November 12, 2021


Practice what you preach! I love lists// shutterbean.com


  1. How to make a fun Thanksgiving Kids Table
  2. This cabin kitchen remodel is adorable.
  3. I bought new pajamas that make me feel like a kid.
  4. Veterinary Hospital puts dad jokes on sign
  5. Weather Photographers of the year.
  6. Mom guilt & fomo
  7. Robe time:  one / two / three / four 
  8. Expensive purchases that paid off. 
  9. Sexiest men alive- then & now
  10. I love the look of a black house.
  11. So inspired by these oil paintings.
  12. The thrill of the fizz!
  13. What to do if you’re trapped in a surging crowd.
  14. I would get in trouble for this as a kid.
  15. This makes me want to redo my closet.
  16. Pottery Barn made their own Airstream trailer.
  17. What a charming bookstore! 
  18. 9 ways the pandemic changes American kitchen design.
  19. Having a frozen dinner felt like a treat when I was a kid.
  20. I think I had one of these photos on my wall in high school.
  21. How to actually enjoy thanksgiving.
  22. Ways to Create Holiday Magic


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