February 14, 2020



  1. How to reward yourself without spending money.
  2. Clever space-saving ideas.
  3. How to force yourself off the computer.
  4. Why people get the Sunday Scaries.
  5. I love 1950’s interior design photos
  6. Photos + embroidery
  7. Be kind.
  8. A simple way to prank people. Stickers.
  9. Being stuck on a cruise with the coronavirus must be wild!
  10. 3 ways for Big Tech to keep teenagers from harm
  11. New Wes Anderson Movie! 
  12. Long walks in San Francisco – wanna do this!
  13. Accepting Mom friendships for what they are.
  14. Bong Joon Ho’s favorite films
  15. I loved watching this story about painted backdrops in Hollywood.
  16. How to Roast Garlic
  17. Midi skirt love:  stripey / ruffled / fuchsia fantasy / leopard
  18. 182 Unusual Attractions in San Francisco
  19. Cooper would love playing with these, I’m sure.
  20. Family builds its own tiny house village.
  21. This tent inspired house in Japan is sooooo cool.
  22. Find the light!

Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas if you need to pull something together last-minute <3

  • Jenn

    Tent houses, tiny house villages, and space saving ideas! Great inspiration as I work on designing a tiny house. I probably won’t build it but it’s a fun project nonetheless. Thanks!

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