November 22, 2019




  1. How to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie
  2. For you Paul Rudd lovers!
  3. Dealing with the holidays at work.
  4. Self-care strategies for the Holidays
  5. Animated interviews with celebrities 
  6. The latest with Nespresso and all the waste it makes.
  7. Vintage photo finds: ladies on boats
  8. Dads being dads.
  9. The best comfort food restaurants in SF according to yelp.
  10. Permission to taken an intermission.
  11. Robin Williams lived in an incredible home here in Marin.
  12. My favorite thanksgiving sides: creamed spinach / pecan sweet potatoes
  13. Surreal photography is surreal.
  14. The best inventions of 2019.
  15. Writing notes is so much better for your memory than typing them
  16. Here are the email folders you need.
  17. Cute boots:  One / Two / Three / Four
  18. How much rest do you need to avoid burnout?
  19. Vintage recipes are so fascinating. I cannot believe people ate these things.

If you need some help with Thanksgiving… I have ideas!

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas from Shutterbean.com!

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas!

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