March 8, 2024


When the Student is Ready, the Master Will Appear- I love lists // tracy benjamin


  1. What are your old apple products worth?
  2. I am glad these cookies came up on my feed. 
  3. My Mom would agree with John Hamm on this.
  4. Speaking of mom, her favorite ice cream flavor is going extinct. 
  5. Chocolate chip taste test! 
  6. How to tell when cows and pigs are truly happy.
  7. This choreography is incredible. 
  8. I had no idea there were Peeps flavors.
  9. Recreating iconic photographs with AI.
  10. Zyn is the new vaping. Imagine hearing that 20 years ago.
  11. Why the Bellagio had to turn off their fountain show.
  12. Dolphins have a 7th sense. 
  13. Things we did not appreciate growing up. 
  14. I want one of these signs in my house.
  15. How humanity got hooked on coffee. 
  16. Incredible dresses: one / two / three 
  17. How to work your way out of a food rut. 
  18. Women garage attendants, 1943. 
  19. I want to make marshmallow popcorn.
  20. Something to try in your marinara. 


  • Jamie

    The new viral TikTok treat is… popcorn balls? Did no one else make popcorn balls growing up? My sister still makes popcorn balls for her Christmas cookie platter. I’m flabbergasted by this one. = )

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