May 15, 2020



  1. Stories about people who are in scenic limbo.
  2. My inner age is 54
  3. My personality type is a BUILDER.
  4. Things that people do that no one talks about.
  5. I need to try this closing a cereal box hack!
  6. I must show this to Cooper!
  7. If my family liked beans I’d make pizza beans all the time.
  8. Will my only child be lonely during the pandemic?
  9. The future of outdoor dining?
  10. Comfort food reminder: Bowls of Goodness
  11. Whoaaaa. Look at this building.
  12. You should definitely learn your grandma’s recipe rn.
  13. I’m glad my grandma taught me how to make ravioli.
  14. Grocery bills are rising.
  15. Quarantine fatigue is real.
  16. Self-care is not enough for mothers who are burnt out.
  17. We enjoyed watching an Office reunion this week.
  18. Moms doing Mom things. I miss my Mom.
  19. Learn how to draw Totoro!
  20. My quarantine outfit: leopard pants, black v-neck, birks
  21. Weekend reading: Everything is Under Control

Also, if you’re looking to do something productive with your time, take some Skillshare classes. It has definitely helped me grow my creative practice. Here are two months of FREE premium membership when you sign up. 

  • Rachel

    Thank you for sharing your Skillshare link! I knew when this started that it would be a perfect time to jump in and try it. I took a class on iMovie and finally turned tons of raw footage from my wedding almost 2 years ago into a highlight video! Now I need to discover another project idea since there’s still lots of time at home ahead of us. Have a good weekend!

  • Bethany

    This post made my week. Thank you for the entertainment and thought provocation and smiles!

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