August 16, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // shutterbean


  1. Apparently Woodstock was kinda miserable for some.
  2. Graffiti transforms spaces!
  3. Why aren’t there more hot dogs in San Francisco?
  4. This art installation must be incredible in person.
  5. Social media hurts girls more than boys.
  6. There’s a formula to Irish pubs.
  7. RIP (on a dude), Nachos
  8. According to my buffet choices, I’m the Peacekeeper.
  9. A reminder of what Amazon’s first Kindle looked like.
  10. I had no idea this coast to coast bike path was in the works. 
  11. I love when people do this photo trick.
  12. An influencer reports for jury duty.
  13. New favorite nail polish alert: Happy Anniversary by OPI
  14. There used to be mermaids at Disneyland in the 50s + 60s
  15. This looks like a beautiful space to work in.
  16. I really want to make this zucchini cheese gratin.   
  17. Also want to try: Nora Ephron’s Tomato Sauce.
  18. A Roomba that swears when it bumps into stuff.
  19. DIY reusable sandwich + snack bags
  20. Target is re-releasing 300 items from popular design collaborations.
  21. This little study space is so cute!
  22. How I get ready for Back to School


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