My Everyday Life: Week 37

Here’s what thist past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 37

Spent the afternoon at the National Heirloom Expo with my friend Neiley!

The Dahlia section was my favorite part!

I wanted to bust out my paints and mix colors!

I hope to add some dahlias to my garden next summer. 

That’s a lot of squash!

Pretty seeds.

All the tomatoes.

I secretly love conventions.

And talking to farmers!

My maiden name means Chestnut in Italian.

Another thing I wanted to paint immediately when I saw it.

Lisa & Angela over for breakfast.  I made polenta!

Putting canned garbanzo beans (after rinsing!) is an easy meal prep hack. I used the garbanzo beans in my salads all week!

I made a Vietnamese inspired pork dish my husband liked!

I fell in love with a Thai soup this week. Will be back again and again and again!

The time when I feel my mom the most in my garden.


A detour made me run into this.

A sunflower taller than me.

I grew this.

A garbage can that says NO DOG SHIT.


Busy bee.

Working in my office with this girl.

Thank you, meal prep.

Had my friend Emma over this week for an Art Play Date!

I made a salad with lots of peaches and other good stuff.

We played with ink!

I love the chats that come from art time.

I made a lot of art this week.

Playing with colors I don’t normally play with.


This color combo is one of my favorites right now.

Tiny sparkle kitty!

The B in Buckeye makes me so happy. I love Cooper’s cursive!

This was in my car.

Goodbye hair!!!!  I got myself a haircut this week. 

Art date with Ruby!

We painted our feelings.

She loves my cat and my cat loves her!

On my way to an Oracles and Oils party!  I found a piece of glitter on my face.

LOVE card.

Full moon with friends.

Plant/art date with Neiley.

The colors!

Had a nice interaction with a butterfly.


Dinner at the Chase house!!

Flirting with my buddy Rowan.

Enjoying the energy of a 4 year old!!!   Yay, Drexel! 


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  • Katha

    I just love your weekly posts! They make my mondays better. And then I always think about how your life is so different from mine.
    And the I’m looking at the full moon picture an think: Well, we’re looking at the same moon, don’t we? You from your house in California and I from my balcony in Germany.
    Have a great week, Tracey!
    xo katha

  • Quennie

    I concur with Katha- your photos are a breath of fresh air. Such an appreciation for life. I Even find myself wanting to take pictures to capture the now. Your photos have inspired me to slow down and live in the moment. So, Thank you.

    By the way. Where do you purchase your necklaces?

    A Mississippi Queen

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