Kit Tea, or “neko-cafés” as they get called all the time (I learnt neko means cat in Japanese, and I guess this is where this delightful craze comes from). Turns out Turin might be the ideal cat lover’s city 😉

  • Megan Brown

    Oh my goodness!!! Even though I have two kitties I want to go here! I always want to bring home all the cats that need adopting, it’s a serious problem. 🙂

  • Livia

    Oh my god! That place is perfect for me ahha

  • Danielle

    I feel lucky I get to have kit tea parties every day at home, but I would definitely visit this place, too. I love that big hamster wheel thing! Did the kitties use it on their own?

  • Holly

    That looks like a torture chamber to me 🙂

    • Tracy

      hahahahaaaa. That’s how I feel at dog parks.

    • Lisa

      Me too Holly lol All I could think about while reading was cat hair, cat hair, cat hair! lol Glad you enjoyed it tho! To each his own 🙂

  • Michel Andrade

    I love cats!!
    I love your photos!! =)

  • MacStucker

    I literally just swelled up and exploded from itchiness just reading this post! HAHAHHA

  • Meghan | Fox and Briar

    OMG, I’m so jealous, I want to go to there.

  • Rebecca

    That’s totally me in the cafe photo! I was visiting SF from Minnesota and thought, that looks like Tracy from Shutterbean! I wanted to say hi and that I was a fan of the blog, but wasn’t sure it was you. That place is great, I want to come back and actually play with the cats, too!

    • Tracy

      That’s soo awesome! Too bad we weren’t in the room at the same time. You should have said hi!

  • Nicole

    They have a cat called Bill Purray! I need a place like this in Oklahoma.

  • papa's pizzeria

    That’s so cozy atmosphere. I love cute kittens.

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