June 17, 2022


pay atttention to what you are paying attention to - i love lists Tracy Benjamin


  1. This Greek Potato Salad looks so good. 
  2. Beautiful abandoned buildings.
  3. This sketchbook is dreamy.
  4. I wonder what soy sauce eggs taste like.
  5. Cats learn each other’s names by listening to us.
  6. Do you give your milk the sniff test?
  7. Trader Joe’s frozen meals under $5
  8. This makes me smile.
  9. Stranger Things behind the scenes.
  10. It’s not just you. Motherhood is that hard.
  11. 18 movies of economic turmoil. Sounds stressful.
  12. I just learned the word skiplagging.
  13. Check out these woodies. 
  14. This would make a great art smock. 
  15. Mini croissant cereal is now a thing.
  16. Some things you can put in the dishwasher. 
  17. What is golden hour?
  18. I want a doodlestation. 
  19. Playing with food is art! 
  20. Leafy murals.

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  • Jamie

    I have to comment on your recommendation for a great smock! I have such fond memories of the smock I used in elementary school art class in the 1970’s! It was one of my mom’s maternity tops that was button down in front, and was swam on me. It was perfect and secretly hope to find a replication someday…always seeking.

  • Nicole B

    The Greek potato salad sounds amazing! Thanks for the link!

  • Jeanne

    You must try the soy sauce eggs. They are A-mazing and so easy to make. My mother would give them to me plain, cut over ramen, rice or salad. If you have an asian grocery store like Hmart, you can find them in individual containers the deli section soaking away in their soy sauce glory.

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