October 13, 2023


Please Leave the Light On! I love lists / shutterbean


  1. TikTok cleaning hacks that don’t work. 
  2. Chaotic signs.
  3. Productivity sprints are my jam.
  4. Time travel to NY in the 1940s.
  5. What teenagers looked like in the 1970s.
  6. Canoeing through ice! 
  7. Garden trends for 2024. 
  8. 30 astonishing facts about death.
  9. Why do ghosts say boo? 
  10. How grocery prices have changed the way we shop.
  11. I am so distracted by laugh tracks! 
  12. Musuem shows what marble looks like when touched. 
  13. These cheesey french onion meatballs look amazing. 
  14. Incredible drone photos over Vietnam. 
  15. The most haunted hotels in the U.S. 
  16. Creative marketing campaigns. 
  17. Why we’re hooked on cooking reels & tiktoks. 
  18. What are the happiest cities in America? 
  19. Weekend treat: pumpkin pie in a mug
  20. Get ahead next week with my meal prep printable pack! 

Thanksgiving Prep/Planning Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com/The Handwriting Club

I am hosting a Thanksgiving Meal Prep popup with my friend Helen Jane on November 5th – 9:30 AM-12 PM PST. If you need extra support in organizing and making holiday magic, we are here to give you some of our hot tips from many years of experience! Here’s more info! 

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