October 27, 2017


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS!! It’s Friday. Here’s a list for you:

  1. I got Kourtney. I really thought it would be Khloe.
  2. To complain is to truly be alive.
  3. Cat furniture is a thing.
  4. Facebook is running everything.
  5. I always love reading people’s pregnancy advice…this one is very good
  6. Bullet Journal Inspiration. Here are some of the layouts I use.
  7. Let’s put pumpkin in mac & cheese.
  8. Me + Hubs would eat the heck out of this. Cooper? It would be wasted on him.
  9. A dog can improve your Halloween costume.
  10. All the items I favorited on Etsy.
  11. I wish I could cook with my grandmother again.
  12. What??? Nooooo. Too far. I think?
  13. Library lovers- this is for you
  14. Make a smoothie out of milk & cookies!
  15. Advice from writers!
  16. Workout inspiration if you like to dance.
  17. Milestones that mean you’re alive.
  18. Things that are neat: glitter rainboots/rainbow suncatcher
  19. All of the JFK assassination records have finally been released.
  20. I may have been guilty of a few of these as an Aunt…
  21. The worst seats on an airplane.
  22. Currently reading: The Power of Time Perception
  23. If you have 17 minutes, this yoga video is my favorite to get your body moving.
  24. Some 90s dude costume inspiration.

have a great weekend!

  • Shawna

    Great list this week!

    Cat furniture – I will not buy a Japanese futon for my cat (sorry, Flaco) but I am going to IKEA this weekend to check out their new line of cat furniture. And eat meatballs.

    Tater tot casserole – my 10 year old ordered garlic tater tots at the food truck this week so when I saw this recipe I instantly thought – needs fresh garlic on top! And maybe a sharp cheddar. It’s kinda like fancy white trash shepherd’s pie.

    Airplane seats – this is super helpful but also kinda sad to think of someone’s feet smelling and a kid behind you kicking your chair. I just scored $400 RT tickets to Paris from SFO for a girls trip next August but now I have to figure out which seat to choose! I wish I could just afford business class and not worry about it. But $400 RT seats!! And no kids!

    • Tracy

      Mmmm. garlic on top would be smashing!

      A trip to Paris!!!!!! That’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      We got upgraded on the way back from Italy once. It was totally unexpected and we didn’t have to pay for it! It was the most amazing plane flight ever. Maybe that could happen to you!

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