Gin Toddy

gin toddy

Every cloud has a silver lining. I taught my German friend the meaning of that idiom the other day while we were hanging out in the parking lot at preschool. I think we were commiserating over living with an active 3 year old!

gin toddy

I’ve been sick for over three weeks. I’m on the mend, but man was it was rough! After finally caving in and going to the doctor, I found out I have bronchitis. Yikes. As miserable as it was, I found a silver lining to being sick. I finally gave myself permission to slow down and the dire need for hot toddies spawned a new toddy recipe! The silver lining of this bronchitis cloud was most definitely made of hot gin toddies.

gin toddy

So what does a gin toddy taste like? It’s kind of like a gin & ginger ale but all wintry! I liken it to a bright yellow polka dot raincoat. It will remind you of summer, but somehow it’s appropriate for the cold weather outside.

And we’re off!

Gin & Honey!

gin toddy

Mug, ginger tea bag, lemon slices.

gin toddy

HOT WATER! Steeping tea bag.

gin toddy

Tea Bag Wisdom:

gin toddy

Gin & honey stirred in. A lemon slice on top.

gin toddy

It works like a charm!

Gin Toddy

makes 1 drink

  • 1 ginger tea bag
  • 8 oz. hot water
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 oz. gin
  • 1 lemon slice

Steep tea in hot water, add honey& gin. Stir well and top with a slice of lemon.

  • Katrina

    What a yummy sounding drink!

  • jen @ the baked life

    I love yogi tea. My current have is tahitian vanilla hazelnut. Amazing.

  • Julie

    I *think* I saw a picture of this on twitter and I was all HOT GIN?? WHA?? I need this in my life. Or maybe I don’t.. Because I really don’t need new excuses to drink gin. That list is LONG. THANKS, TRACY.

  • Kelsey

    It’s supposed to get *really* chilly here this weekend (which for Phoenix means 66!) so we’re planning to stay in and play board games and enjoy the change of weather…and I’ll add hot gin toddies to the mix, looks deliciously cozy. P.S. Have been eating pumpkin cake with brown butter icing all week. Maybe my favorite dessert ever.

    • Tracy

      Board games & hot toddies sound delightful! Enjoy that 66 degree weather 🙂 Also- SO glad you tried that cake. It’s my FAVORITE this time of year.

  • Louise

    My mom, sister, and I were all sick together last week. Our drink of choice was chocolate rooibos chai with rum, but this sounds even better.

  • Jami

    Oh man. I love being sick for just that reason–a chance to really slow down. Tuck in bed all day with some Disney movies and some hot gin!

  • Cortnie

    YUM. Is it bad to drink them throughout the day? 😉


  • Kim

    I just had my first hot toddy of the season last evening as I was out with the ladies. It was a house hot toddy made with Ginger Rum from the Prior to consuming this beverage, I thought I could have been coming down with something. After consuming this beverage, I no longer was coming down with something. Charm, indeed.

  • Leah

    Brilliant! Just was I was seriously mourning the end of the gin and tonic season, you swoop in and save us from a gin-less season (tragedy) with a seasonally appropriate spirit. Can’t wait to try it!!

  • Amy Loves Salsa

    It’s 40 degrees and drizzly-rainy-annoying outside.

    My first thought when I saw this post title?

    “Oh HELLZ yeah.”

    This will be happening after job interview tomorrow. BLISS!

  • LGMF

    Hi. I’m a lurker turned commenter as of this moment. Anyway, I heard on the Joy the Baker podcast that you proofread her writing and thought that I would share (out of nothing but kindness) a mistake that YOU made in this toddy post.. Ready? “I’ve been sick for the over three weeks.” I know it was probably the illness speaking, but I love catching errors and thought you would get a little giggle out of it.

    • Amy Loves Salsa

      As someone who works in the publishing world, I can tell you that NO ONE gets a little giggle out of someone else’s “proofing smartass-edness.” At best, it’s really annoying.

    • Tracy

      I’m glad my error could make you a non lurker. Fixed! Thank you.

      • LGMF

        Being a commenter has always been scary for me and I was worried that my first comment was offensive to someone. I sincerely wasn’t trying to be a smartass. I would have NEVER commented with something like that if I hadn’t heard you talking about it on the podcast.

        • Tracy

          No worries! Thanks for catching my error. I hate it when I make mistakes (doesn’t everybody?). Sometimes when you’re too close to a post, you don’t see it. It’s cuz you know what it’s SUPPOSED to say. I really am glad that I got you out of unlurking status!

  • jenny

    dangit, bean! i think i need to send the mister to the doctor. he’s had a hacking cough for weeeeeeeeeks, and after reading that you had bronchitis? i think his coughin’ butt needs to hurry up and get better!!!!

    thank you for this. gin toddy sounds awesomesauce. totally trying one of those. can i have it like, 1 o’clock on a sunday? 🙂

    glad you are on the mend!!!!!!!!

  • Joline

    absolute love for this! sorry to hear that you are under the weather but sometimes life gives you exactly what you need even though it may suck at the time. Slowing down is good for you and so are these lovely gin toddy’s! Take care of yo’self!

  • Alix

    omg you poor lil sick thang!!!!

    leave it to you to have a delicious recipe to clear those sick throat blues.

  • Ashley

    I feel a slight exaggeration in my cough and sore throat happening today – perfect excuse to kick back with some Gin Toddy’s. Thanks, Tracy!

  • Amy

    I’m a lurker here also and never comment, but this drink made me want to comment. It looks amazing. I live just outside of Pittsburgh and sometimes winter here is so depressing . . .this might perk up my winter. I have a weird question, or two. I don’t use gin, but I want to now. Any suggestions on where a “gin beginner” should begin? Brands? Once I open it how do I store it? Fridge? Shelf? How long can I keep it? Does it go bad? I’d hate to waste a good bottle. 🙂

  • Megan

    Sounds delish. I always have whiskey & honey in my tea (when I’m sick), but this would be a tasty twist. I actually tried Bloom gin at the foodbuzz festival this weekend and thought it was amazing. It’s floral (and I’m not one to really taste things in drinks… give me wine and I taste… goodness (or badness)), it’s smooth, it’s delicious. If you really like gin, I recommend giving it a shot. Ha!

  • Erica

    Ok..I realize I am a year too late on commenting…but does it count that I am drinking a theme and variation of this gin toddy when: it isn’t officially fall, I am not sick and I am merely gathering the strength and courage to go to work on Monday? Hmm…didn’t have ginger tea but I steeped slices of fresh ginger, added a dash of ginger syrup, Hendrick’s and some lemon – boom, boom. pow! THANK YOU SHUTTERBEAAAN (in Oprah voice, duh)!

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  • sarah

    Tracy! I RAN to my liquor cabinet after seeing this (a cold is brewing in my body as I type) and I grabbed the bottle of Gin and to my dismay, the bottle was MUCH to light. WHO PUTS THE BOTTLE BACK EMPTY? Anyway…I was forced to improvise by making a dark and stormy with ginger tea and Kracken. Dash of honey. Success! Super delish. Can’t wait to make your drink proper ; )

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  • Cate

    Bookmarked, now bring on that cold! x

  • Francie

    Figures I am three years late to the party! This is amazing – first the ginger, then the fruity gin. heaven!!

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