May 22, 2020



  1. I don’t know why I got Washington D.C
  2. Loved seeing Zoe’s beauty uniform.
  3. I would love to paint flowers all over my bathroom like this.
  4. Ordering this book for Cooper- How to Be a Person
  5. 7 beautifully mosaic tiled stairs in San Francisco.
  6. I’m amazed at how much paint can transform a room!
  7. What the new “normal” looks like around parts of the US that are reopening.
  8. Women posing in front of TVs in the 1960s.
  9. A beach retreat house would be divine.
  10. Hot topic- gender inequality in housework.
  11. Colorful quarantine portraits.
  12. Prepare for the roaring 20s?
  13. Grief & the medical system.
  14. Heart-shaped succulents exist!!
  15. Meg Ryan’s home in SF is for sale & its GORGEOUS. 
  16. I should bust out my sewing machine & make this garden apron.
  17. Aerial photos of farmland- wow!
  18. Celebs & their real first names. 
  19. These air fried pickles look yummy.
  20. Comfort foods: Sriracha Mac & Cheese and  Sausage Jalapeño Hushpuppies


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  • MC

    Yes please make the apron, loads of them, and sell them for those who lack sewing finesse! I’m a landscape designer and would use it!

  • lee

    The “city by house design” made me laugh…I got Miami, which is very much not what I expected (other than it’s by the shore). Sometimes those quizzes feel so accurate. This was not one of those times, lol.

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