October 20, 2023


My Everyday Life Week 40 of 2023- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com



  1. I would love to have an adult bunk bed. 
  2. New fall products from Trader Joe’s! 
  3. How to make sweet cold foam.
  4. What will it be like to be a wedding photographer in the future?
  5. Relatable content.
  6. Things to declutter before Thanksgiving.
  7. I am gonna get lost looking at Whole Earth catalogs from the past. 
  8. Can you imagine if cats were this big IRL?
  9. I love seeing how much a haircut can change a face.
  10. This is why I never order pasta at restaurants. 
  11. The history of Black Friday.
  12. A whole bunch of pumpkin carving stencils.
  13. Some vintage Halloween photos to look at.
  14. Photographer catches Ring of Fire eclipse photos.
  15. What are the fastest drive-thru fast food restaurants?
  16. This art installation stresses me out. 
  17. It’s amazing what cameras can capture.
  18. Why do we call some liquors spirits? 
  19. Weekend baking: pumpkin pecan biscotti 
  20. Weekend reading: going through my hobonichi 2024 planner


Thanksgiving Prep/Planning Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com/The Handwriting Club

I am hosting a Thanksgiving Meal Prep popup with my friend Helen Jane on

November 5th – 9:30 AM-12 PM PST.

If you need extra support in organizing and making holiday magic, we are here to give you some of our hot tips from many years of experience! Here’s more info! 

  • Jamie

    I have a hard time buying salads or a BLT at a restaurant – the cost is so prohibitive when I know I can make one just as good at home!

    • Tracy

      yessss! I don’t go out to eat that much anymore because it’s not worth it!!

  • Alicia A

    I only like to go out for food I don’t make at home.
    Why go out for a $20 peanut butter and jelly. Ha,ha,ha.

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