August 24, 2016

Books to Inspire


A collection of Books to Inspire put together by Tracy of Shutterbean.com!

I just finished Rosie Project (FINALLY) last week and really loved it and I’m on the hunt for something new to read. Got any recommendations? Did anyone read The Rosie Effect? Should I go for it?

So, here’s the deal. I have two plane flights this week to fly back east for my grandmother’s funeral and I’m sitting here staring at my bookshelf in our bedroom…..packing my journal & reading material.  What to take? WHAT TO TAKE?!  I’m feeling like I need something in the self-help realm. But I also kinda wanna get lost and spark some creativity. Here’s what I’m staring at on my bookshelf….wondering how many will fit in my bag


The Little Book of Confidence– I bought this because I need a good pep-talk every now and then. And when I say every now and then, I mean always.

Read This if You Want to Take Photographs of People – I bought this because I don’t take that many portraits and I want to get better at it. I think that’s what happens when you spend time photographing food all day.

The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts– I love facts. Don’t you? I also love facts when they’re illustrated. This one just came last week and I can’t wait to go through it with Cooper. Maybe I’ll leave it at home for him.

The Book of Awesome– This book is full of reminders of things that are awesome. I also refer to this one when I need to remind myself of the good things. Also good—Just Little Things.

Henri Cartier Bresson- The Decisive Moment – A beautiful book of one of my favorite photographers. If only I could fit it in my suitcase…..

The Wander Society– I bought this book for creative prompts. I can’t wait to dip into it.

The Lost Art of Reading Nature Signs– Maybe this is the one! I freaking LOVE learning about nature and what to look out for.  My brain is part Virgo so I’m always collecting information like this. I can’t help it!

The Book of the Zodiac– This is one of my FAVORITE astrology books. It’s tiny….and looking at it right now reminds me that I want to read a little more about Virgos.

You Can Find Inner Peace– GUESS WHY I BOUGHT THIS?!! Because I wrestle with my inner jerk a lot. This is another book I turn to when I need a little pep talk.

If you’re looking for even more ideas, check out my past list.

  • Eline

    Love this post. I read the Rosie Effect, and it’s not as good as the Rosie Project, but still, I was already so attached to the characters that it was still an enjoyable read. 🙂

    • Tracy

      That’s what I hear! I think I’ll probably end up checking it out from the library.

      • Barbara

        I read The Rosie Project a couple years ago and absolutely loved it, I just recently bought The Rosie Effect from Amazon (I’ve also heard that it’s not as good),

        • Barbara

          …but will start it shortly anyway…I hope I’m not too disappointed! 🙂

    • Emily

      Those are my exact thoughts on The Rosie Effect. LOVED the Rosie Project, though!

    • Shakila

      Yes, read the Rosie Effect. Not as good as the Rosie Project only because it’s less surprising. But there are great new characters and experiences, so still a satisfying sequel.

  • Monica B.

    Good morning. Love seeing your list and there are a few that catch my eye. I’m in the middle of Perfectly Imperfect, by Baron Baptiste. While the book is about the breath and how it applies to yoga practice (I am not a yogi, just a mere newbie). I’m learning how practicing yoga is a metaphor for life, and the breath brings in more light, contributing to both outer (stretching) and inner (soul) transformation, on and off the mat. Enlightening read.

  • Kelsey

    Basically ditto the above on The Rosie Effect. It’s fine. For me, The Rosie Project was such an unexpected little gem, I was a little sad reading the sequel because it just didn’t measure up.
    Safe travels, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • Linda Renzulli

    I’m not into self-improvement books, mostly because I’m pretty close to 70 so I am what I am; too late to fix myself, change myself or even want to. As an avid reader, I can however, recommend a wonderful book I recently read called The Nightingale. Another is The Girl on the Train. Give your brain a break and just read for pleasure once in a while! So many books, so little time.

    • Tracy

      Thanks Nini! I looooooved Girl on the Train. I read it on vacation last year and was HOOKED. I actually picked up Aziz Ansari’s book- Modern Romance while I was at the airport today for some lighter reading. He’s hilarious and I love his show on Netflix. Gonna sink into that tonight. xo

  • Fred

    That nature signs book sounds interesting. I recently got into hiking so it could be helpful. As for a book recommendation, I’m currently reading Amy Schumer’s book. It’s hilarious. // ▲ fredsguidetolife.com ▲

  • Jenn

    I enjoyed The Rosie Project, but the Rosie Effect made me a little crazy. I skipped around and almost didn’t finish it. I’m reading Love, Nina: A Nanny Writes Home. It is funny and light– perfect summer reading. I also liked The Nightingale which was mentioned in another comment.

  • Sarah

    We have the The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts and love the illustrations as well as the awesome facts. We look at it often and learned so many cool things. I love your recommendations and will now be looking for the Wander Society.

  • Joy

    Thank you for this list! I already put a few on hold at the library and am going to buy the Reading Nature Signs books as a gift for someone.

    I read both Rosie books and wasn’t really enchanted with the second one like I was the first. Of course I read them a year apart so maybe reading them closer together would have a different affect. ?

  • Shakila

    A little off topic, but have you read Zahav by Michael Solomonov? Technically, it’s a cookbook but it reads more like an autobiography and travel memoir. The great recipes and ingredient tips are just icing on the cake…

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    I read Rosie Project and loved it…but must confess, I started the Rosie Effect and didn’t enjoy it. So much so that I didn’t finish it. Rosie Project was so good, it just didn’t match up, and because there was nothing “new” it just couldn’t keep my interest.

    • Tracy

      That’s what I hear! Last thing I want is to waste time reading a book that doesn’t excite me. Thanks for the heads up

  • Libby

    The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs is exactly the information I want in my brain! Thanks for the recommendation.

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