January 15, 2016

I love lists Friday

I love lists Friday! on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. This approach to $ and kids is interesting
  2. I want to be in a car with Adele!
  3. What a beautiful table!
  4. These paintings are exquisite.
  5. Inside this artist’s toolbox. Love this series!
  6. A therapist’s lessons about happiness
  7. Victoria painted her house black and I LOVE IT.
  8. This trailer is way less than buying a house in the bay.
  9. 27 Little Things Every Woman Needs.
  10. Snapchat vs. Instagram
  11. He never saw it coming.
  12. The best restaurants in SF right now according to Thrillist
  13. This woman is awesome.
  14. For those of you who also can’t stand LED lights. There’s hope!
  15. London’s Big Dig Reveals Amazing Layers of History
  16. These photos are incredible.
  17. If you don’t like talking on the phone (like me!) you’ll appreciate this.
  18. These Ahi Tuna Poke Quinoa Bowls look amaze.
  19. I like the things that Hula likes.
  20. Repurpose old kitchen stuff!
  21. If David Sedaris Were an Anima, He’d be an Oyster.
  • Elyse

    Can NOT stop laughing at the dog video!!! TGIF!

  • Jessica

    Oh I love the 27 Little Things Every Woman Needs. It reminds me of the lists that Cosmo had when I was younger. Nothing about that article (IMHO) is anti-feminist but it cracks me up that people will read into anything. Happy Friday!

  • Amy

    I spend way too much time (and money) thinking about and testing lightbulbs, because I hate the color of CFLs and LEDs. Why are they all so bad?! There’s always a pink/blue/green/orange tint. Come back to me, incandescent.

    • Tracy

      Girl. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I cringe when I see LED Christmas lights….they feel so soulless. Gahhh

      • Casey

        EXACTLY – where is the warmth? The life to it? No…it’s cold and heartless. And if they are headlights, migraine coming.

  • Samantha

    Victoria’s house looks absolutely stunning! Wow! And that dog video .. EPIC! The bulldog’s expression is priceless!

  • Jayla Jasso

    Loved the “Things Only People Who Hate Talking on the Phone Will Understand” – I didn’t realize I AM NOT ALONE! 🙂 Thanks for the post.

  • victoria

    thanks so much, Tracy!! xx

  • MB@Bourbon and Brown Sugar

    Love the article on London, as I spent three years there… Thanks for the great link list, as always!

  • andrea

    thank you, tracy! great minds, I say. great minds. xo

  • jessica mcleod

    Everything on this list was totally on my wavelength this week! So cool. I’ve been seeing black, dark brown and dark grey houses all around lately and every time I drive by one I want to stop and really look at it for awhile. The ones where even the window frames match, those are my favorite. There’s also a new red house in my hood, that’s like a florescent Christmas berry red, it is perfect! Even #1, was “interesting” enough for me to have to quash my inner troll in the authors comments section, lol. And the Rottweiler taking out the Bulldog, awesome!!!! Reasons to Die: Calling to make a doctors appointment! OMG, still cracking up over that. My sister is living in trailer while she works on her dilapidated 250 year old house, and its AWESOME too. Mostly because she got rid of everything and I’m wicked jealous. Plus, Whister’s mother, LED lights, that table, those artist spaces. A plus plus. I spent the better half of 3 hours thoroughly enjoying the internet without touching instagram once. And I miss eating out in SF soooooooo much. I used to complain about there being no good Italian subs and deli sandwiches out there. Subs schmubs, lol. Have a super weekend. I look forward to next weeks list.

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