October 21, 2022


keep the momentum! I love lists- shutterbean


  1. Humans for scale.
  2. I didn’t know the term desire path until today.
  3. I am team Red Vines. Don’t hate.
  4. Speaking of candy controversy.
  5. Shelly Duvall was one of my childhood faves.
  6. Are you sauteing your vegetables wrong? 
  7. Time travel- nose jobs from the 1920s + 1930s.
  8. These biscuits look sinful.
  9. I love granola bark!  Here’s a pumpkin version I can’t wait to try! 
  10. Some accurate predictions by a futurist. 
  11. I want to travel with a cat.
  12. Boo buckets is fun to say.
  13. Productivity tips.  Productivity Tools. 
  14. Things that are hitting the grocery shelves soon.
  15. I would have loved a Tina Turner Barbie when I was a kid. 
  16. Pan Solo – a bakery’s interpretation of Star Wars.
  17. AI photo restoration of Victorian portraits.
  18. I should do this with my mom’s recipes.
  19. A woman shares the journey of her Dad’s dementia.
  20. I want one of these blankets for Christmas.


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My coloring book is in the shop! I’m planning on doing some live drawing videos with those who want to play. Join me!  



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