February 16, 2024


I am Free to Change and Learn // i love lists Tracy Benjamin The Handwriting Club


  1. How to make creme fraiche at home! 
  2. Grandma tries on her wedding dress after 60 years. 
  3. Dancing has been a life saver for me. 
  4. Architects made dollhouses in 1983.
  5. These beach installations are incredible. 
  6. Teenage hairstyles 1960s.
  7. A history of LOVE postage stamps. 
  8. Look at some historical menus. 
  9. 9 rituals to celebrate Spring equinox. 
  10. Hummus art! 
  11. Dinner on the London Underground.
  12. What happened to sriracha? 
  13. The Life and Death of the American Mall. 
  14. I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven.
  15. Can you eat sprouted potatoes? 
  16. A new TJ’s treat to try.
  17. Hello, dream vacation home. 
  18. An animation of the evolution of New York City.
  19. I want to make a fake cake. Looks fun.
  20. Weekend listening: Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult

My Everyday Life Week 5 of 2024- Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com

I have more Currently Workbooks & Food Journals in the shop this week. 

Two new posts on The Handwriting Club Substack this week:


Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

I am excited to announce that I AM READY  to start my weekly online accountability group.

It’s called:


We will spend Sunday mornings 9:00 AM PST-10:30 AM- PST working on our calendars and checking in together. 

Here are my Intentions with this group:

 I’ll host our hangout and help you keep track of time using my Intentions for the Week Planner/Template.

Intentions for the Week Planner by Tracy Benjamin- Find more in here etsy.com/shops/thehandwritingclub

Here’s more info! 

Our subscription is $40/month and my first check-in will be this Sunday, Feb 18th.  If you can’t join us live, calls will be recorded for you! 

You can start with us at any time!


Self-Check In is part of The Hope Circuit– a supportive online community I am building with my friend MC!

We already have joy seekers active in our Tiny Little Joys Community, if you want to fortify your month in addition to the Self-Check In. We will be rolling out more offerings/workshops/office hours and a book club in the next year. Let’s us help you keep hope alive this next year! 

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