April 30, 2021


Clean as You Go! // Tracy Benjamin

  1. 90s guys then/now
  2. This is beautiful- How to Be at Home
  3. Today I learned…
  4. Japan is not like anywhere else.
  5. I love the wallpaper in this nursery!
  6. Keeping a home cool without AC  hacks.
  7. Jumpsuits are cute: one / two / three / four
  8. Underwater museums creep me out for some reason.
  9. This rare Japanese typewriter is incredible.
  10. Photographs of all of the mutant mobiles at Burning Man.
  11. Seems like the perfect way to change in public. 
  12. At what age are people the happiest?
  13. This art made me smile.
  14. We’ve had 5 dead whales wash up in SF. 
  15. Whoa. Check out this ghost town.
  16. Some details about the crests you see on SF homes.
  17. I love how free Jack Black is with his body.
  18. Toast as an art form. 
  19. Weekend reading: Wild Creations /How to Do the Work


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