September 4, 2017

Intentions for the Week:

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday everyone! I spent most of Saturday introverting/organizing my desk. Sunday was spent with friends and catching up on work.  It feels good to have a RESET to my work space. New systems of organization make me happy. It was so cluttered before and I had the hardest time focusing. If you’re feeling uninspired, try cleaning your desk. It will set the tone for your day.  Also, make your bed. Always.

If you have today off from work (here in America it’s Labor day!), try to take the time to recharge your battery. Perhaps you can make a list of intentions for this week?

Should we start a hashtag on instagram? #intentionsfortheweek How does that sound?

Here are my Intentions for the Week

This Week’s Intentions:

  • drop off donations
  • continue sorting through office supplies
  • yoga + dance class
  • return library books
  • photography lighting testing
  • catch up on social media
  • work on handwriting workbook
  • spend time with friends
  • spent time with family
  • see if Cooper still likes curried chicken & rice
  • put together photography proposals
  • photograph recipe for one potato
  • invoice/send photos
  • make a video for @thehandwritingclub
  • make kombucha
  • make banana bread
  • continue to clean up the files on my computer
  • keep fridge clean/use up what we have
  • Cooper birthday party planning
  • practice some self care (pluck eyebrows! take a bath?)
  • book chiropractor appointment
  • drink more water (this cup is REALLY helping!)
  • rest when I need to

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • make a list of lunches for lunch post/map it out (almost done! stay tuned)
  • yoga + dance class
  • grocery shop 
  • prep for photoshoot for One Potato
  • clean out fridge
  • clean the bathrooms
  • library visit
  • book a chiropractor appointment (will do this week)
  • make it so I have two eyebrows and not one… (still walking around with a unibrow)
  • give myself a pedicure
  • work on Currently post for August
  • figure out if I will do the Whole30 in September (OCTOBER!)
  • map out/plan Cooper’s birthday party
  • make banana bread with leftover overripe bananas (made banana ice cream instead)
  • make kombucha
  • try to make good food choices this week (too much bread)
  • work on editorial calendar (didn’t)
  • catch up on letter writing (didn’t make enough time for this this week)
  • catch up on emails (always an ongoing process)
  • catch up on podcasts while I do house cleaning
  • transfer photos to external hard drive   (I did it! YAY!)
  • DRINK WATER (this helps greatly!)
  • make some time to keep my creativity going
  • spread the word about The Handwriting Club on Instagram!

Mantra for the Week:

I love lists // shutterbean

What can you do to make your week run smoothly?

How can you be present for those you love? 

Write down your intentions on a piece of paper.

take a pic and tag #intentionsfortheweek

or leave a comment below!


  • S

    I am going to make your coconut curried rice this week also! It is one of our favorites and on regular rotation here. You should write a cookbook. We tried your basil beef last week as well and it will also be a regular. I don’t often try new recipes, and when I do, I usually don’t put it on repeat, except for your recipes are always my favorite. Thank you!

  • Jennie

    Jumping in with a late start after the holiday…
    RSVP to two events
    Extend hotel reservation for one event
    Contact speakers for my mothers’ group
    Make cookies for a mom with a new baby
    Email a friend who works nearby to invite her for dinner
    Pick up a bridesmaid dress at Nordstrom
    Buy birthday cards for friends with September birthdays
    Make flyer for a committee I’m on

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