My Everyday Life Week 5

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 5

I live with a 12-year old barista now. 

With latte art! 🙂

#shutterbeanmealprep this week!

I shared how I used what I prepped on my Instagram stories this week. 

Making taco meat ahead of time made Taco Tuesday a breeze.

Fried rice helps me clean out the fridge!

My second coffee is usually outside. 

 My parsley is growing a lot right now.

After school (at home) snack.

This too. 

Sunflowers going in the ground.

Morning meditation.

My path is coming along.



I am going to have to make some kale Caesar salad soon. 

My order from Imperfect Produce this week. 

Finding light at the post office.

Testing recipe!

Our “home gym.”

Going through all the American Girl clothes my Mom saved from my childhood.  Cooper wanted to put Huggy in some of the clothes. Lol.

My hair does what it wants.

You are excused.

Signs of spring.

Friday spirits.

Jumped on the feta & tomato band wagon.

We put it in our pizza oven.

My boyfriend Walter came for a visit. 


Neiley brought me eggs & bread.

I love my neighborhood!

Adventure for food in Oakland.  It’s been months since I went that far away from home (it’s not even that far!).  

A great reminder.


These colors!

We went to World Famous Hot Boys for spicy fried chicken sandwiches.

They were delicious.

Let’s sit in the grass…

And make daisy chains.


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  • Alex

    Lovely, as always. Alongside your 12 year old Cooper of present the ‘random machine’ generated this-, which is totally how parenting is sometimes- you look at your child and see them at present and at every other instant of their lives leading up to now and it’s just so much.

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