January 11, 2016

Meal Prep: Week 1

See what the whole week looked like with Shutterbean Meal Prep - Week 1 on Shutterbean.com!

Shutterbean Meal Prep – Week 1!

We’ll see how often I can do this/keep it up BUT I wanted a place to put all of my meal prep stuff, so here we are. I’d like to talk about the things I learned each week I do meal prep (like…what’s realistic for our family and what’s not). Chances are I won’t be doing meal prep EVERY single week, but at least I have something motivating me to keep up the routine I love so much.

Meal Prep- Week 1 on Shutterbean.com


  • 4 salads
  • chorizo tortilla soup
  • batch of brownies (I used Trader Joe’s GF brownie mix)
  • tuna salad for sandwiches + salads
  • cooked potatoes (in microwave) for hashes
  • wrapped up bananas in foil for the freezer
  • a bowl of almonds + raisins for snacking
  • chorizo spinach + quinoa saute
  • lettuce washed for sandwiches + salads
  • carrots + cucumbers for snacks
  • sliced oranges for snacks


Chorizo Tortilla Soup for dinner with tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, hot sauce & cilantro. I made up the recipe on the fly and ended up freezing most of it in single serving containers. There’s only so many times Casey is cool with eating soup for dinner; he’s not a huge soup fan like I am.  I plan on bringing some to work in the near future.

Meal Prep- Week 1 on Shutterbean.com

Tuna salad for lunch at work.  Little did I know that Casey was going to get into the tuna salad while he was working from home. I planned to put a scoop on all the salads I made this week for extra protein. Womp womp. Here’s my lunch last Monday. It was goooood.

Meal Prep- Week 1 on Shutterbean.com

Chorizo spinach quinoa with a fried egg + avocado for dinner.

Meal Prep- Week 1 on Shutterbean.com

Chorizo spinach quinoa with scrambled egg, salsa, + sour cream for breakfast.

Meal Prep- Week 1 on Shutterbean.com

Salad and toast for dinner. I added parmesan + tomatoes.

Meal Prep- Week 1 on Shutterbean.com

This week I made roast beef for One Potato, so I used the leftovers with the cooked potatoes and made a hash for breakfast. I added onions & jalapeños and fried some eggs to go with.

Meal Prep- Week 1 on Shutterbean.com

The Roast Beef hash leftovers for lunch with cut up avocado.

Meal Prep- Week 1 on Shutterbean.com


We did really great with the snacks this week. There were no vegetables & fruit left at the end of the week. We did have a few leftover brownies (what?!) so I wrapped a few up and popped them in the freezer for future late night cravings. I would have prepped a little bit more if I didn’t have a few photo shoots this week. Our fridge was kinda packed, so what I did prep helped filled in the gaps for the week.

Hope this inspires you to do some meal prep this week.

If you need more inspiration, follow my #shutterbeanmealprep hashtag on Instagram.

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  • Benthe

    Love seeing this! Keep up the good work.

  • Jenna

    I saw this while you were prepping it on Snapchat and thought it was SO IMPRESSIVE! How long did it take you to prep all of it? I’ve traditionally been a big meal prepper but have fallen off the wagon a bit since having a baby (now 14 months ago)! I still try and prep at least a couple of meals on a Sunday that we can use as leftovers or to make new meals with during the week, but I’m sure your lists will inspire me to do a bit extra 🙂

  • Sara

    awesome post! i love following your meal prep routines and think it’s great you’re doing this regularly. great idea too to show different variations you can do with the food prepared. thanks tracy!

  • Meg

    Love your meal prep posts! I’m trying to get back in the routine of doing this –it just makes life so much better — so I appreciate the extra inspiration. Looks delicious! I think I need some chorizo quinoa in my fridge now.

  • Erin

    I love this post! Thank you for sharing all the details! You inspired me awhile back to tackle a meal prep afternoon of my own a few times…I need to get back into the habit. It makes busy weekdays SO much easier.

  • sarajane

    Thank you for posting this! I keep getting inspired to do my own meal-prep and then never manage to get around to it at the beginning of the week. Perhaps your posting yours will give me the kick in the pants I so clearly need!

  • Sara

    Okay, LOVE THIS. The “Meal Prep In Action” is what I’ve been wanting to see from you. Thank you so much for sharing! Now I’m craving chorizo… 🙂

  • Emily S

    Question: Do you prep for the week in its entirety- Or is it food for snacks, lunches, and dinner on busy nights?

