April 5, 2019


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up.
  2. A good prank, indeed!
  3. What vision looks like with astigmatism.  It me!
  4. You might be procrastinating because you’re anxious. Ding ding ding!
  5. Lol at #5
  6. The 15 most common writing mistakes we make. 
  7. This is such a good way to help families. 
  8. The best trips to take in your 50s. I’m 11 years away!
  9. I really wish I could have seen my mom go full gray.
  10. Is your wellness practice just a diet in disguise? 
  11. Cute beach towels: orange / black / paisley
  12. Cats know their names.
  13. This is the future. 
  14. 100% no.
  15. Need fashion inspo?  This is my spring capsule wardrobe. 
  16. These overalls are begging to get dirty.  (I’d cover them in paint on purpose)
  17. Why do so many couples look alike?
  18. Oh my goodness I love Ruth Reichl. This is amazing news! (also this)
  19. What would life be like on a floating city? 
  20. Target is designing for sensory sensitivity. I want a weighted blanket!
  21. A closer look at the food truck industry in SF. 
  22. This must be so incredible to be in.
  23. Strawberry cookies with frosting, OH MY! 
  24. On the to make list:  vegan cashew queso / peanut butter magic pretzel bars


  • Kay

    Aaaaahhhh I remember in high school the eye doctor telling me i had a slight astigmatism. Ive never worn glasses.
    But you know what I always thought that was how the lights were supposed to look while I was driving at night. And of course this makes it frustrating to drive! I am so dumb.
    Perhaps this 45 year old needs to get herself back to the eye doctor!

  • Elle

    I just listened to that Invisiabilia episode – The Remote Control Brain. On the one hand, yay for innovation and technology… on the other, a Black Mirror-esque nightmare/reality. I shudder at the the thought of this “getting into the wrong hands.”

  • Kristin

    I thought that was just what lights looked like at night too. No wonder no one in my immediate family likes driving at night!!

  • Sarah

    Minimalist Baker’s vegan cashew queso is one of my favorite things ever! I think I might crave it even more than the dairy-full version of queso. Enjoy!

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