March 15, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Can clearing clutter help you lose weight? I think so.
  2. Everyone around you is grieving. Go easy.
  3. This is my Pinterest board that inspires my creativity.
  4. What I’d like to eat for St. Patrick’s Day.
  5. Use this gif to breathe better. 
  6. How to Marie Kondo your personal relationships.
  7. I used to watch Rosie when I came home from school every day.
  8. I LOOOOOOOVE looking through retro health food cookbooks.
  9. I never even thought about what all the nighttime bathroom visits do. 
  10. This bowl of goodness is something I’d eat every day of the week if I could.
  11. I enjoyed reading through Lindy West’s Beauty Uniform.
  12. People are rethinking the idea of open floor plans. 
  13. Clothing goals: Modern Hippie
  14. This must be really cool in person.
  15. How to schedule your day when you work from home.
  16. Mark Twain had a thing for cats.
  17. Why digital detoxes don’t work. 
  18. Hotels that failed.  #7 made me LOL.
  19. Things cut in half. Whoa.
  20. Convertible backpack research:  one / two / three / four
  21. Technology plays a big role in children’s mental health.



Butcher Box (the monthly meat delivery service we’re using right now!) has a new promo this month. 2lbs. ground beef FREE for LIFE!   You’ll get that with every future shipment (for free!). Your future self will be happy you’ve got stuff in the freezer to pull from when you don’t feel like cooking. TRUST ME.

Oh, and there are few spots left for my Food Photography Workshop in Santa Fe in May. Thank you to the people who signed up to play so far! I can’t wait to make photos with you!


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