    • Tracy

      Realistically, I’ve learned that I can’t do this for the WHOLE week. Our day-to-day schedule changes so much that if I set out doing it for every single meal, we would probably waste a lot of food. Plus none us really like eating the same thing for a few days in my household. The idea behind it is that I do some prep ahead of time so that I have a good foundation on which to build recipes upon throughout the week. So it’s just food for snacks, lunches, and a few dinners throughout the week. Also quick breakfasts!

  • India

    Love this! It’s fun to see how you use the meal prep to make other dishes too. Thanks for taking pictures as you do it to share with us.

  • Stephanie

    I love this post – you are so inspiring. With 3 kids and working full time I definitely need to prep for the those busy nights when running the kids around to their functions. Love the follow up pictures on how you used up the food. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Nicole Russell Willis

    So excited to see this post! I love your meal prep! Always gives me great ideas!

  • Meredith

    This is such a great post! I love weeks where I’ve taken the time to get some of the foot-work done on the weekends and can have a little time to relax during the week. Seeing how you use your prepped foods gives me some ideas. Hope to see more posts like this!

  • Jennifer

    I am so excited to see this new series! I have long followed your meal prep photos and am excited to learn more in detail!

    • Jennifer

      Do you think having a good plan for your week also gives you some time/brain space to create new recipes and then blog posts too?

  • Stasha

    Love love love this!

  • Libby

    Your meal prep is ALWAYS inspiring.
    I accidentally made a huge batch of quinoa earlier and I was wondering what I could possibly do with it all. Saute it with chorizo? Hello brilliance!

  • Shawn W

    I can’t imagine not doing some kind of meal prep anymore. I make a batch of toddy coffee and muesli every Sunday to give my weekday mornings a head start (because those are always rough). I finally started surveying my freezer before I meal plan for the week too. I mean there are some real gems in there -otherwise I wouldn’t have put them in there, right?

  • Lyndsee

    I really love these posts. Meal planning is so stressful during the week. Please keep them coming!

  • Erin

    I’ve also been trying to make soup on the weekends for easy lunches, but what are the frozen bananas for? Smoothies?

  • lea @ healthy coconut

    Thank you for doing this and showing us what you prep. It is very helpful.

    I do Sunday prep too, but not as consistently as I would like.

  • Chelsea@TableForOne

    Meal prep is my jam! I love seeing how other families make it work for them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kate

    How do you get your carrots shredded in that particular way? Is it a food processor attachment? They look great.

    • Tracy

      I bought them pre shredded but you can definitely use a food processor or just a box grater can work too!

  • Reynaul

    Love your meal prep’s! They inspire me so much! Plus I think I’m always a happier person if I have prepped at least my snacks and lunches for the week!

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  • Laura (A Beautiful Plate)

    Oh my gosh, I’m so excited you’re doing this! Your meal prep is one of my favorite things ever – and I’ve been wanting to get better at this myself. Now you should do an organization series too 🙂



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  • Allyn

    So glad you’re doing this! I’m a huge meal prepper, but rarely for dinners. Always love seeing how you approach it.

  • Caitlin

    These posts are the BEST! So motivating and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Erica

    I love this! It’s so helpful to see how you structure your meal prep. I never thought about prepping even simple items like snacks. I think that would make my life so much easier. I do a pretty good job of prepping a main item for lunches and dinners for the week, but I’ve been struggling with how to round out my lunches. I don’t want a ton of food during the day, but I’ve been working such long hours lately and I’m finding that I’m flaming out during the afternoons. Bananas really help with that, but I hate them when they get very ripe so it’s difficult to buy them for the whole week. I’ll have to put some thought into how to get more creative with a snack item. Thank you for writing posts that make me look at my own day-to-day life and see what I could do to make it a bit easier.

    • Tracy

      The snacks save us so much during the week. If I don’t have cut up vegetables I immediately go into our cabinets and eat things like chips and crackers etc.

  • Emily

    I absolutely LOVE this post! So inspiring!!!

  • Samantha

    How do you store your salads for the week? Do you have a salad post you could point me towards? I know I would eat more salad if I didn’t have to make up the entire salad each time.

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  • Lyndsay

    I’m a little behind on my reeder so I’m just now seeing this but wanted to let you know I love this! Thanks for sharing. I’m super interested. I would love to know how long it takes you to knock it all out and if you do it all in one day or over the weekend. I’ll read through the other comments to see if you already answered.

  • Emily

    Tracy, I’m going to be That Girl on a foodblog, but I just want to check: the chorizo-spinach quinoa is just sauteed chorizo with cooked quinoa and a few handfuls of spinach thrown in? I ask because I want to eat it REAL BAD but didn’t know if I was missing something obvious.

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