March 17, 2017


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Welcome to I love lists! It’s Friday. Let’s see what’s up with the internet this week:

  1. Have you ever seen such pretty Jell-O?
  2. I want to celebrate Persian New Year.
  3. Peanut butter & jelly doughnuts…..OMG
  4. Number 15 made me snort.
  5. Green & Blush– what a pretty color combination!
  6. Some good advice for first-time moms.
  7. I had no idea all that Keanu Reeves has been faced with.
  8. Lego tape….whoa!
  9. This made me legit LOL.
  10. Umm. WHAT. Kitten fur perfume??
  11. Time travel flashback: Spring Break in the 2000s.
  12. I’ve been trying to convince my brother of this but it’s not working.
  13. Some BUJO insight if you’re looking to start one.
  14. I LOVE this idea of an alter ego party. I’d show up as Frankie from Grace & Frankie.
  15. Can we turn these minty meringues into an Eton mess situation? YES.
  17. When shopping online goes wrong. I just snorted.
  18. On turning 49. (LOVED THIS)
  19. This will be us one day.
  20. This veggie burger looks awesome.
  21. Spring closet update time!  I’m currently rebooting my spring capsule.
  22. I would like to use one of these in person, please.
  23. The 6 Secrets of Self-Control

RIP AMY KROUSE ROSENTHAL, your work will carry on in all of us who saw your light!


Questions for you:


have a great weekend!


  • mary

    hi tracy – haven’t gotten thru your whole list, but when I saw the QWERKYWRITER I had to comment. There’s another company, Lofree, that just released pre-orders on a similar typewriter style keyboard – for 1/3 the cost! Just a heads up for us geeks who love this stuff – buying a Lofree for myself and my daughter!

    Ok – on to the rest of your list. my ABSOLUTE favorite part of coming to work on Friday mornings!

    — mary in chicago

  • Claire Williams

    Thanks for featuring my cat pin!!

  • Abby

    Breakfast this weekend: I am going out to brunch this weekend for the first time in TWO YEARS!!!! My husband worked on the weekends while attending grad school and he just recently finished up his part time job. I’m letting him pick the restaurant, but I’m secretly hoping he picks ~our spot~ that we went to all the time while we were dating. They have the best hash browns ever.

    • Tracy

      Oh that’s so sweet. ENJOY YOUR BRUNCH!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!! I like my hash browns extra crispy

  • Kate

    I <3 Eton mess! Great idea to use the minty meringues.

  • Darlene

    Tracy! These posts are like my friday doughnut (if that makes any sense). Breakfast this weekend…. I’m feeling like french toast!

    What’s holding my attention lately is Thred Up (app and website) that has some cute pre-owned clothes and it’s a little like treasure hunting/thrifting on the internet.

    • Tracy

      I just sold a bag on ThredUp! So far I’ve made 39 bucks…..
      And that is so sweet. I am your doughnut!!!!!! xoxoox

  • Lisa

    I need to practice the self control post…sigh…my eating is OUT OF CONTROL…i hate it! I was doing so good but i fell off the wagon…and then i ate the wagon! lol

  • Ida

    Yay to celebrating Nowruz! I am going to be partaking and celebrating Persian new year with my family this weekend and enjoying my mom’s home cooking (X 2). If you can get yourself invited to a home-made dinner, wrangle one! Persian hospitality and cooking is wonderful.

    Um let’s see, this weekend is gonna have some kind of egg hash. As for what’s been keeping my attention, period dramas. I watched “Far From the Maddening Crowd” and “Belle” and next up are a few James Ivory films.

  • Sasha

    Loved that museum workout, if only SFMOMA could do that! I would be there in a heartbeat.

    Breakfast tomorrow will be chocolate croissants from Trader Joe’s and lots of coffee. They are in the frozen aisle and are pretty good! Nice and flaky.

    Question, we have last minute friends visiting us today and all of our go-to restaurants are of course all booked up, do you have a recommendation for a place in the city? We can’t do dinner at home bc of renos 🙁

    ps, your I Love Lists are my jam.

    • Tracy

      SFMOMA needs to get on board.
      those croissants are good! cooper loves them

      did you figure out a place to eat??!!! I live over the bridge so I am not always in touch with where a good last minute place to go in the city is. We always have to really plan our SF visits.

  • Rebeca

    Matcha crêpes for breakfast tomorrow. First time making them, we’ll see how we like them!

    What’s keeping my attention lately is working on a system to organise the kitchen. We’ve just moved and there’s still a bit of unpacking to do.

    • Tracy

      oooh that sounds yummy! are you gonna add a filling?
      i secretly love unpacking a kitchen from a move!

      • Rebeca

        We had them with whipped coconut cream, sautéed apples and a drizzle of whipped almond butter. It was good!

        I’m loving it too because it’s giving me the opportunity to make it work better than it did at our previous place. It’s looking good!

  • Jamie

    Oh man, that little typewriter!!

  • Susan

    Long time lurker. Finally have decided to be braver and speak up – Every Saturday I get a cup of coffee and my iPad and head back to bed to read recipe and craft blogs. First up, always, is your weekly list. Love the mix of funny, serious, nerdy and pretty.

    For breakfast, we are sharing the last slice of a crustless quiche I made for dinner earlier this week. We are eating it rolled in tortillas so it’s an upscale breakfast burrito.

    • Tracy

      So glad you’re here, Susan!!! THANK YOU!! And your upscale breakfast burrito sounds fab!!

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