June 21, 2024


How Did You Get Through That? - I love lists// Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean


  1. When you should/shouldn’t use AI at work.
  2. What are the best beach towns in the United States?
  3. Do you really need to rinse off rice?
  4. I want a lunchbox tin for picnics!
  5. Look at this pink house in LA! 
  6. Another way you can use your cheese grater.
  7. Let’s read about the strawberry moon.
  8. This flower garden is inspiring.
  9. Ways to save money on a garden.
  10. There’s going to be a sequel to Spaceballs! 
  11. RIP Donald Sutherland.
  12. A few misconceptions of weather.
  13. How Carl Jung inspired AA. 
  14. The history of super glue.
  15. PEZ was invented to curb smoking habits.
  16. The pleasure of being left alone.
  17. I need to add zucchini fritters into the mix! 
  18. This chocolate cherry smoothie looks yum.
  19. I made this cake this week. YUM TOWN.
  20. Urban planning pics.

I’m teaching a binder class next month! We will be building two binders together based on my meal prep/plan pack & my time management system. Let’s get you organized this summer! 

Build a Binder Workshop- Tracy Benjamin

Build a Binder with me!! Saturday July 20 10AM-12PM

I’ll show you how I manage FOOD + TIME 

(pdfs are included in the class!)

I got my Summer Bucket list together- Here’s what I’d like to do:


Summer Bucket List for 2024. (more on my substack!)


There’s a new episode of Keep Grief Weird!  This week MC and I talk about Disenfranchised Grief- What happens when you have grief that goes unrecognized??    Follow us on Substack! Thanks for listening. 

Leo Zodiac Collage Kit image 2

Have a Leo in your life? Send them a LEO collage kit from my Etsy shop for their birthday coming up. 


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