September 30, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I love lists! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. For when I got back to Laguna Beach
  2. This is one clever Halloween costume.
  3. Mindfulness up in relationships now.
  4. Two things for my dinner rotation: shrimp & broccoli rabe / b-sprout coconut rice
  5. Breakfast Corn dogs= MINDBLOWN
  6. Tips for taking better travel photos.
  7. Breakfast that feels like self care.
  8. All of these words are fun to say.
  9. This idea pleases me.
  10. Is this stuff true?
  11. This post makes me want to make new vignettes all over my house.
  13. This would totally be me as a kid….
  14. About mentors.
  15. If you’re looking for a drapey black dress….this one’s pretty.
  16. What I’m currently working on.
  17. I want to make my own lavender play dough.
  18. OMG CATS
  19. If you love bugs (as art!), you’ll love this DIY.
  20. Apparently I am 18 according to my Hipster Food Choices
  21. I love this woman’s style.
  22. Doesn’t this cake look utterly delicious? (that’s something Martha would say)

have a great weekend!

  • Sarah

    Tracy! I just got married last weekend and my husband’s vows were all in list form because he knows how much I love reading “I love lists” every Friday. We traveled last Friday, so I missed your post, and at our ceremony on Saturday his vows started with, “Since you missed it yesterday, I made you a list for today that I think you’ll love.” Thanks for always posting and for providing my husband with some serious inspiration. 🙂

    • Tracy

      GET OUT!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      First – Congratulations!
      Second – I hope you print it out and frame it
      Third – I’m so curious what was on that list!
      Fourth – THAT IS SO SWEET. You married a keeper!
      Fifth – That makes me so happy. Thank you for letting me know!! XOXOXOXOX

    • Ashley

      That is so sweet!!

    • Jenn

      Seriously so sweet!

  • Allie

    Fridays are my slowest day at work (yay!) so I LOVE spending my time reading your lists every Friday! They are so perfectly random and inspiring!


  • Sandra

    Are you a Depeche Mode fan? I saw the Enjoy the Silence picture and immediately thought of that song.

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