My Everyday Life Week 27

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 27

Fruit marinating to be put on the grill to turn into a cocktail syrup. 

We spent yesterday afternoon with our pod!

My niece came with us!

I made cookies. I found a face in one.

You can never capture the moon on a smartphone.

Magical moments.

I always forget to put gloves on.

Making old dish towels new again!

Adding some life to my kitchen.

My crop is coming along!

Got to see my friend Emma this week!

We hung out from a distance.

She made me yummy tacos.

Lemon verbena infused water.

I helped her clean up her backyard and we planted a bunch of succulents.

I also drew the flowers she had on her table. It was so nice to have girl time!


Cat time!

This never gets old.

Our Imperfect produce order for the week.

Recipe testing with Ella.

Made something different for my boys this week!

This was awesome too!

Front yard views.

There’s a sea otter on my bed.

Paper left outside…got wet and created the prettiest colors.

I added a bougainvillea to our lives!! I am so excited by the color.

The beginning of a rainbow.

Husband projects.

Dead heading.

This is just a test.

I love when he gets into a good book.

Last week’s intentions for the week.

I can finally wear my favorite overalls again!

Laundry helper.


My fridge looked like this for a day this week.



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  • Allison

    I just love your Sunday posts. A couple of questions:
    Would you do a post about the fun cocktails you’ve been making?
    What type of towel do you use for tie dying? I want to do a project

    Thanks for brightening my week. See you tomorrow for weekly intentions


  • Alix

    Can you do a post on your kitchen towel dye project? Love the color and would like to try that! Have a good Sunday….

  • Denise

    Tracy: I made your Mom’s Sour Cream Coffeecake(From your blog) for Fourth of July brunch for the pod. It was delicious. It is ALWAYS a hit and is frequently requested.


  • Ellen W

    What type of books does your son enjoy reading? My 11 yr old likes Rick Riordan and history – especially the American Revolution.

  • Gaby

    Could you share your shrimp recipe? Tacos look soooo goooood!!

  • Sara

    Ooooo what is Cooper reading?

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