April 15, 2016


I LOVE LISTS // shutterbean

  1. Hahaha. #10. So true.
  2. One of my friends had a swing in his childhood home too!
  3. I would love to do a wall like this.
  4. This makes me want to go to a National Park
  5. Deb! You’re a genius.
  6. I would totally make this wall hanging for over my bed.
  7. Thanks- Tracy
  8. It’s all about the angle.
  9. Tiny houses to rent.
  10. So fun to see my friend Amanda at work!
  11. Every get together should have a signature cocktail.  Including this one!
  12. Wood  + Nick Offerman
  13. Everything you need to know about SALT.
  14. All my favorite Trader Joe’s Snacks!   Not into the plantain chips, though.
  15. Friends are Family. Maj is family!
  16. Oh my gosh. I want to make one of these tree houses for my houseplants!!
  17. Speaking of… you can rent a friend in Tokyo
  18. I cringe when I hear people say bruschetta
  19. Dark & Stormy Banana Bread?! ZOMG.
  20. This cat bed. I just need a cat. WAHHHHHH
  21. Stop being hard on yourself.

Things that caught my eye:

Salt + Pepper – darling

Storage Porn– HELLO!

Dang! This lingerie is cool

Bathtub Tray– I could use one of these!

Instagram Inspiration:





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