April 29, 2022


I am healing and healing has its own timeline. -- I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin


  1. Look! It’s a buttermilk showdown.
  2. What happens when people win a life’s supply of things? 
  3. New Zealand is on my bucket list. 
  4. Joshua Tree is also on my bucket list. 
  5. How white is your pillow? 
  6. I don’t know how people explore frozen caves! 
  7. We went on these in Portugal! 
  8. Hooray for less food waste in CA!
  9. Enjoy reading some drive-thru habits. 
  10. I need to practice more mindfulness. 
  11. Wow. This headline caught my attention. Lol. 
  12. Time travel to New York in the beginning of the 20th century.
  13. It could be worse. You could be one of these people. 
  14. Mother’s Day wishlist: earrings/ hammock / disco ball planter
  15. Small cooking habits that make a difference. 
  16. This chef googles potentials diners. 
  17. The problem with food styling is…
  18. These tattoos are fun to look at.
  19. The most hippie towns in the United States. 
  20. I live with people who don’t like oatmeal raisin cookies.
  21. Here are some ways to bring light into your life! 

For those of us celebrating Mother’s Day without a Mom, I made a MOM YOURSELF  pep talk pack from my Things Mom Used to Say book. 

If you want a high-functioning to-do list for the week, get my Intentions for the Week printable! 

Here’s $80 off Imperfect Produce orders- It helps me with sourcing my food for meal prep. 

Here’s 1 month of premium membership to Skillshare for free! 

There’s a Mother’s Day promo with Nakano Knives for Mother’s Day- Use code SHUTTERBEAN for a 20% discount.


  • lisa

    I had to read the article about the most hippie towns. I for sure thought Berkeley would be California’s but I’ve never been to Joshua Tree and I’ve been away from CA too long so I don’t know the vibe in Berkeley anymore!

    I flat out snorted when I got to Colorado. Boulder is just like going to the Berkeley I knew. It’s…trippy. 🙂

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