Honey Rosemary Lemonade

honey rosemary lemonade

This Honey Rosemary Lemonade is dedicated to all of my pregnant friends who are desperately craving a cocktail this summer. I was pregnant during the summer and boy was it tough! There are definitely times when booze would help a tough pregnant situation. Like…when you can’t sleep at night because it takes you over an hour to find the right position, a hot toddy would help. If someone asks you if you’re carrying twins and you’re NOT, Jack Daniels would come to your rescue! When you’re at a party & your husband is getting tipsy and you overhear him bragging about how awesome it is to have a BUILT-IN DESIGNATED DRIVER, booze would help. You would no longer have to drive his drunk butt home! Let me be clear that booze would not help if you have heartburn. Booze would not help with the getting up every hour to pee situation. Booze does not help when you are gestating. That’s a fact.

rosemarylemonade (1)

So this is where this Honey Rosemary Lemonade enters the picture. It’s slightly herbal, fancy and super tasty. It will make any pregnant woman feel normal again. It’s like non-alcoholic beer, but better. But you really don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy this…you can be a thirsty person looking for something refreshing to sip on! If you’re not pregnant and want to be naughty, add some Strawberry Infused Vodka or gin up in. Just do what I do and dedicate a shot to your pregnant friends; it shows them that you care.

And we’re off!

Gather your ingredients!


It all starts with the rosemary simple syrup. It needs to steep, so do this 1 1/2 hours before you plan on drinking.

Rosemary sugar, water. Done.

rosemarylemonade (5)

Get it boiling, then stop and let it sit. Steep, baby STEEP.

Juice those lemons!  I juiced mine into a big measuring cup with a reamer.

rosemarylemonade (2)

See? That citrus squeezer thing didn’t work so well for me.

rosemarylemonade (1)

Then I strained the juice into a jar so it wasn’t all pulpy.

rosemarylemonade (3)

I added the juice to a pitcher with a few lemon slices & set aside.

rosemarylemonade (7)

When you’re ready to serve, add the honey to the rosemary syrup.

MIX, then pour it in your pitcher with a strainer. You don’t want rosemary in there.

rosemarylemonade (4)

Get some ice & serve up your bevies!

rosemarylemonade (9)

A sprig is pretty and a lemon slice seals the deal.

rosemarylemonade (8)

Like the idea of Rosemary in a drink? Try these Peach Rosemary Spritzers. Cheers!

Honey Rosemary Lemonade

Serves 4

(recipe from The Good Stuff Cookbook, by Spike Mendelsohn)

  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary , plus more for garnish
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • juice from 7 lemons
  • lemon slices , for garnish

Heat 1 cup of water, sugar and 2 rosemary sprigs in a pot over medium heat and bring to a boil. Let boil for 7 minutes. Remove from the heat, cover and let steep for 1 1/2 hours.

Once cool, add the honey, lemon juice and 3 cups of water (add additional water to taste). Remove the rosemary sprigs. Strain the lemonade into a pitcher and chill. Serve garnished with fresh rosemary sprigs and lemon slices.

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  • brandi l-b

    mmmm! rosemary flavored anything and i’m there. why didn’t you use your juicer for the lemons?

    • Tracy

      I can’t juice lemon rinds on my juicer! That would mean I’d have to peel them all or get an attachment for the juicer that will juice lemons :) With a reamer, it was no big deal!

      • brandi l-b

        ah that makes sense. i’ve never tried to peel a lemon before. i needs to get me a reamer! i see this recipe + some hendrick’s in my near future. thank you for posting!

  • Jen

    Oh man, I would throw a shoe at my husband if he got drunk and said he had a built in designated driver. If I’m ever pregnant, I hope he knows better!

    • Shawna Greenway

      That was the first thing I thought, too! I have a hubby who gave up drinking while I was pregnant with our two lovelies.

    • Tracy

      That was aimed more at my brother in law! Casey knows better! Hehe

  • Kate

    This looks delicious, can’t wait to try it with some gin. Because I need an excuse to drink more gin in summer.

    Do you put the lemons cut side up or cut side down in the squeezy thing? I always thought they should be cut side up and only found out yesterday that they should go cut side down…

    • Tracy

      I did it right but I either lack the hand strength or….that thing just doesn’t get all the juice out!

  • Amanda

    yeah, ive heard that line before. boys. this drink looks SO refreshing and just the recipe ive been waiting for to use up some rosemary on my monstrous rosemary bush outside!

  • Heidi @ Food Doodles

    I was pregnant in the summer too, it was awful! My sister in law is pregnant right now until the beginning of september, so I’m going to share this with her 😀 Looks super yummy!

  • Danielle

    Love those mason jars! Anything with rosemary and lemon can’t be bad for you, with or without the alcohol. Going to make a bunch of these for my pregnant friends!

  • Katrina

    Yum! Great recipe. I love trying lemonade new ways!

  • Shawna Greenway

    I hope this will work with Meyer lemons since I seem to have a million of them year round. Our 50 year old tree doesn’t realize it should be on a seasonal cycle!

  • Lauren@LittleYellowKitchen

    What a great recipe! I am definitely not preggers but I will totally be enjoying this mocktail anyways :) Maybe I’ll add a dash of booze for a little extra pizazz!

  • erinlucy

    you know it’s not summer here but i have been craving a cocktail like craaaaazeeee! totally making this to celebrate the end of a crapola week. cheers miss bean!

  • Nicki Woo

    I didn’t even need to read a word you said. I just saw the picture and I thought, yes. right. It’s like I can’t even move on to the recipe because my mind is eye slurping the monitor screen.

  • michelle

    oh my god that looks really good i really want to dash to my kitchen and make one right now but i don’t have fresh rosemary in my house and it’s kinda hard to find rosemary here!

  • At Anna's Kitchen Table

    What a great idea!
    Your photos are amazing btw- so clear!

  • Petra

    Wow, looks amazing and beyond refreshing. Yummy!

  • Leah

    Oh yes! This looks fantastic!!

  • cindy

    this looks so refreshing! those citrus squeezer things don’t work for me either…I just don’t have the guns for them! citrus reemer all the way.

  • brownsuagarandbacon

    since rosemary and mint seem to be all this black thumbed girl can grow, this sounds perfect!

  • blah

    Oh! You know what would be lovely? Take those lemon rinds and place in a vodka bottle with sugar and let it sit for a week or two…it makes a lovely limoncello-like drink and goes great with carbonated water or ice tea

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  • Suzy

    Great way to use the rosemary in my garden! I’m making it today for our party. I already got strange looks when I mentioned what I’m making….whatever, more for me! ;D

  • regan

    I need to have a BBQ and make a big jug of this!

  • liz

    i totally freaking love this post. as a pregnant lady now and a cocktail connoisseur, you nailed it in this post! yay!!

    • Tracy

      Congrats! And I’m glad I can help you out! You deserve it for all the baby growing yer doing!

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  • Flynn

    Yum. Made a half batch of this yesterday with agave (my honey was too crystallized.) Thanks for the recipe-I love using herbs in sweet things.

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  • Becky

    I just made a mint version of your simple syrup to go with some lemons we picked off our Granddaddy’s tree at Christmas. I’m hoping this will be a fresh and wintry take on cold beverages for our abnormally warm Florida winter. Thanks!

  • Janine Melnitz

    I am in the UK and gestating and totally have a little booze now and again. :)

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